Google renames Jelly Bean’s old Daydream feature to ‘Screen saver’ in Android N


Daydream is now Screen saver Android N

There’s a lot of smaller changes still being discovered in Android N. Seeing as how Daydream is now the name of Google’s brand new VR platform for Android, Google renaming the old feature of the same name — which debuted in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean — that essentially activated a screen saver mode while the phone was docked and/or charging.

As of the latest Android N Developer Preview, this feature is now aptly titled… wait for it… Screen saver. I know, shocking, right? Daydream sorry, Screen saver has long been one of our favorite Android features, just one that’s often forgotten about. While we’re glad to see it sticking around in Android N, it’s really up to developers to include some type of screen saver function in their apps, something that we just don’t see too often these days.

If we could get a clock screen saver that randomly changes position while charging (as to prevent burn-in), that’d be great. Thaaaaaaaanks…

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