Here are the 74 candidates for the next big Emoji update


Emoji are all the rage these days. Why say something with words when you can use little icons? It worked for the ancient Egyptians, so why not us? Snarkiness aside, emojis are a fun and easy way to convey emotion better than text. Last month, Android finally got a much-needed emoji update.

Emoji are created by the Unicode Consortium. Every so often they release an update with new emoji. Unicode 7.0 added more skin colors choices to the emoji humans, and Unicode 8.0 added more emotions and food. Android was stuck on 6.0 for a long time, but we’re finally up to date. Unicode 9.0 is scheduled to be released in June. They have narrowed down the candidates to the 74 emoji you see below.

These emoji are not in their final form, and most of them will not be selected to be in the 9.0 update. For example, Unicode 8.0 added 41 new emoji. Unicode 7.0 added 103, but was slimmed down from 250. Check out the list below (click to enlarge). Which emoji do you want to see in the official update? We think it would be a crime if bacon doesn’t make the cut.


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