Here are the new Android emoji launching next week, along with a few redesigned old favorites


Android emoji old vs new

In preparation of next week’s big emoji update, Google has already begun slowly updating the design of some familiar emoji inside Hangouts on the web. As of now, none of the new emoji from Unicode 7.0 or 8.0 have been added, but old favorites like the double high-five now look a lot more like their iOS counterparts.

With that, a clever user on Reddit figured out how the pull the new emoji using a script he created to load all of their respective URLs. This gave him access to every single new addition already hidden inside of Hangouts on the web, albeit in low-res. Either way, it’s a early look at what we can expect for next week’s big release.

New Android emoji update

Sure enough, most of the new emoji are all there, with the new taco, burrito, robot, and unicorn being just a few of our new favorites. Not shown are the diverse emoji added in Unicode 7.0 that allows the user to change the skin color of some of the emoji, but that’s still within the realm of possibility. For a list of all possible emoji that will soon be available in Android, check out the image he posted here.

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