Verizon LG G4 up for pre-order tomorrow, arrives in-store June 4th – LG G Pad X8.3 available tomorrow as well


LG G4 White Ceramic

If you’re on Verizon and can’t wait to get your hands on the LG G4, you can get a head start tomorrow, May 28th. That’s when pre-orders for the Verizon version will officially kick off (T-Mobile’s has already begun shipping) and yes, it’ll come with all those goodies we told you about. What are those exactly? Well, LG’s promo — which is only available until June 21st — throws in a free spare battery, charging cradle, and micro SD card.

For those that don’t feel like pre-ordering, you’ll be able to pick one up at your local Verizon store on June 4th for $550 or $22.91 a month for 2 years with Verizon Edge. Verizon customers also get exclusive access to the “Ceramic White” version of the phone with that snazzy 3D pattern in the back if the leather option isn’t doing it for ya. If white isn’t your style, there’s still all the other colors like Metallic Gray and Genuine Black Leather.


In other semi-related news, the LG G Pad X8.3 also goes on sale tomorrow. It’s a pretty well-equipped tablet with a 8.3-inch full HD display, 16GB of internal storage, micro SD card slot, 8/2MP cameras, and a 4,800mAh battery for $300.


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  1. “pre-orders for the Verizon version will officially kick off ” – not really. I PO mine for Verizon days ago with Best Buy for $609, plus a $100 gift card. That beats this verizon direct method at $550.

    BUT, Best Buy did not show the leather as being available only white, blue, grey. So, in retrospect, I might now bail on the Best Buy one and order the leather one direct and forgo the $100 best buy gift card since I would have to buy the leather and since the VZW one is $59 cheaper + not having to buy a leather back + saving some in tax since cheaper phone, then now the Verizon direct might be a better deal for those wanting leather. If you want plastic, BB with the $100 gift card might be still better.

    1. The website must be incorrect and needs to be updated. We don’t do markups on the phone, we make you pay what the carrier pays + we make it rain gift cards. I’ll probably bring this up with my mobile lead and Verizon rep. I think VZW decided to keep the leather option for themselves to get more pre-orders through their own stores.

      1. What website is incorrect and needs updating and on what aspect? And who is “we”? Are you a Best Buy employee?

        I did a Best Buy and a Verizon preorder, so I know prices and availability on each.

        ps – if you don’t want leather, BB is the better preorder given the $100 gift card. If you want leather, Verizon is better as they have a cheaper base price and leather so no need to go buy a leather and in some place, like the UK, people are getting a plastic back with a leather order so 2 backs in 1 purchase.

      2. The price will probably change on launch, same thing happened with the S6. Bestbuy price was her for edge, dropped when it launched, the preorder prices are subject to change

    2. I preordered from BB as well but as soon as I seen that verizon opened sales for the G4, I canceled and ordered at full retail price in order to keep my unlimited data.

  2. I suspect anyone who orders this phone is going to be very happy with it. Almost wish I hadn’t picked up a ZenFone 2…..cept I can’t afford to throw 600 plus tax at a phone. This may scratch my new phone itch next year.

    1. For me, full retail $550 + tax (Verizon) is more affordable than contract $200 + full retail tax over 2 years because I have unlimited data so if I buy at the on contract price to just save up front $$$ I have to change plans, lose unlimited, pay more for a current plan, pay more for more data so in the end, I save money by paying full retail up front. It hurts, BUT in the end, it is cheaper.

  3. I should have waited on the s6 edge. This phone is beast.

    1. Sold my s6 edge and back to using my old note 3 so that I can get this.. Jeez my note still has better battery life than s6 at two years old..

      1. Poor guy you must be pretty clueless typical user error that’s the problem with android users today they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Your Note 3 doesn’t have better battery life than the S6 cause mines doesn’t stop lying to people.

        1. Mind explaining to me how it is I don’t know what I’m doing?? How so Huckleberry?I optimized both my s6 and note 3 to the best of both phones ability in terms of battery life.. As new as the s6 is.. That’s pretty disappointing…

          Think you need to get a clue Homey!!

          1. Please tell me you called him “homey” because you call everyone that and not because of his avatar.

          2. It is common practice amongst my peers! Ethnicity or avatars have nothing to do with it..

          3. I don’t see it used often these days. The few times I have it was used in a derogatory way that’s why I was asking.

        2. Battery life can be pretty subjective. Let’s try not to accuse folks of anything without having a civil discussion with them first shall we?

        3. What a joke. You think you know better than everyone else, but last time I recall, it was you who made some pretty stupid claims. Like how rooting was for “2plus year old devices”. Or how Verizon’s *low* frequency LTE didn’t penetrate buildings well. Or how the S4 would have a curved display and “a pad” on the device to measure blood pressure and blood glucose levels, the latter of which would be a major health concern. Or that no one wanted SD card storage anymore because they already have phones with SD card storage. Get a life

        4. You must be out of your mind to think that the s6e can even come close to the battery life on the note 3. Mine was still running 2 days almost with heavy use. I barely make an 8 hour shift without having to recharge this garbage s6e

  4. Does the g4 have to be paid in full to take advantage of the battery SD card and charger?

    1. No

  5. My upgrade is in exactly a month. The G4 honestly seems more appealing than the GS6/Edge. I have a GS4, but the durability of their screens haven’t held up, despite numerous protective measures.

  6. I ordered mine last night. It should be here friday!

  7. The LG G Pad X8.3 sounds exactly like the old G Pad 8.3 just with a different internal and upgraded camera. My old 8.3 is still going strong after flashing android lollipop =)

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