T-Mobile LG G4 begins shipping tomorrow with a free 128GB microSD card


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T-Mobile has confirmed that they will begin taking orders for the LG G4 online tomorrow, and that the flagship phone will be ready to ship as soon as you confirm your order. This is about a week ahead of its expected June 3rd in-store availability, so this may be the quicker option for you to get your hands on it if you don’t want to wait any longer.

The LG G4 has proven to be a pretty stoic competitor for 2015, with an exceptional camera, good design and great performance being the driving forces behind the much-earned excitement of future owners. You can read our LG G4 review if you’re wondering whether it’s worth its skin.

The phone will cost $0 down and $24.99 monthly payments over 24 months, or $599.76 if you decide you want to go without a contract. That very reasonable price tag comes with an added 128GB microSD card for no extra cost, but only while supplies last. Not a bad deal at all, we’d say. Let us know if you’ll be picking one up once checkout goes live.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Considering it. Not sure if it’s worth the upgrade from my Note 3, though it is cheaper.

    1. you have a note 3 its not.If you are itching to get a new phone it is.

    2. Better camera, similar screen size, 64bit processor, retains micro sd and removable battery…only thing it’s missing is the smart stylus. Go for it!

    3. With the new Exynos 7422 processor coming in the Note5 and NoteEdge2 I wouldn’t touch this LG G4 even for free. The Galaxy S6 and S6Edge wipe the floor of the G4 especially performance wise.

      1. My days of $800 smartphones are over. $600 for the G4 is more than I want to spend at this point, to be honest.

        1. Read my scenario above… for me, it is cheaper to keep my unlimited older plan as I get WAY more than what is currently offered and the 609$ for the phone is cheaper than the $199 contract phone BUT having to switch plans and less data when cost analyzed across 2 years.

          AND, you can get a further $100 best buy gift card AND you can get a free battery, SD card, battery charger. This whole thing, if done right, can be a smoking deal that ends up with maybe $150-175 in value back items on a flagship phone. Suddenly, 609$ is more like $460 or $400.

      2. Not true, not in real world performance…not until you’re running a graphic intensive game. Common tasks like websites, opening the camera and taking photos, etc are a draw. And last I heard, both the S6 and S6 edge still are terrible about RAM management.

        G4 equals…same basic performance as the S6, better battery, equal or better photo capabilities, plus storage expansion, plus replaceable battery.

        The tiny batteries on the S6s are enough to keep me away from them. The fact that you can’t replace them when they get weak seals the deal.

        1. He just doesn’t know. He only – as do many – look at it being an 810 versus an 808 and thinks… “it’s better”. SOOO not true and the science bears that out based on what you use the phone for. Ironically, in some respects, the 808 in the G4 is better than the 810 in the S6.

          1. Hey guess what the S6 doesn’t have an 810

          2. Technically true, but it’s the same architecture between the Exynos and the 810, so it’s forgivable. No slam against Samsung’s processors, but the real world tests bear out the heavy optimizations of LG’s offering.

      3. Yep, not true

  2. Of course this’d come only a week after my phone breaks and I had to buy a new one. Oh well, at least I like my Note Edge :-/ Dat SD tho

  3. I guess that almost makes up for it being on the T-Mobile network

  4. OR

    Best Buy has a $100 gift card AND anyone in USA can get the LG G4 “freebies”: 32gb sd card, spare battery, battery charger.

    I went with the BB full retail off contract (because keeping my plan with UNlimited data & buying at full retail is more cost effective & cheaper over 2 years than losing unlimited, having to buy a newer costlier plan, and paying more for less data but getting the phone at $200) preorder for June 4th pickup.

  5. I’ll be on it!

  6. I do have Samsung Note Edge, it`s way better though, it`s not a bad deal! and seems T-Mobile really indeed need more customers.

  7. Go cannonball into a wood chipper.

  8. Does anyone have a link to the site where we can apply for this promotion? I ordered mine on the 27th and received it the next day without a MicroSD card. T-Mobile reps are telling me to apply for it on LG’s website but I can’t find it…

    1. Nevermind, found it! :D

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