The full Google I/O 2015 schedule is now live, includes a 2.5-hour Day 1 keynote + hints of Android M


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Google has released the full schedule for Google I/O 2015. It takes place May 28th through May 29th, as we’ve previously known, and the festivities will kick off with a whopping 2.5-hour keynote speech. That seems like a lot, but it’s important to remember that Google I/O used to be a 3-day event and Google would split keynotes between the first two days.

Regardless, they’ll be sure to have a lot to talk about as they always do. What are we expecting? There are no crazy predictions to be had just yet, but we can think of a few:

  • More details about Project Fi and the future of Google’s wireless carrier experiment
  • A focus on the connected home and Internet of Things.
  • New features for upcoming versions of both Android and Chrome OS — we’re not necessarily expecting a huge Lollipop-esque update to be ready for some massive showing but Google will definitely want to give us a sneak peak at what they’re looking to introduce at some point in the near future. (Note: Google’s “Android at Work” session made mention of Android M, but the schedule has since been updated to remove it.)
  • More details about the future of Google Glass? That would be ideal, especially since they’re sick of everyone proclaiming Glass is dead.
  • New Android Wear goods to show, possibly including new product types.
  • Free stuff for attendees, because history.
  • Awesomeness, fun and excitement aplenty.

And, you know, your typical geeky developer sessions to help attendees understand what goes into developing for Android, Chrome and the mobile web. Phandroid will be right there in San Francisco to see it all go down so keep that in mind if you’re yearning for coverage once the day arrives. Be sure to check out the full schedule details right here.

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  1. One day I would love to attend one of these events.

  2. Great, I’m gonna be on a plane during the keynote. -FML

  3. Here’s to hoping multi-window view becomes native to Android. That would be SO lovely. I’d also love to run two instances of the same app and it’s the app developer that allows me to or not. Like have some flag or something that says “This app can have multiple instances”. There are times where it would have been useful.

  4. Marshmallow!

  5. Ugh..not ready for android m. I’m a nexus 6 owner still waiting for all the lollipop issues to be fixed…and spare me the custom ROM banter anyone might respond with.

    1. Yeah but why not load a custom ro….. Oh okay

      1. Ha!

        1. Sorry I had to, I know custom roms aren’t for everyone and I would never force it on anyone, maybe recommend it lol. For me its a must and I had to unlock and root my nexus 6 as soon as I bought it so that I could enable the led light and to load a custom kernel.

          1. As soon as I got mine(vzw branded :( ) I unlocked boot loader flashed the I build of 5.1 flashed twrp and a custom kernel. That custom kernel saved me from returning phone.

            I’m just over custom Roms. Something’s always broke it seems and I just don’t have time for that anymore.

          2. I totally understand. Flashing new roms every week because some are unstable can be irritating.

          3. That’s exactly how I feel about custom roms. Thanks

  6. Meringue pie


    Also I’d prefer they fixed lollipop first

  7. I just got a Google Opinion Rewards Survey asking me about Google Glass. Seems they are collecting info on people’s interest levels leading into I/O.

  8. Glass is dead. It might not be literally dead, but it is figuratively dead in the market. The negative stigma on that product and the serious issues with privacy have killed that product. It will never be accepted into the market place. People have gotten their butts kicked for wearing them. That’s about as negative as it gets.

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