Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners get more than $500 worth of digital gifts


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Samsung had already told us that they’d be serving up a bag of digital gifts for anyone who buys the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and now we have all the details. There’s an insane amount of value here as Samsung has valued the package at more than $500. Here’s a long list of everything you’re entitled to:

  • Audible: Three months of Audible membership
  • Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon: “Samsung Resource Pack” valued at 5,000 gold
  • The Economist: Six months of digital subscription
  • Endomondo: Six months of Endomondo Premium
  • Evernote: Three months of Evernote Premium
  • Fleksy Keyboard: Fleksy Keyboard and Modern premium themes
  • Hancom Office 2014: Office editor download for an unlimited period from Galaxy Apps
  • The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth: “Samsung Resource Pack” valued at 100 Mithril
  • Keepy: Six month Keepy Unlimited to save your kids art, school work and mementos
  • Kindle for Samsung: One eBook every month
  • LastPass: Three months of Premium for U.S. customers and six months Premium for international
  • Life360: Six months premium service subscription
  • Magisto: Three months of Magisto Pro HD
  • NY Times Breaking News: Three months with a subscription
  • OneDrive: An extra 100 GB of OneDrive storage for two years *Offer valid only on devices where OneDrive is preloaded
  • PAC-MAN Friends: Samsung customers receive 30 cherries (plays)
  • Parallels Access: Six month subscription
  • Pocket: Six month subscription to Pocket Premium
  • Shazam Encore: Special ad-free version
  • VSCO Cam: Download The Minimalist Collection, which includes 10 VSCO Cam® presets
  • Workout Trainer: Six months of Workout Trainer Pro+

Not all of it will be of interest to everyone who buys a Samsung Galaxy S6, but there’s enough variety here that you should find something worth taking advantage of. All of it can be had through Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts application that can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps Store. Be sure to check it out as soon as you can.

[via Samsung]

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  1. I keep wondering what the difference is between this and zero rating, the latter of which people seem to have a big problem with.

  2. Well, I guess… if you had one you might use some of this stuff. But it’s mostly trial offers you can already get, in hopes you’ll end up spending $5000 on subscriptions for that ‘free’ $500. Six months of Economist is certainly nice, a $50 value or so.

  3. The only thing I can see me using are the F2P games. I didn’t really expect much when I saw the article title. I figured most would be stuff I already have, already paying for the alternative, or just don’t flat out want.

    But it’s nice. Nothing wrong with that. I do love me some free stuff, even if they’re just trials. It was the All Access trial that got me to actually pay for All Access.

  4. It’s just more ads dressed up as something else.

    1. Free trials basically. Meh.

  5. I don’t think that makes up for all of the problems us sprint customers are having with LTE connections..

  6. The 100 GB OneDrive is available on all versions. I downloaded it on my Verizon S6, and got the 100 GB.

  7. I think the free digital items are cool but it’s sort of annoying to have to download and manage the apps through the Samsung App Store. For example, I can get VSCO from the Play Store but if I want the free filter pack, I need to get it through Samsung. Moving forward, I assume that means I will have to rely on Samsung to push updates for the app. Based on experience with the Amazon App Store, we know that there’s often a lag (sometimes days) between an app getting updated in the Google Play Store vs others.

  8. Not interested in a single one of the offers.

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