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If you’ve seen our LG G4 hands-on and decided that you’re going to bite the bullet on buying it, you might want to start looking at options for accessories. Thankfully LG gave us a good look at some early ones, including the various cases that will be available for the device once it goes on sale.

The company is bringing back their tried and true Quick Circle series. These  are folio cases with a circle cut out for the LG G4’s AMOLED display to show information and allow you to use mini apps, all the while merely sipping on battery as AMOLED displays have the ability to light up individual pixels.

The Quick Circle gives access to time and date, weather, music controls, a quick look at messages and even the camera without having to flip the cover. Its utility serves to solve the main annoyance people have with most folio cases, which is having to flip it open even for the smallest of tasks.

lg g4 quick circle 4

The case comes in an assortment of different colors, including gold and silver, a light blue, a dark grey, pink and brown. The case materials appear to be a nice firm plastic, and they all feature a subtle diamond pattern to add to the looks.

lg g4 quick circle 2

There’s also the Quick Circle Pop, which serves the same purpose but is seemingly made out of a shiny, gummy patent leather material. There’s no word on how much these will cost just yet, though previous releases tell us to expect them in the range of $30 to $40. Be sure to take a closer look at them in the video above.

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  1. I’m liking these cases. Though, not to sound biased because I have the M8, but I still think the Dot View cases are the best. Maybe because it’s something *I* haven’t seen before.

    But this solves a huge woe for so many people.

    I wonder where I can find out if there’s a Dot View 2 case for the M8, or is that M9 only.

    1. The Dot View is nice, but I think (especally on the M8) with the back not laying flat is a deal breaker for me. I think they did a slightly better job on the M9’s.

  2. So the case is the front AND back as 1 piece or just the front is the “case”.

    1. One piece. Sort of like how the Samsung cases are for the Galaxy series.

  3. These circle cases are definitely nice, and have great utility. Can’t hate.

  4. i thought the G4 has an IPS Display, not AMOLED

    1. me too..

    2. It does. The person in the video is mistaken

  5. These are great, get the leather version and have this case as a trade off to the plastic. Best of both worlds, works for me!

  6. like it’s not big enough

  7. But it’s an IPS LCD display so the “not using all of the pixels” comment is pretty useless?

    edit: Should be Quantum IPS LCD

    1. Right, I don’t think that person in the video realized that it was an LCD display

  8. lol launching the camera app crashed… never had that happened with my G3 circle case

  9. They should move the circle to the bottom instead of the top, I never hold my g3 anywhere near that high

  10. The camera crashed. I am sure that they will fix that before the release of the phone.

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