LG G4 leaked in the most revealing and massive collection of photos yet



LG was planning on waiting until April 28th to fully unveil their latest pride and joy, but those plans were spoiled over the weekend. The company seemingly accidentally published a massive collection of revealing photos on a pre-launch minisite they were testing, and as luck would have it the most experienced leakster happened to stumble upon it.


The minisite was taken down as of the time of this writing, but the photos live on thanks to the internet’s inability to truly delete anything. So what new have we learned? Aside from confirmation of a few pieces of specs — namely, the removable 3,000mAh battery, a 16 megapixel OIS camera, a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display and a microSD slot — we have a pretty good idea of what the thing will look like.

For starters, the stitched “leather” backing teased in invites is real, though it won’t be the only option. The photos revealed a collection of handsets sporting a more traditional looking backplate in 3 classic colors.


That said, if you like the leather look and feel you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • Light Brown
  • Mahogany
  • Light Blu
  • Tan
  • Yellow

The photos also reveal that the backplate is removable to grant access to the battery and SIM card tray. This not only means you can swap batteries but also swap backplates — how cool would it be to get a different looking backplate depending on which style suits you and your wardrobe on a particular day?


Circling around to the front of the device doesn’t reveal much out of the ordinary, though LG looks to be using some sort of mesh-looking pattern to accent the bezels instead of the plain, jet black look we’ve gown accustomed to.

The leak also gave us an early look at LG’s QuickCircle folio case that’ll give you a look at pertinent information on a limited area of the display without having to remove the cover. Pretty standard stuff that we don’t expect to bring any surprises we haven’t already experienced on LG’s prior devices.


Rounding it all out is a decent look at the device’s software, which looks to be a nice take on Android 5.0 Lollipop with a flat, clean user interface and heavy dosage of Google’s Material Design.

So what do you think? We know LG will present a smartphone worth attention and money once April 28th hits, but is it looking like something you want to carry day after day? Sound off below, and be sure to stick around as we’re bound to hear more leading up to the days of the company’s big reveal.

[via The Verge, Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That is sexy. But not for everyone I’m sure. I might end up buying depending on battery size.

    1. 3000mah AND removable.

      1. that’s a 3ghz battery! wowowow!

        I’d have settled for a 3000mah battery.

        1. ooops… fixed typo

          1. Just curious. What did you think of the M9?


  2. I’m liking the look, just not speaker placement

  3. Looks nice. Looks similar to the nexus 5 shape. I’d get this over the s6. The idea of changing leather backplates is appealing along with the nice healthy battery.

  4. I think this may be my choice over the s6…Ive never been one to need a metal casing.. This looks nice..

  5. Glove mode and wireless charging please

    1. The microsite claimed QI wireless. I cannot recall if I saw a glove mode. I think I did, but I admit, I also looked at the M9 and S6 and maybe one of those said that. But QI was noted for sure.

      1. thanks for that.. Yeah , the G3 had Wireless charging, but the problem was only in certain markets. Not in Canada. And in the US depending on the Carrier, it was two different systems.

        1. Ah yes.. so true. Verizon has done stuff like this, most recently with the Sony Z3 versus Z3v. I got sold on all of the awesome specs of the Z3 until Verizon released their model – the Z3v – which was very different. PLEASE let this G4 be the G4 we all get no matter what carrier.

  6. I’m really leaning towards the G4 over the S6, but am a bit concerned about long term performance if it’s only running the 808. I feel like it will be left in the dust much sooner than if it has the 810. Fingers crossed for moar corez.

    1. I guess it depends on what you use your phone for, but the 800 in my Z1C still feels plenty snappy.

    2. Lol, down vote.

      1. …why?

    3. The Snapdragon 600 in the HTC One M7 and Samsung S4 has held up very well over the past two years.

    4. Nexus 6 has the 805 yet no one bothers even talking about it… Nexus runs great and always will… Don’t be a spec hootchie .. It’ll be fine

    5. 808? I hadn’t even heard of the 808. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be skipping out if this holds true.

      1. There have been rumors about overheating issues with the 810 in the last few months, and the M9 was seeing this problem early on before a software patch corrected it. A week or two ago a leaked benchmark said that the G4 was using the 808 instead of the 810, and the speculation was because of the heating problems. Obviously no one knows for sure yet because the G4 hasn’t been announced officially, and the phone info in benchmarks can probably be faked. Even with the 808, I’m still leaning towards the G4 over the S6 or M9.

        1. I knew about the overheating, just assumed LG could settle it down like HTC did but before release since they had a bit more time.
          I’ll have to check out some comparisons on the 808/810, but regardless we know it’s not the top.

          Same here, this device looks to be nearly everything I wanted, sans front facing speakers and the possible processor change. Hopefully LG’s ‘Note’ brings all that and more.

  7. good bye samsung good bye htc hello lg

  8. That’s a sexy phone. I think it might be time to upgrade.

  9. Bravo LG. You offer something unique and useful.

  10. Even though I just got a phone, I wouldn’t have purchased a LG G4. It has an ugly UI from the start. If this phone needs 4GB of RAM and still has lag and overheating, I am going to laugh so hard. Lack of a mobile payment option and a fingerprint scanner amazes me because Samsung and Apple are going to make some profits off their payment options.

    1. What on Earth are you even talking about? Sounds like you are new to this whole smartphone thing, which is fine, but seriously I think you might be better suited for an iPhone. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      1. Yea I thought they sounded like an idiot to

    2. That is the most erroneous piece of failed logic.

      First, you have no idea what chip it has yet. In fact, I have read rumors it is opting to use the 808 and not the 810 (which is known to have heat issues). The microsite makes no mention of a chip other than “Qualcomm”. But more annoying is that you think there is a tie between more RAM and lag and heating – I am not even sure this is worth getting into. But needless to say the obvious trend as been up from 256, 512, 1gb, 2gb, 3gb and now someone pushed 4gb. RAM is never a bad thing or a negative indication of anything. Last… they don’t need their own version of a mobile pay option when you can get something like Google Wallet. Apple only did it as the only thing that really did exist is Google Wallet. And since Apple and Google are a no go, it makes sense Apple makes their own for their brand of phone. Samsung only did their because Apple did theirs and that is how they roll. And, I bet it will be a so so effort in the long run versus the established and easy to use on ANY Android phone Google Wallet. Not every phone maker HAS to make a stand alone mobile pay app and try to get adopters.

    3. Your opinion is from past devices. That’s a bit ignorant. Samsung has changed that with theirs and so can LG and that’s their claim. We will have to see. Samsung made the same claim and we had to see. LG has obviously changed their UI. It looks a lot like Material design in and out. That’s good as a stock look. Will it be laggy? We will have to wait and see. You don’t know anything really about the device.

      Mobile payments with the fingerprint scanner haven’t even taken off just yet still. Future proof? It can do that with a fingerprint scanner, but you can still do the same thing with tapping your phone against the reader. The only difference with a finger is being more secure. The objective is the same. Don’t get caught up in the hype of fancy named features.

      Your comment was like hearing a new word for the first time and then you tried to use it in a sentence and failed. You have to know what you’re talking about.

  11. Battery looks to be a 3000.
    Also, wonder how the leather is on cases fitting with the stitching.

  12. The lack of front facing speakers is really disappointing.

    1. Retaining Micro SD support and a user-replaceable battery will offset that. Those two capabilities alone will always be much more practical and valuable than front-facing speakers.

      1. Sounds like a personal problem.

        1. Na. More like a valid opinion on current mobile device capabilities.

          1. Yes, very much so an opinion.

            I don’t think the majority consider Micro SD support and a user-replaceable battery “much more practical and valuable than front-facing speakers”. It’s only a niche group that looks for that. Everyone uses their speakers, not everyone bothers with batteries and expandable storage.

            You look at the most popular single smartphone, iPhone, and the only thing they’ve done is change of speaker placement, the other two are just ludicrous for the end user.

          2. Who suggested my opinion was anything other than that, buddy?

            Everyone certainly does use their speakers on their mobile device but not everyone uses them in the same manner. Many don’t require front-facing speakers at the same level as those who do indeed require expandable storage because a device with large internal storage can be quite expensive compared to something with only 16GB and Micro SD support. Many would say that’s a more practical purchase.

            To say that those who desire and depend on a user-replaceable battery and Micro SD is a “niche” group is false. If it certainly was we wouldn’t be reading about so much fervor over Samsung’s decision to ditch both of those extremely valuable features on their latest flagship that we have been. It’s a big thing.

            There’s many, many more real world examples where both Micro SD support and a user-replaceable battery are more valuable and practical things than front-facing speakers.

            Battery degradation is just one prime example where being able to replace the battery inside your device is wonderful for the user, not ludicrous.

          3. You were the one that came out the gate saying “…Those two capabilities alone will always be much more practical and valuable” from your comment to the OP, buddy.

            “not everyone uses [speakers] in the same manner” umm.. Far as I know we all use speakers to listen to sound. Just because the majority are oblivious to the advancement of front facing speakers, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate it IMO.

            “a device with large internal storage can be quite expensive compared to something with only 16GB and Micro SD support.”
            This point is moot because we’re talking flagship here, so it’ll bring the largest internal space that OEM has to offer, along with the largest price.

            We can throw a bunch of hypotheticals around all day long, everyone uses their device differently.

            Far as I can recall Samsung’s profits were dropping, so it was time for some priorities to kick in. Maybe it worked. http://www.tmonews.com/2015/04/t-mobile-galaxy-s6-sales-already-nearly-double-galaxy-s5-sales-at-t-mobile/
            And yet you only see backlash from the minority group that is also the most fervorous and vocal. The Samsung fans will still line up, and most consumers (Samsung sells the most) will blindly purchase ‘The Next Big Thing’.

            Battery replacement, once again only some techies care about that. By the time a battery goes bad nowadays the end user is already on a subsequent device. Personally I’ve had better quality on internal vs removable batteries but YMMV.

          4. Yes, I did indeed say that in the OP. But I wasn’t aware that we have to preface our opinions with “OPINION”. I thought it was just implied.

            I never implied that the advancement of front-facing speakers where lost on the majority, only that I feel they may not believe it’s superior as a feature to both Micro SD support and a user-replaceable battery.

            I wouldn’t agree with your opinion that discussing flagship prices to be moot. When folks like Samsung released flagships in the past in two or more storage iterations it was always a pleasure to be able to buy the lowest cost option and not worry about storage because you would be able to expand it through Micro SD support. Typically, up to 64GB.

            It’s difficult to label those who truly value a user-replaceable battery as “techies” because Samsung marketed that feature heavily in the past with their S line. That marketing campaign was sure to have been targeted at more than just the power user, but also the average user.

            You’ve had better quality on internal batteries. That’s brilliant. Not everyone can be so fortunate. The thing with battery degradation is that it can be a real burden on many consumers who are either forced to upgrade or turn in their entire device for a replacement. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some internal batteries degrade quite quickly after a year. There are many who cannot afford the yearly upgrade cycle.

            Hopefully on the Note 5 Samsung will keep these two extremely valuable features. If they do, then this design change on their S series will look even more brilliant.

          5. I agree with you. The main complaints about a removable battery and storage come from super-tech savvy people. You hear that on sites like these. In comparison, that is a small group to the average consumer. The average consumer isn’t thinking about needing an SD card or replacing the battery. If it gets low they will charge it. If they need more storage they will delete some stuff or move it off their device to their external hard drive. I do move stuff off my phone I want to keep or when it becomes irrelevant to me having it on my phone after a while, because I already shared it. I’m not heavy with media consumption like, a billion pictures, movies, apps to SD, etc. I make it through the day with my phone. I’m a light to moderate user.

            I’m a tech savvy person too. Those two things aren’t important to me. It all depends on your personal preference. Your lifestyle with the device. I’m sure Samsung knew what the sacrifice would do, but it won’t hurt them that bad to be honest. You only hear those complaints on sites like these where we geek out mostly. They’ve already sold a ridiculous amount.

            Most people in the world own an iPhone or Samsung device. Everything else is in between as far as popularity and sales to be honest to the average consumer. Both sale out and one of them never had a removable battery or storage expansion. Now they both don’t. They will continue to sale higher than the rest. This “bad” choice only bothers you if that’s what you personally utilize when wanting a phone.

  13. Looks like LG has another winner on their hands. Still happy with my S6 but I will say that the leather design would be much better if it was flush all around and didn’t have that ass crack down the middle.

    1. ? dam, you just ruined it for me, it don’t look so appealing anymore

      1. Gah, can’t unsee…

    2. It is a good thing you are still happy with your S6 though being as it came out 3 days ago.

      1. Im saying Im happy I purchased my S6 instead of waiting for the G4. Who wouldn’t like getting a new flagship phone?

    3. I’ve never seen an ass crack with stitching. Just saying.

    4. It’s a little awkward that’s for sure. I’m going with good old plastic and a case anyway. But it’s nice to see them trying out something new in the “Premium” department to counter Samsung/HTC/Apple’s metal jargon.

  14. So I saw this, real time, while it was live (I took my own screenshots as I knew it would get pulled) while I was at Verizon shopping for the S6 or M9. I was testing Chrome and came across this.

    -3000mah battery
    -replaceable battery
    -QI wireless charging
    -Fast charging
    -3gb RAM and 4gb RAM (32gb and 64gb phones)
    -OIS 2.0
    -IPS Display claims like 5x brighter than G3
    -Advertising a very stout camera with a stout set of features (including “fastest” AF camera using laser focus, improved low light shooting, dual flash)
    -Hopefully rootable (G3 was)
    -A snapdragon chip (808 or 810 unknown)
    -a slight curve (I like the idea personally)
    -narrow bezels

    Once I saw this website, I stopped and walked out. IF this new G4 is what this microsite showed, it is my new phone. I will know APril 28th.

    1. I thought you needed a glass back to do wireless charging? Or at least that’s the impression I got from listening to everyone talk about the S6 …

      1. Huh? No way, not true. I have an older S3 that is wireless charging (using the XDA Palm hack) on cheap azzz plastic back. I also have the screenshots that show the G4 to have “wireless charging” from the microsite (not seen above in those images – they are missing a ton of pages above from what was on that microsite).

      2. Who implied that? That’s pretty silly. Must have been children saying those things.

        1. That seemed to be the whole justification for ditching the durable plastic back for the breakable glass one. ‘Well, we have wireless charging now …’ Otherwise, what’s the point of the glass? Now, I’m even more confused …

          1. But look.. it worked :)

          2. Yeah don’t listen to that faff. Wireless charging has been working with glass and everything else. Such an odd thing for people to claim.

          3. I have the LG G2 and it has wireless charging. It is plastic of course which I prefer to metal any day.

          4. They wanted a premium build. Most people assume an all metal phone is the only premium way, but to include wireless charging you need a glass or plastic back. They moved away from plastic. Wireless charging has been around for a while now. I’m sure you know most phones are still not made of entirely metal or glass. This must be new to you?

      3. Glass or plastic. Basically, you just can’t do it if the back is metal.

    2. I just hope the size is the same as the G3 or smaller.

      1. Nope.

        149.1×8.9×75.3 for G4
        146.3×8.9×74.6 for G3

        1. Unfortunately those specs make the phone to big for me to comfortably use it one handed which is important to me.

          1. 2.8mm change makes it to big? Ok. I hope I don’t feel the same.

          2. Note to self: Get man hands.

          3. Had the G2 then went to the Note 3 for a week before going to the S5. The 5 to 5.1 screen size is perfect for me.

  15. I hope they come out with a dark green leather back. Either way, excited for this to be my next phone!

  16. If the speakers were in the front and lg ui wasn’t so bad I’d throw money at the screen.

    1. There is reference to a UI makeover for the G4 – for example “new UX to adapt itself to the user’s lifestyle making the device smarter.”. I have never owned an LG so I cannot say good or bad.

      ps – I can say, in playing with the G3 and the M9, I liked the G3 better actually. I did this this weekend.

    2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess, but most reviewers think the new LG UI is the most beautiful in all of Android.

      1. Right, im one of those that feels same. I ALWAYS put nova prime on the phone i get, one of first things thAt i do- but i have “newer” LG phone& i like LG regular UI that i dont change it at all. But the galaxy s line is by far my favorite & has been for while. Dumb question: i wonder when i get the galaxy s6 if i can install the exact same newest LG UI(e.g.,LG g4, etc) on a galaxy s6???

    3. just go get yourself an M9 if you want front speakers. That’s like going on an HTC post and saying, “If the buttons were on the back and Sense wasn’t so bad I’d throw money at the screen.”

      1. Nope. I think I’m good with saying what I want in the comment section and ignoring what you’re saying. ?

        1. …Except you didn’t actually ignore me. What’s a matter? Does logic hurt too much? =)

          1. Disregard* And nah, logic doesnt hurt at all. Only annoying thing is you coming outta nowhere flexing your opinion about i should write. You cant be that bored in life bruh. I promise this is the last response youll get.

          2. I love how you keep “disregarding” me with replies. You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you… bruh?

          3. Christ, why can’t people just discuss these Android topics while divorcing themselves from emotion?

          4. What’s wrong with a little passionate debate? You’re using the lord’s name in vain. Isn’t that passion and emotion?

          5. I like an impassioned debate as much as the next cat but some folks around here can get quite petty.

          6. since you’re not directly addressing anyone, I still can’t tell if you’re talking about me or this other guy. if it’s me, in my defense I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of petty. :-)

  17. Still trying to figure out why they had to make it physically bigger. I thought the form factor was absolutely perfect on the G3. I hope those dimensions are just wrong. Not that it matters, since I’m more curious what the G4 Note will have going for it, since the rumors said that LG would have a phone that would be higher end than the G4.

    1. Agreed. That is the only thing I am kind of bummed about. I picked up and used the S6 and the M9 this weekend. I liked both. BUT while I was testing those I found out about the G4. I had never used or held a G3. So, I walked over to the G3 and seriously, the moment I picked it up everything spoke to me: the size, the power/volume button, the screen, the bezels, I was digging it. I knew right then, the G4 was for me. Even more so with them adding a slight curve like their other curved phone – which I also like. So, it seems they did up the size a bit, I am just hoping that those few mm do not translate to a huge difference in feeling.

      149.1×8.9×75.3 for G4
      146.3×8.9×74.6 for G3

      1. I would say the difference will be similar to how the Note 3 and Note 4 were. The Note 4 is taller than the Note 3,which is partly why I didn’t get that. I had gotten the g3 on upgrade on release day, but quickly gave it to my Mom, since she loved it so much, and have stayed with my Note 3 since. I don’t think it will be a really big difference, but if he screen size is still 5.5, just seems like they added bezel. Nonetheless, the g4 should still be a great phone and if they fixed the issues that many complained about last year with the g3, I think it will do just as well.

        1. “if they fixed the issues that many complained about last year with the g3” can you briefly bullet point them?

          ps- no phone has ever escaped complaints. But across the board, you just google reviews, it is 4.5/5 stars.

          1. From what I remember, it was the QHD (2k) display in relation to battery life/drain. The UI was bloated to the point that it caused lag (or potentially a combination of both the UI and the QHD screen)…but I believe updates had fixed the issues people had early on, but not a lot. I didn’t really see the issues early on, but as my mother used it more regularly over the past year, I’ve noticed it anytime I’ve had to check her phone updates for her. Some had found that using a 3rd party launcher like Nova took the lag away. Battery life hasn’t seemed to be a big issue, when it came to my mother’s experiences with it though. Everything else about the phone, I found majority of the reviews praising it heavily.

    2. I agree but when you look at the actual size different it’s negligible. less than 3mm in height and 1mm in width. If it means I’m getting the most stellar camera in a smartphone to date, I’ll deal. =)

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it makes it an uncomfortable size, that’s really not what I was getting at. Just trying to figure out why the increase was needed. If the G3 were as big as the Note 3 and the G4 were increasing similarly, that might have been an issue to many. Since the Note 3 and 4 are both physically bigger, the G4 should still be more comfortable to hold than either of those phones. From what they’ve been mentioning about the G4 camera, seems like it should be an improvement and the G3 actually got some great reviews.

        1. I wouldn’t compare their lineage to the Note line. It’s apples and oranges. I agree, it is strange to increase it slightly, but maybe they needed more room for that new chipset or color sensor, or f1.8 lens. Who knows.

          1. I actually wasn’t trying to do that either. That was just an example of how the Note 3 to Note 4 increase was minimal, but the Note 4 got taller. Same seems to be happening with the G3 to the G4. And I was primarily mentioning these two because of the size. LG manages to fit a 5.5 inch screen in the body of a phone that is the competitor to the S5/S6 respectively, Z2/Z3 respectively, M8/M9 respectively…and managed to keep it farily close to the size of those devices. Just for physical comparison, if you look at the Note 2…that had a 5.5 screen, but the overall size dwarfed the G3…I was hoping that Samsung would figure out how to do the same, but since they didn’t and there is talk of a G4 Note, LG has definitely gotten my attention.

    3. I completely forgot about the Note variant. I hope that’s rocking front facing speakers to seal the deal for me.

  18. Ah, Samsung moved away from crappy back now LG jumps on it. Nice lol

    1. You don’t have to get a leather back. They make colored good old plastic backs as well.

  19. I’m going to have to pass, not a fan of the look. Note 5 here i come ;)

    1. AMEN!!! Note 5 I am looking at you :)

    2. I’m waiting on the Note 5 as well. My Note 3 is still beasting on most phones out now. The Note 5 is gonna be ridiculous!

    3. I’m guessing that will be no SD Card or removable battery as well. If that stuff matters to you. Not looking like Samsung’s in my future this time around!

      1. From the leak yesterday it showed to have a SD Card slot and removable battery. Here is the link for that leak

        1. I’m talking about Samsung :) The G4 is lookin mighty good!

  20. I’ve never tried that fader on the back. If it’s cool I might give LG a try. Samsung and HTC have screwed the pooch AFAIC.

    1. I tried the power button and volume rocker on the back of the G3 for the first time this weekend and personally, the moment i tried it, I was like… “oh yeah, this makes total sense”. Glad to see it stayed, and is seemingly improved, on the G4.

  21. Definitely need to see a camera test between the S6 and the G4.

    1. Well, they are hyping the camera. I think the only vid they have officially released – there were several never before seen on the microsite that hyped the different features – is about the camera. And so my logic is, they just must feel they have a home run of a camera to be hyping this early. The video they showed on the microsite had some cool camera features as well. IIRC, they also did a side by side with an unknown camera of low light (dual flash benefit I believe and ISO rating and big aperture), speed of focus (since uses laser), speed of camera itself and a cool selfie function that is initiated by a hand gesture, plus you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo (no button) since it uses laser focus, plus I think after the fact you can look at a photo and change the point of focus to something else in the picture and have the photo adjust.

  22. I have the G3 and love it, Can’t wait for the G4, the specs rock and I want it., the G3 is the best phone I’ve owned to date, a lot better for me than the Note 3 was (really dislike Touchwiz and Sense). It’s so fluid, smooth and just doesn’t crash or lock up. bogs a little here and there. I’ll probably never buy another Samsung or HTC phone again. Unless of course LG puts out something worse than them. I guess it’s all about preferences, and so glad we have a variety to choose from. The coolest phone will be the Ara phone series with all the possibilities to create your own. I’d like to try the 1Plus series as well. Right now LG has me locked in.

    1. I currently have an M8 and am considering this phone (it would be my first LG). How do you find the sound quality if you want to play a video or something without headphones?? Also, I don’t know if you use the IR blaster or not but I also use my HTC as a universal remote. I know the G3 has that capability but I read that it is not fully compatible with the app I use for it. Just curious if you also take advantage of that. Any feedback would help since you’re an LG owner. Thanks!

  23. How cooperative are LG devices for those of us who love to root? Never owned one to date but am considering this one…

    1. G3 was rooted on Verizon… and Verizon loves to have stuff locked down. So, IF that is any indicator, it seems positive. Root is important to me as well.

  24. Could possibly topple the s6… Snapdragon?? S6 might just have it… Looks sick though!

  25. i wonder how the battery life is going to be affected by the larger and brighter screen. Manufacturers usually boast a better screen with lower power consumption chips, but the battery life remains pretty stagnant…

    some iphone 6 user showed me up with 6 hours of “usage” time, which i guess is screen on time for us android users. my Galaxy S3 (i know, go ahead and chuckle) gets me around 2 hours of screen on time. Most android phones out there are lasting around 4 hours, or am i off?

  26. Pleased I didn’t go for the S6 now! Looks just what I want!

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