Deal: Up to 70% off Lexar memory at Amazon


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Lexar is the latest dealer of storage cards to be featured on Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day. A good number of their products are going for steep discounts today. For starters, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB microSD cards are going for $23.99, $39.95 and $87.99, respectively.

These are all Class 10 UHS-1 / U3 cards that can transfer at up to 95 megabytes per second, and they all come with a USB 3.0 memory card reader for use with a computer if you need.

They also have a number of USB 3.0 jump drives on sale, ranging from 32GB to 128GB. You can get those for $12.99, $19.99 or $29.99, respectively. Be sure to check out the full list of goods at Amazon’s site right here if you’re looking to add to your memory pool.

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  1. Still kinda expensive lol

  2. Oh I should get one for my Galaxy S6 Ed…. Err Um… Wait. Nevermind.

    1. Sure you can. Will also need a micro-USB to USB Type A adapter.

      1. That would look great hanging while holding it to his ear.

        1. E-rings!

      2. And duct tape. Don’t forget the duct tape.

    2. But you can use it on the new LG G4.. bwaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaa

    3. *sigh* if only…

  3. Extra $100 for 64gb galaxy s6, or $87 to get an 128 gb sd card and expand memory….. Well it’s official, I will support any company locking their phones up like Samsung, I guess I’ll be choosing between LG and HTC this year, I’m more of a selfie taker anyway. Girls love my face ?

    1. your comment was gold until you mentioned selfies. no man should openly admit they like taking selfies, much less that they take them outside of being dressed up for a special occation

      1. Hey bruh, I’m comfortable with my sexuality, and I love my face, and like I Said girls like it too, imma 185lb, 225 pound 10rep 4set lifting, tough mutha F’r , but soft when it comes to the ladies, I ain’t scared to admit crap

    2. “Girls love my face”

      Blind girls. lol

      1. They need love, I guarantee I had more women than you, on the real boi

        1. Probably… I’m not one to pride myself on the amount of women I can get though either. It’s much more to life than being a manwhore lol. I’m sure you get lots of women and swap selfie taking techniques with them. lol

          1. Nah, we swap pics but not pick taking techniques, but I don’t pride myself either, you made the comment about only blind girls liking me, so I had to put the truth out thea, this dude can get nice women with all functioning 5 senses

          2. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good about yourself buddy. If you gotta pipe every woman breathing and take selfies to make yourself feel good then good on you special guy. :-)

          3. Well hey at you noticing I’m piping them ?, thanks for acknowledging that, I feel even better about myself, btw I checked out a few of your beats, they pretty nice

          4. Aww Sh*t. PEACE! I apologize about our disagreements in the past brother. Thanks fam.

          5. Dude this is just internet, I never hold nothing against nobody, I most likely disagree on some of your future posts, but that don’t mean I got anything against you, this is all fun and time consuming when I get bored… Btw Keep doing ya thing on them beats

          6. Bring it in for a hug. Lol

          7. ???, you crazy dude, lol

  4. Let me know when a 128 GB Class 10 UHS-1 / U3 is priced under $40

  5. Son of bitches had a 240GB Crucial SSD for $72.99 I didn’t buy it because I was doing something else, when I came back they removed it from the sale,. I think someone made a mistake.

  6. Damn I missed it

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