Verizon LG G3 gets Android 5.0 Lollipop update


verizon lg g3 lollipop

Many LG G3 owners have already had their rightful taste of Lollipop, but Verizon’s crop of customers were left out of the fun until today. The company has announced the push of the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade to LG’s 2014 flagship smartphone.

The software rolling out will be version VS98523B, and should bring a number of considerable improvements, changes and fixes. A new, flat UI is present throughout LG’s system apps, and there’s also support for improved notifications and lock screen notifications, app pinning, searchable settings and improvements to LG Health.

We’re not exactly sure when Verizon expects to push the goods out over-the-air, but history tells us it won’t be more than a few days’ time after the appearance of the official changelog before folks start to see notifications of its arrival. Be sure to check out the full document at the jump and get ready for some Lollipop goodness.

[via Verizon, AndroidForums]

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  1. I already got the update today. Just finished installing a few minutes ago :)

  2. Verizon….did you guys forget the f-ing sony!!!! The world has it now and you drag your feet….wish I had stayed with Samsung.

  3. I am thrilled. Just bought FOUR of them for my family yesterday ($1 each with contract renewal)

  4. battery life is horrible since the upgrade can watch the battery go down using the phone

    1. I had a similar issue with the T-Mobile download. I reset my phone and it improved.

      1. Factory reset?

        1. Yep. Reinstall the world. Slight pita.

    2. I didn’t have that problem at all, but in general, the inconsistency of these products bugs the living crap outta me!

    3. The update hasn’t popped for me yet I’m curious, what seems to be eating more battery? A system app?

  5. Staying away from this until the WiFI synch issue is fixed. Mainly, when connected to WiFi, things like GMail won’t sync until you disconnect from WiFi and go to your data plan. Verizon and LG admitted to the bug and stated a future patch will be released to fix it. Staying on KK for now as it is stable and smooth.

    1. Haven’t experienced this myself. I was on Wi-Fi all day yesterday and everything synced fine all day.

  6. Biggest load of crap! I now cannot play ANY type of music from the phone, nor can I play any video. Wonderful. You can keep this crap Verizon.. Guess I’ll be factory resetting tonight…

  7. Updated yesterday. 50% brightness out of the box. Reduce to 40% or less for battery life improvement. I have noticed the gmail update issue. No issues with music or videos. LG G3 was great on KK. Hope LG/VZW fix the bugs soon!

  8. I noticed in the Verizon change log pdf they show the new lollipop back/home/recent buttons(that I don’t like), but in some pictures they had the kit Kat buttons, can you choose which ones you want? Also are the other buttons like notifications Pull down all the same?

  9. And yet the phone Verizon is force feeding everyone, the droid turbo remains on 4.4.4

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