Cyanogen OS 12 officially arrives for the OnePlus One



Nine days after OnePlus released OxygenOS to give its phones their first official taste of Lollipop, Cyanogen Inc. has released its more feature-heavy Lollipop flavor for the device. Cyanogen OS 12 was announced late Monday night by way of Cyanogen’s official blog. Beyond the Material Design updates implemented throughout the OS and the underlying Android version bump (no, it’s not 5.1), a new Theme Engine feature is rolling out which allows you to apply themes on an app-by-app basis.

The new feature, called “App Themer” (shocking name, I know), allows you to choose which theme you want for each of your themed apps. For example, you might like a certain red theme but also want some of your apps to match a blue theme you also like. You could choose to apply the blue theme to G+ and the red theme to Inbox, just to switch things up. It’s a welcome new feature, one which I hope will soon make its way to CM12 community builds.

Aside from the new eye candy, Cyanogen has added its own email service, powered by Boxer. Cyanogen email provides native Exchange support, multiple accounts, and your choice of scripted quick replies to incoming messages. Beyond that, you can customize the LED notification color and the action taken when you swipe right or left on a message. Oh, by the way, if you have a YU Yureka instead of the OnePlus One, you’ll get your Cyanogen OS 12 fix “coming very soon”.

Are you excited to finally have Cyanogen OS 12 available OTA, or are you already on Oxygen OS or a custom ROM? If you’re on Cyanogen OS, do you plan to switch to their email service or do you plan to stay with Gmail/Inbox/your existing service? Feel free to let us know in the comments.



Jeff McIntire
Jeff McIntire is an avid Android enthusiast whose first exposure to the world of Android, rooting, and customizing came in 2010 through the Samsung Captivate. Later that same year, he was introduced to the Verizon community through the Fascinate, which carried him from Eclair all the way to Ice Cream Sandwich. Having tried various ROMs, kernels and themes based on TouchWiz, he took the plunge into AOSP in May 2011 and never looked back. He now happily taps away at his LG G2, always looking out for the latest and greatest, and helping others along the way.

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  1. Should I upgrade from CM 12 Nightlies to Cyanogen 12 for an email client? hmmm… I’m going to have to see how well it performs and how well the battery lasts. Maybe I should do Oxygen OS. So many choices!

  2. Still haven’t received the OTA.

  3. No OTA here I been refreshing all night

  4. Wish I had known last night. I got the OTA by checking just now, but I don’t want to use up ~600mb mobile data or my crappy local public network at work, but I’ll do it once I’m at the office. I’ll give their email client a shot.


    Anyone know how to get the Google Now window by swiping to the right??? I forgot.

  5. Been using oxygenos over a week on my one plus, it is stable , fast and no crap ware. One plus feels like google play edition phone. Oxygenos is way more stable than cm11 or cm12 nightly, kudos to one plus team/ phandroid Dev team

    1. Have you used a recent version of CM12? “OxygenOS” is not more stable

  6. Not willing to move off of GMAIL. Gmail has been reliable, stable, and accesible all over the world for me. Also many apps integrate with gmail… such as uploading recorded conference calls, pictures, and so on…

    1. What article were you reading?

  7. Does the Phandroid news app freeze up on others’ OnePlus One as well? I’ve been “bugged” by this since I got the phone…

    1. Yes

    2. Same here

  8. Manually installed update today: easy as anything: really digging the new interface and refreshed os. Very slick. Look forward to it !

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