Samsung Galaxy S6: treasure trove of alleged leaked photos show the phone from every angle [UPDATE]


Samsung Galaxy S6 leak

March 1st is closing in fast and while we await Samsung’s Unpacked event in Barcelona — where we’ll finally get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 — new puported images of the phone have just leaked out online. Posted onto XDA, the leaker claims the phone (underneath all that bubble wrap) is the AT&T model clearly marked “not for sale.” While he wouldn’t say who he worked for, it’s likely he got a hold of a demo unit.

Although the pictures aren’t very clear, he mentions the phone has a glass back (although maybe it’s just glossy metal?) and the images show the rounded metal edges of the phone, as well as a larger home button. A triple-sided Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also rumored to be in the works, but in the meantime we’ll just have to keep analyzing these pics.

The uploader says more pics are incoming once he gets off work. That’s if Samsung doesn’t get to him first. We’ll keep an eye out.

UPDATE: New images provided by the original uploader, now with 99.9% less image obstructing bubble wrap! Seems legit.

Samsung Galaxy S6 leak 1

UPDATE 2: Now pictures of the top and bottom. Those are familiar looking speaker holes… Oh, only 1 slot that appears to only be for the SIM. So far it’s looking like Samsung could be going with a non-removable battery and ditching the SD card slot entirely for the Galaxy S6. Someone’s gonna be mad.

Samsung Galaxy S6 leak top bottom Samsugn Galaxy S6 leak SIM slot

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  1. Recent S6 rumor, since we are doing so many rumors..

    “insane off-contract prices. For the Galaxy S6, Ars Technica reports that the phone is listed at $849, $963, and $1,076 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. These prices are what Samsung will sell the phones for to carriers, and have also been converted from Euros, meaning they could fluctuate a tad. More startling are the prices for the GS6 Edge, which is reportedly listed at $1,076 for the 64GB version and $1,189 for the 128GB model.”

    1. I hope this is not right. slowed sales should not equal higher prices. The Flex 2 (which has top of the line specs) is sub-500. there are no excuses for those prices in that. they are NUTS.

      1. “slowed sales should not equal higher prices” agreed 100%. But, companies do dumb things and maybe they think if they can sell fewer at $$$$ than more phones at $$ then they end up on the winning side at the end of the day when the dollars are counted?

        I buy off contract. I intend to buy whatever I buy off contract. I simply would not pay that much on principal all things considered. IF this info is true, as the Edge variant is the one that I am interested in, the M9 gained a step up as I cannot see them asking near this for the M9.

        1. I’m only interested in the Edge….or WAS. I hope that just is not right or my next phone will be either the G4 or M9.

          1. Agreed, I hope it is not right. But it seems… the design team has 1 goal of hardware.. Sales and marketing has a different goal of numbers. The 2 do not work together so in the end, cancel each others work out and it all ends up with… less sales and people dogging them on the web. At those prices – they will be doomed. I almost hope they do it just to screw themselves even more.

            When you see what the guys in China are doing: Huwaeii and Xiaomi it pretty much proves Samsung is asking WAY to much for their product. And the people see it and know it and in China, they are getting punked as you can get more for way less $. Unless you are a techy phone geek, you don’t really know this so you put out the money. But on these prices, not likely. People will balk.

          2. I just look at the Flex 2….such a great phone (specs-wise) but under 500. Its a curved display with top end specs. The S6?? their own in-house processor, which should be cheaper to manufacture and specs no better really but 40% more in price?? you are right. they are doomed at launch.

          3. how does inhouse mean cheaper ? whats going to pay for their billions of research and design project to fund their SoC ? Lg only has to buy snapdragon chips

          4. hm yeah good point…I think in my head, it just makes sense that if something is made in house that its going to be cheaper but that is not logical in a few ways

      2. Why do people buy phones outright and get take the subsidized price with contract? Makes no sense to me unless you are rich and dont mind paying for a new phone every 6 months. My s4 was 100 bucks w 2 yr contract, its suited me well for last 2 years and I will again renew contract with Verizon for subsidized pricing on a new flagship phone this spring. 3gb data unlimited everything else for 76 bucks a month after discount thru my employer. I would never shell out 300,500,700 dollars for a phone. thats just silly.

        1. I’m with you. I like the AT&T monthly payment Next program personally. I pay 30 a month for my Nexus 6 for 12 months….then trade it in for a new phone. Thats half of its cost for a phone that I would not even keep. And after 12 months, I’ll be luck to make up the rest of that half by selling it on Amazon.

        2. 1) it allows me to keep unlimited data
          2) I am on such an old plan and cheap plan I get way more than commensurate plans today so I opt to keep my plan
          3) no fee to swap phones with no contract change whereas VZW charges you a fee to change phones and turn on the new phone when you do the contract change.
          4) being off contract is awesome as it allows me to keep my options open if I want to change and not have a crazy cancellation fee

          When I do the math on 1 & 2 – for example – versus the upped monthly contract price and loss of unlimited data and paying even more for data since my use is above their contract offerings, buying a phone outright is more cost effective and pays for itself.

          1. it would just cause me to ask the wife if its ok to save up $1k for a phone that i’ll want to swap for a new one after a year…..i think most people are in my boat that will be up sh*ts creek haha

          2. It really is simple math. Sit and do the math and at say $700 for a phone, the costs to me for the changes in the plan (fees, upped plan costs, extra data costs, etc.) are $850 over 2 years. So, $700 up front cost & keep my plan and be off contract is less than $850 and by buying my phone outright, I saved $150 over 2 years and have more in terms of plan.

          3. yeah for sure!

          4. Now, at 1000-1200$ the numbers change. So, I tend to value the keeping of the plan to the cost of an S6 Edge so I would bail on the Edge as the numbers don’t jibe and I am not willing to give up the pros of being off contract and keeping my plans for the cost difference. Well, I might pay a little more to keep some benefits of keeping my plan and being off contract, but not at $1200.

            This makes even more sense for me when I am sure the M9 or G4 will not be that costly and at the end of the day, they will be kick azzz good enough for me.

            ps – I also tend to keep my phones for more than 2 years so the numbers then are even more in my favor as renewing and using the subsidized offering every 2 years always comes with additional costs tick tacked on. When you buy a phone outright, it is just the phone cost and nothing more.

            I just bought an M8 32gb for my wife off Craigslist for a mere $325 BNIB. So she got a brand new near state of the art phone (until this weekend) and had 1 cost. The phone. No contract extension. No fees. No changes. 1 relatively cheap phone cost.

          5. Not true…Ive been able to upgrade and keep my unlimited data. Only phone Ive bought outright was the X2 Pure Edition cause I got tired of carrier bloat

        3. wow rip off much ? i paid no upfront for my s4 for £35pm 24 month contract with unlimited data unlimited text and 1000 minutes

    2. When converting prices from European prices, don’t forget to subtract the VAT tax from the cost as their prices are usually advertised with the VAT included.

      1. Well, that’s Ars Technica again –

        For the non-curved Galaxy S6, European pricing is €749 ($849), €849 ($963), and €949 ($1,076) for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. For the curved version, add €100 ($124) to each of those figures.

        So yeah, +5, Insightful, on the VAT included.

  2. Hi I’m TK from TK Tech News and here’s a phone in bubble wrap. Trust me.

    1. Seems just as reasonable to trust them as anyone else these days. What makes them less trustworthy than the next “person” leaking S6 info?

      1. You obviously have no idea who TK is.

        I would trust any other random person out of a crowd with my firstborn than TK. Literally any random person.

        1. Then you might not make very good choices. Because so far, whomever this “TK” is (and I don’t really care) these seem to be as legit as anything else leaked thus far.

          1. Oh. You don’t get it.
            This isn’t actually TK.
            TK is a motherflucking psychopath.

          2. Ahhhhh…. ok, yeah I missed it. Derek’s post implies these come from some cat named “TK” and so given they seem as legit as anything thus far, I assumed you and he were calling out “TK” and saying these are fakes and not to be trusted. But they are not his/her doing. So it seems kind of a random reference from Derek.

          3. Yeah, that’s understandable. If you have some time to read, here’s this:

            D Ross exposes a clown, basically.

          4. ok, i’ll read just to educate myself.

            Edit: interesting read. Now I comprehend the orginal comment. Still seems like a non sequitor, but I now know who TK is.

          5. TK used to “leak” phones in bubble wrap. They weren’t leaks of new phones. He was a fraud and used bubble wrap to “hide” his fraudulent ways. I was just making a joke, not discrediting this supposed leak. This leak had a funny similarity, that’s all :)

          6. crystal clear now. wasn’t originally. I dont know you or follow you, so I had no idea of the piece you did on this “TK” character. Now I do.

    2. New images added.. still feel the same???

      1. You apparently didn’t get the joke and that’s okay :)

  3. A glass or plastic back will be essential to make wireless charging work.

  4. Not impressed with any of these GS6 leaks…still looks like an old GS5…and the edge (single sided edge) was disappointing…. Looking at the M9 and Z4 now….

    1. why would anyone consider the Z4???? Sony is abandoning their mobile platform. Which means they won’t care to update the phones. No thanks. I’d take the HTC or S6 anyday over Z4 (not that the phone wont be great if it is anything like the Z3…just hard to back a failing platform)

      1. Im in love with my Z3…AND Sony has not yet confirmed it is selling its mobile division..they said they would consider it..AND them selling is not always bad..Their hardware is Top Notch…what if someone with better software and resources for development took over? Would it be a bad thing then? I don’t think so.

    2. You’re criticizing the S6 for looking like the S5? Have you seen the M9 leaks? I smell a fanboy.

  5. Until Samsung goes the Moto Route with a more basic Android I will not buy from them again due to Touch Wiz.

    1. what if they follow their word by dummying it down??

      1. Who said going stock is dummying?

        1. Was referring to Samsung dummying dummying down touch wiz by simplifying it to be near stock…. Not sure how u took it another way but good job

    2. Same here. Their hardware is good, and I actually like this design, but the problem lies in TouchWiz…

    3. TW can be toned down unless you’re just the general Android user who likes to use a device as is out the box.

  6. Forget the S6, I want the Samsung Circle

    1. See THAT should be their smart watch, right there!!!

      1. Yeah that’s what I said too. Here’s another one:

        1. Where the HELL is that design team? Samsung obviously has way too much red tape and BS to take a risk on something sexy like that. I seriously hope I’m wrong and they actually put this out….but from all the articles I’ve been reading lately about Samsung hired design firms complaining their ideas have been bastardized….sounds like they’re too stuck in their ways and “safe” to do things like this. Unlike the banks, Samsung is too big to succeed. ;) lol.

  7. What’s under the front camera? Are those speaker holes???? :O STILL doesn’t look like the official teaser image. Someone is messing with us!

    1. Looks like a set of numbers…maybe a serial number to the test unit..probably explains the bubble wrap..whoever this is would like to not be identified.. The same is on the top right of the phone…

      Edit: Nevermind…I didn’t look at the bottom pics…

      Edit2: that’s because the bottom pics weren’t there when I first read article..and here I was second guessing myself…

  8. This guy is gonna get caught. Why? I am willing to bet those holes in the front face (top and bottom) are in a pattern (like morse code) such that they can recognize where that phone came from and who it was sent to. Covering up labels doesn’t mean jack as the holes are like a code for that phones history.

    They are long, short, in various combos… it’s a serial number of sorts seen even in photos. DOH!

    1. I agree…I knew it was some form of identification mark…now we need a Morse Code Expert…hello anyone?!?!

      1. I punched it into some Morse translator on Google and it says (with the question mark included): V C L L ?

        1. It could be any code, a code they made up with no key other than their key, so morse code would reveal nothing. I just said morse code to make the point those holes look a lot like a set of identifier info purposefully put and not just randomly drilled.

          1. It COULD be any kind of code. But I randomly tried several 4 character dash dot combinations (not knowing Morse) and it couldn’t translate 9/10 of my gibberish.
            The fact that those combinations happen to translate to actual letters seems pretty coincidental to say the least. But regardless I obviously have too much time on my hands and need to get back to work lol.

  9. The Galaxy S5 will be looked back upon as the best phone Samsung has ever produced (2nd only to, maybe, the Note 4, dependent on preference).

    Long battery life, water resistant, durable, good screen clarity, removable battery, grippy back.

    I’m trying not to judge the S6 before it comes out, but I’m not liking what I see.

    1. I agree with that statement

    2. Do you have the S5? I hate mine, it’s laggy as all F*, the water resistant gasket is loose to the point of ineffective, and the fingerprint scanner is terrible. It does have good battery life though.

      1. I like mine, it’s the first phone I haven’t felt the need to put a ROM on. Even the S4 I ultimately broke down a put a ROM on it.

        I don’t use the fingerprint scanner.
        As for lag, do you set the window animation scale in developer options? Set all 3 to 0.5x.

        I don’t have any issues with the water gasket, but on the flip side I don’t obsessively remove my back cover.

        1. I’ve done that with the last two phones I’ve had, on the first day i got them. Try opening your photo gallery, and time how long it takes. That’s just the most blatant example, but lesser lag factor plagues the entire UI.

    3. 2nd best? I went through like 8 of them. The S3 was the 2nd best.

      1. Personally, I really liked the S3 over the S4 and S5 – still do. But I lack your experience, have only used Notes a little. Liked them a lot.

        1. S3 was the last good S phone I used. I like the S2 a bit too, but it lacked the versatility the S3 has. They still sell it new with Boost Mobile, I think? I had the S5, Note 3, Note 2, and S3. So yeah, a lot of people might own less Galaxy devices than me lol.

  10. Damn that speaker area on the bottom looks way too much like an iPhone…
    Not loving the design that much. Hopefully they can do better with the software.

    1. where do you see the speaker grill in these leaks??? I know in the past leaks there was but I did not see a photo here with speaker grill. I was looking for it to see that as well.

        1. got it. Top and bottom is definitely iPhone. But that is not necessarily a bad thing…good design.

          1. Seems out of place to me, from the S5 front, iPhone sides, and the Nexus 5 back. But yet again, these are leaks, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

          2. Nexus 5 back?

          3. think he means nexus 4 ,glass back without the pattern

      1. On the bottom. 2 rows, 5 holes each. I’m sooo done with samdung

  11. Anyone notice there does not appear to be an SD slot??? I see one slot for sim card, but that is on the only one unless it is somehow on the bottom, just highly unlikely.

    1. 1 slot, stackable SIM and SD cards?

      1. don’t think so, look at the photo of the sim tray…just a sim.

  12. Sorry but that’s ugly. Even a revolutionary M8 beats this thing, I’m sure the M9 is gonna match this s6 in terms of specs , and still be cheaper because Samsung well they are leeches

    1. The Galaxy S series has always been about “just a phone” when it came to design. Some people don’t care for how their phone looks.

    2. m8 is not revolutionary ,no htc phone is ,youre a joke

      1. Go suck something B****. Choke on that , and that ain’t no joke

        1. ahahaha i touched a nerve , i win

          1. Yeap winners give BJs, now gtf

  13. So ugly. You can put as much lipstick on a pig as you want, but it will still look like a pig.

    1. As I hear, they want $1000 for the 128GB version of this…yeah right!!

  14. Lol, I absolutely refuse to believe this is real. All this talk from Samsung about design changes and it looks like this? They can’t be serious and to think I spent all day yesterday laughing at htc with their ridiculousness.

  15. Guys come down, that`s Chris Chavez old phone……LOL

  16. This looks like an uglier version of the Galaxy S5 combined with an iPhone 6.

    1. Oh yeah? Clean the cold out your eyes.

  17. This design was perfect in the S3. I can kinda understand why Samsung would keep the same basic look but it just gets uglier, and uglier, and uglier.

    1. I actually loved the S4 best. Don’t understand how they bezels keep getting bigger every year…

      1. Too square and boxy for my tastes haha

      2. besides the slimmy back yeah the S4 looked the best

      3. Right? When it comes to bezels, LG seems to be moving in the right direction. There is no reason why the bezels should be getting bigger unless they were throwing in some massive battery, which they haven’t.

  18. If Samsung has truly ditched the REMOVABLE battery AND the SD SLOT;

    they are no better than Apple and should kindly sodomize themselves.

    1. They definitely didn’t ditched the sd slot but removable battery is likely gone in this one. People asked for a new design and a metal phone so Samsung had to make that sacrifice.

      1. I’m guessing you posted this before all the pics were up? Because there’s no SD slot.

        1. No I posted it after. There will be an SD card slot, that’s a given

          1. Well between your insistence, and photos of the actual device, I’ll trust the photos.

          2. Sounds good

          3. The SD card slot could be behind the volume rockers, which you cannot see in the photos.

          4. But… You can see the volume buttons…

          5. Ah okay I see it now. Well hopefully it’s hidden somewhere. Not that I really plan on getting this phone anyway.

          6. If the volume rockers wouldn’t be separated yes, the SD card could be under the just like Motorola did with on the Droid Turbo’s sim card slot.

    2. SD Slot and removable battery is confirmed GONE.

      *Grabs a broomstick* For You Sammy…Shove it up your A$$!!

  19. No sd card?
    Bottom speaker?
    Non-removable battery?
    Up yours Samsung. I’m done with your phones.

    1. This is a rumour probably fake

  20. after seeing the m9 (m8.1) i might trade my note 4 for this

  21. Damn. Was really hoping for all metal. And it looks like they ditched the water resistance? Not gonna buy what is basically an S4 just for the metal bumper. So HTC and Samsung both disappoint terribly. Here’s hoping LG doesn’t let me down.

    1. We don’t know yet these leaks could all be completely wrong so how can you be disappointed before anything has been released. oh wait that’s what they want, they want you to lower your hopes so when they do realise something which is good but not amazing you think its the best phone ever.

  22. if this is legit looks like im not buying another samsung. i like my s5 for the removable battery, sd card slot.. all lg has to do is continue what they did with the g3 and they have my $$

  23. Looks more like an iPhone 6 copy… And no SD slot makes me laugh…

    1. how does it looks like a iphone ?

      1. The curved metal band on the edge, the speaker holes. The panel on the back

        1. iphone has 1 row of holes not 2 ,the iphone has a more rounded curve with the antenna bands atthe back of the device not onthe egde ,the panel on the back ? its the back of the phone ,all phones look the same at the back ,its a flat surface ffs

          1. No need to be a douche “ffs”

  24. I bet its a decoy!

  25. Speaking from a galaxy note only user currently on the note 4 if it is true there is no SD slot and they bring that over to the note 5 they will lose me as a customer one of the main appeal of android to me is the expandable memory when you take that away its no better then an iPhone android users don’t like restrictions which is part of the reason why they use android and not apple. Imcsure not everyone feels the same way as me but as someone who uses there phone for music (thousands of songs) pictures files apps and everything I need to be able to expand on the memory if I want to.

  26. I bet they get sued for the sim tray being metallic!

  27. Doesn’t look very appealing at all..

  28. It isn’t confirmed that there’s no sd card slot so I’ll wait and see. If there isn’t then HTC here I come. Can’t put up with their shenanigans

    1. No removable battery is the killer. The only reason I haven’t completely written off Samsung is the possibility of a phone with removable battery, microSD, close to stock performance and appearance, and good low-light cameras. I’m seeing the first two disappear, the third one could be achieved with vanilla ROMs if the Exynos weren’t so terrible for devs, and the fourth is a toss-up. Guess I’ll be sticking with HTC for the microSD, speedy performance, good cameras, and nice-looking phones for now.

  29. just wanna rub it on my nipples *drooling*….ok not so much, screams iphone. Its a shame that they could not show much innovation. Guess I will wait to see the Edge….if the leaks are true, that phone is going to be awesome!! even with the 1k price tag that has been leaked

  30. I am iphone user but look closely. They don’t appear real. Have seen before similar fake pictures.

  31. …and no new USB connector :( I was really hoping for USB type-C!

    1. We’re not there yet. No computers have type-C support yet. Wait until USB 3.1 is commercially available within the next year or two.

  32. Is that a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone?

    1. I, for one, have never liked that setup. I prefer it to be on top.

      1. I don’t understand the logic of it being on the bottom. When I have my phone in my pocket with my headphones on, I don’t want my phone to be upside-down.

  33. So…Saturday March 1st huh… Right now I’m sure we’re all full of mixed emotions hoping-wishing-praying somehow the M9 or S6 turn out to be closer to the render leaks.

    Sadly, the M9 is pretty much outed and will disappoint, so S6 is yet to show more authenticity.

    Maybe LG, SONY or Oppo will win my heart ♥ this summer. I’m still on my Nexus 5 happily but I gotta keep it fresh with some new new

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