This is the Verizon Nexus 6, complete with carrier branding [LEAK]


nexus 6 verizon side-by-side

Oh, come on — when you heard Verizon was getting a Nexus 6 you didn’t expect them not to shove their logo on it somehow, did you? That’s exactly what’s going to happen as evidenced by this leaked render given to Phandroid by a trusted source.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about Verizon’s Nexus 6 at this point, though we’re not expecting it to be much different from the Nexus 6 we’ve already reviewed. A sign-up button for the phone appeared on the company’s website without a formal announcement, but Verizon has yet to come out with any other details in regards to its arrival.

nexus 6 verizon logo

For what it’s worth Verizon isn’t the only carrier who opted to stick their logo onto the back of the latest Nexus phone. If you don’t recall we had an entire post about scrubbing AT&T’s model of its own impurities, including the removal of the carrier’s logo through the use of a pocket knife or some slightly rough sandpaper.

It’s our hope that Verizon’s Nexus 6 won’t be loaded to the brim with bloatware, though we’re expecting at least a couple of “essential” apps (such as MyVerizon and Visual Voicemail) to come along for the ride. Let’s just hope the buck will stop there, and that their second attempt at offering a Nexus phone goes a lot better than the Galaxy Nexus debacle of 2011.

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  1. hope for an unlocked bootloader for all the hold-outs, but really don’t care since my N6 is rolling on Verizon just fine with UDP :)

  2. By the time this hits, people will have moved on to the S6 of M9 or Z4 or whatever else then starts to leak.

    1. I think that’s ok with Verizon to be honest…

      1. Definitely worthless

        1. As is your comment, but what else is new?

          1. You look great queer Squiddy20

          2. Yep another useless insult which only serves to prove how immature and ridiculous you are.

  3. What is it with Motorola phones and Verizon? Droid Bionic took forever to show up. Now the Nexus 6. As with the Bionic, when the Nexus 6 finally launches on Verizon, will anyone care?

    1. VZW sucks. Nuff said.

      1. Exactly why I ate the ETF and went to Cricket!

        1. I left Verizon about a year ago, after being with them for over a decade. Where I live, it doesn’t mater all that much. AT&T is equal now in coverage area, but Verizon still boasts greater speeds and lower latency.

    2. It’s called the DROID Turbo. They wanted to push that thing through the Holidays. Now it’s time for the N6

    3. The Droid Bionic had to get a complete redesign because the original Tegra 2 processor couldn’t play nice with LTE. The Bionic eventually shipped with a TI processor. That’s why that release took so long.

      With the Nexus 6, if I had to guess, Verizon probably opted to wait out major release bugs and supply issues, both very real problems that plagued this phone’s launch. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 5.1 is coming soon and Verizon will officially launch the Nexus 6 soon. I’m betting it will come out of the box with 5.1.

  4. All I want is Advanced Calling 1.0 please.

    1. Same here, but on my Moto X 2014.

    2. This is the ultimate joke and slap in the face by VZW. But the newest phones they brag about BUT you cannot do voice/data at the same time until you wait 30-60-90 days for them to release the update that cannot be ready at the time of the phone release. And, inevitably, those dates slip. So, you are buying the best of the best and going back to technology from 5 years ago until we wait it out until the update comes.

  5. remember those reports of the verizon nexus 6 like device with snapdragon 810? wouldnt that be something?

    1. That would never happen.

      1. shouldnt take long to find out

    2. That would be too good to be true, which means wont happen unfortuneately

  6. Very happy my N6 has no Logo… I don’t know why Verizon or any other carrier would want to mess with such a great thing.

  7. Don’t want it with a logo? No problem, buy it at Motorola.com of the Play Store. That’s what I did. Also, Verizon is not beholden to manufacturers timeliness for release of devices. With the Turbo, Note 4 and both iPhones released around the same time, late November early December, Verizon had no desire to show another device option out there. They aren’t Wal-Mart. They will release it as a mid-cycle release after the excitement and stock of the other devices slow down and before the spring release of other phones comes.

    1. That’s presuming Verizon isn’t pulling a Sprint (with the N5) and only activating logo-laden units on an IMEI whitelist.

      1. I got my 32gb n5 on google play and sprint activated it.

        1. Yup. Sprint will only activate if purchased from Sprint, Ting, or Google Play.

          B&H and Amazon? Not on the whitelist, no dice. B&H even has a warning in their description.

    2. “after the excitement and stock of the other devices slow down” Verizon’s big follow up trick is…. to release it in a new color. WOW!!!

      1. I don’t even think it’s a new color. Looks like the Midnight Blue to me. My guess is Verizon opted to wait until the major bugs and supply issues were sorted out. Don’t be surprised if it ships with 5.1.

  8. The Logo can be removed. Used a nickle or butter knife and it will come right off. I did that to my AT&T phone and came off.

    1. Yup. At least it’s not on the front (we don’t think).

      1. But remember how nice that Note button looked? Yeah guess I don’t either ;)

      2. I hope not.

    2. I just wish there was a way to remove or at least mute the AT&T boot animation easily without root. That is easily the LOUDEST boot animation I’ve ever heard.

  9. is that thing black? I was mad that no carriers sold the white Nexus….I really wanted it. But an all black one? if I’m crazy, i’m sorry. If that is black, that is pretty sick.

    1. probably still midnight blue

      1. I believe it’s midnight blue, though it’s hard to tell from the image that was provided to me.

      2. eh, its not like I was going to Verizon anyways….just the thought of a black Nexus sounded cool!

        1. I kinda had enough of black phones lately. That’s why I got the white Nexus 5 instead of the black….but I’d love it if anyone wants to trade it for their red Nexus 5! :D

          1. well…good point. Had a white G2, then black G3. Now my midnight blue Nexus 6. Wish I could have bought the cloud white outright. I would have rather them release a all black Nexus, than a blue one.

          2. I’d really like the next Nexus to release in Red at launch or with the shiny back of the Nexus 4 (despite how breakable that was)

          3. Do you think it was worth the upgrade to the Nexus 6? I personally LOVE nexus phones but unfortunately I am on Verizon. I’ve had Gnex, and was honestly pleased with it. Then i got a G2 now i have the G3. But i’m contemplating whether to get the Nexus 6 or wait for the G4.

          4. See, I’m torn on this. I loved my G2 and G3 phones and miss what they offered me. So, in a way, I’m excited about the G4 even though I have an AWESOME phone. I miss the camera and knock on/off feature so much. I would personally wait, its a big change even though you are going from a clunky UI to straight Google. If you want raw speed, GREEEEEAT speakers, a pretty good camera, really good battery life, a great screen (all of these were GREAT on my G3) then go with the Nexus 6. You really cant go wrong either way.

    2. Bought mine unlocked from Motorola and still couldn’t get a white version.

    3. You can buy a black back plate for the N6 on Ebay… with a little work it looks just like it came from the factory that way.

  10. now I am stuck!
    I dont know if i want this or the s6!!
    If this comes out soon…i’ll grab it for a month (corp account 30day) and return it when the s6 drops :)
    N6 or S6
    N6 or S6 lol!

  11. I’m getting one. My GNexus is done. But lets face it, this is kind of already a debacle. The Nexus 6 is almost “old” lol.

    1. It may be old, but it’s still HUGE!

      (To be clear this is not a diss on the Nexus 6. I own one and love it.)

  12. Meh. That tramp stamp can be covered up with a dbrand skin for a few dollars and almost no headache. I like my N6 a hell of a lot more now that it has a different back on it.

    1. That back..looks awesome! Gonna have to look at getting one. Searching now!

      1. https://dbrand.com/shop/nexus-6

        dbrand “Metal” finish in Black Titanium. About the only one that “works” with the blue band on the N6, IMO.

        1. I got the carbon fiber (black) and this one came in at a CLOSE second … That pic proves to me I chose wrong LOL

        2. Thanks for the link, That looks amazing I might need to get one of these bad boys

    2. This does look fantastic. The dbrand skin doesn’t offer any protection though right? Do you think it still needs a bumber case for the edges?

      1. Yeah, it just covers the back panel- nothing on the edges. It’s fairly substantial vinyl, so I have no doubt it will protect the back fairly well. They don’t make a full skin, presumably because this material is just too substantial to contour around the edges well.

        If you’re drop-prone, a bumper case may still be in order. I just use a sleeve I got from a crafty person on Etsy.

  13. Why I left Verizon:
    1. Ridiculously Overpriced
    2. VERY late Galaxy Nexus updates
    3. No Nexus 4
    4. No Nexus 5
    5. Delaying Nexus 7 LTE so they could ship their own tablet
    6. Trying to charge to use the built-in Wireless tethering (in spite of FCC slapdown)
    7. Refusing to activate devices not bought from them
    8. Shoving their logo and bloatware down your throat.
    ..the list goes on baby…
    and now..9. 4 months late to Nexus 6 party. Glad I moved to T-Mobile…and I am enjoying my Nexus 6 thank you.

    1. …No simultaneous voice & data.

    2. And unfortunately T-Mobile isn’t even a choice for me since their service range is so limited. At least I can use a phone for its intended purpose on Verizon where I live. I do agree though.

  14. I was under the impression that the previously released Nexus 6 works with Verizon anyways.

    1. You are correct, I use my N6 on Verizon all day every day. Bought directly from Moto

    2. It works on Verizon, but my understanding is that you can’t activate service on it (you have to have a pre-activated SIM to put in the device) and you wouldn’t be able to buy it on contract or with an Edge plan since Verizon wasn’t selling it, meaning you’d have to buy it outright or do a finance plan through Motorola.

  15. Got burned on the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I’de be more inclined to go with Motorola device over nexus. Didnt g2 on VZ get lollipop already?

    1. This is the worst mentality to have. Just educate yourself before making purchases and you’ll be fine. The Verizon Gnex has nothing in common with the N6 (besides the name) because it was a special LTE variant of the Gnex requiring a separate radio chip and therefore different hardware subjecting it to updates at Verizon’s discretion. This isn’t the case with the N6 as it’s the exact same hardware across all carriers and the OS updates come from Google, not the carrier (though Google does all carriers to push bloatware to the N6, which is easily removed).

      My wife got burnt by the Rezound because it was a nice phone initially, but only got one significant software upgrade to ICS (4.0.4), then it was abandoned with a crappy/buggy ROM that murdered battery life like the Thunderbolt. But after seeing HTC launch the One series, which was the same hardware across all carriers and support it much better (M7 just got lollipop), I got the M8 and have been very pleased with it.

      But to answer your question; no the G2 hasn’t got Lollipop on any carrier or the unlocked variant.

      1. “updates come from Google, not the carrier”

        While it’s true that updates come directly from Google, Lollipop ushered in the ability for carriers to withhold the updates, even ones directly from Google. This is determined by the SIM in the phone, so it can be bypassed by removing the SIM and pulling the update. So far, no US carrier has chosen to delay an update for a Nexus device, but users in Australia were experiencing this issue with one of their carriers and the Nexus 5. I could see Verizon holding back a Nexus 6 update until their “testing and certification” is complete, but theoretically pulling the SIM should allow the update to be pulled.

        1. I’ve been on Verizon for a month and I got 5.0.1 on my Nexus 6. Bought mine off Swappa.

    2. I also got burned by VZW with the GNex. Luckily I came to my senses and switched to T-Mobile for my Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

      Verizon, NEVER AGAIN

    3. You realize that the Nexus 6 is a Motorola device, right?

  16. Also kinda late in the game with flagships coming out in 6 weeks. I expect the s6, G4, Z4, M9 to all be cooler than the N6 from overall hardware perspective.

    1. I bought the 64gb cloud white Nexus 6 off Swappa and activated on Verizon for about a month now. No bloatware, no Verizon logo’s and unlimited data. amazing phone, the size feels great in my hand and pure nexus.

  17. Is no one going to mention that it’s a new color scheme? All black, interesting!

    1. All black? Looks like the navy blue to me.

      1. Looks black to me too…

    2. Yup, black as the ace of spades.

  18. It wouldn’t surprise me if it launches with 5.1. I’m betting that it will be very similar to the AT&T model with the external branding, Verizon SIM lock, and a custom boot animation (AT&T was kind enough to include the LOUDEST boot animation I’ve ever heard so that everyone in the surrounding counties knows I’m running AT&T’s Nexus 6).

  19. I bought the 64gb cloud white Nexus 6 off Swappa and activated on Verizon for about a month now. No issues, phone is amazing and feels great in the hand. Feel sorry for the others that are going to settle for a S6 or a HTC.

  20. Glad i have the t-mobile version. At least they never put their logos on their phones.

    1. I have the sprint version and there is no branding or bloatwear what so ever, only drawback is it’s only the 32GB version

  21. Glad, I have the Moto version…

  22. Glad I have the droid Turbo.

  23. i would choose droid turbo rather than this

    android news

  24. Omg. VZW branding. Just what I always wanted. Thanks VZW. Totally worth the wait

  25. Still better than a logo on the front, looks at LG G3….shivers…

  26. Carrier logos aren’t a problem to me at all. Y’all must have very easy lives with nothing real to worry about.

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