Feb 5th, 2015

HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09947

Yesterday HTC announced that the OG Sprint HTC One (M7) would be receiving Android 5.0.1 Lollipop today, even ahead of the newer, soon-to-be-obsolete, HTC One M8. Today, a few more M7 models have also been added to the list, with HTC’s Product Manager Mo Versi taking to Twitter to announce both the HTC One unlocked and HTC One Developer edition models would also be getting the new confectionery starting today.

As a refresher, the unlocked HTC One (M7) was the version sold directly through HTC without any carrier branding, thus it wasn’t subject to the usual lengthy carrier approval process (meaning updates could get out quicker). Same went for the Developer edition, only it came out of the box with an unlocked bootloader so developers (or ROM enthusiasts) could flash aftermarket software to the phone, even converting to a completely stock Google Play edition with updates direct from Google if they wanted.

As of now, it looks like all models of the HTC One M7 are now covered, with Sprint being the only carrier to push out the update so far in the US. There’s still no word on exactly when we’ll see Lollipop rollout to other carrier models, but it looks like things are chugging along. Hang in there.

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