A champagne gold colored Moto 360 just popped up on Amazon


Gold Moto 360 1

There’s no denying the Motorola Moto 360 is one of the sexier smartwatches on the block, but if you were to fault Motorola for anything, it was the fact that it was only available in 2 color combos silver/grey leather watchstrap, or black on black leather. When Motorola first announced the Moto 360, the company did mention plans to offer metal watchbands later this fall, but a hard date was never given.

Fast forward to today where we’re now well into fall and Motorola is preparing to make available, not only their metal watchbands, but it seems an entirely new Moto 360 color as well. A champagne gold colored Moto 360 has quietly appeared on Amazon.com along side the new metal watchbands. The version you see above features a smaller 18mm matching watchband, leaving us to wonder if this one wont be geared more towards the ladies.

We were able to find a wider 23mm variant retailing for the same price. Although not available for purchase just yet, both are retailing for $299, with shipping dates of about 1 to 2 months (likely a placeholder date until these new colors are made official).

Also popping up on Amazon is a new Moto 360 color combo: silver with brown leather, as well as the aforementioned metal straps going for $80 a pop. For those curious, you can find the all new gold Moto 360 via the links below. We imagine it wont be too much longer before Motorola makes it all official.

Champagne Gold Moto 360 on Amazon (small strap)

Champagne Gold Moto 360 on Amazon (wide strap)

Moto 360 dark metal band

Moto 360 silver metal band

Silver Moto 360 with brown leather

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  1. I love it! Really want this.

  2. I don’t care for any smartwatch, but this gold Moto 360 is hot!

  3. And this is why I returned the silver one.

  4. Combo pricing Motorola 360 + 1 can fix-a-flat oh amazon your analytics entertain me.

  5. It’s a shame that black bar is there

    1. Says no one who owns it.

      1. I think that’s the point. The people who say that are the people who DON’T own one (in other words, potential buyers who are put off by it) I’m not personally interested in a smart watch but I wouldn’t buy it because of the black bar.

        1. No, the point is, people who actually use the watch are not put off by it. The only people complaining are people who are not actually using the real watch, but are sitting staring at stagnant photos and renders and videos.

          1. It puts off potential buyers. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter that you forget it’s there, or you get used to it. Not everyone is willing to buy it on the hope that they will get used to it.

          2. Potential buyers are put off by any number of things of all products in existence. So what exactly is your point? Do you think, if the black bar was not there, everyone on the planet would buy a Moto 360? Guess what? The answer is no. Touchwiz puts off potential buyers of the Galaxy S 5. That bezel puts off potential buyers of the G Watch R. iOS puts off potential buyers of the iPhone. The size puts off potential buyers of the HTC One. Android puts off potential buyers of the Moto X. Every single person does not like everything about every product. That’s why there is choice. But because I happen to not like the color maroon, I’m not going to sit around blasting a maroon Mercedes that I do not own, and do not drive, deeming it somehow inferior, simply because I can’t get over the fact that I have in my head that, maroon looks bad.

          3. Well if I was in the market for a smartwatch, I wouldn’t buy it because of the black bar, and I’m not the only one. My point is quite simply, that it puts people off. See the very first comment that you replied to and this poll as just an example; (http://www.androidcentral.com/poll-will-black-bar-keep-you-buying-moto-360) You are talking about the black bar like it’s some kind of feature. You can’t draw similarities with the way the HTC One is large in size, and that the iPhone runs IOS.

          4. The black bar is absolutely there for a REASON, just as HTC decided to make the HTC One “too tall” for some, for a REASON. And just as Apple chooses to make iOS look and operate the way it does which some find “boring, bland, closed, stifled and too limited” for a REASON. My point is also quite simple, every product has something that will put people off. There are people out there who could give a damn about “Boom Sound,” or aluminum backs. They just want a solid, COMPACT phone, with little bezel.

          5. I never said there was no reason for the black bar. So in the end, you are just agreeing that it’s something that puts some people off, which was the entire point of this argument from the beginning…

          6. What you said was, “You are talking about the black bar like it’s some kind of feature. You can’t draw similarities with the way the HTC One is large in size, and that the iPhone runs IOS.” And I explained that is IS a feature and explained exactly why I can draw those comparisons. Just as with the HTC One and iPhone, Motorola made a definitive decision for a thought out purpose for what they each believe is best for their users. And I, as one of their users absolutely agree with their decision. You are not even in the market for a smartwatch, according to you, so it’s not the black bar that’s keeping you from the Moto 360. And from the beginning (I don’t see how you could not see this since Ive repeated it over and over) I am NOT saying its something thats putting people off, I’m saying EVERY device has something about it that puts someone off, and that does NOT make it bad. The Moto 360 is not inferior because of the bar, the HTC One is not inferior because of it’s bezel and size, and the iPhone is not inferior because of it’s flat homescreen and limited feature-set compared to Android.

          7. No-one ever said it was a bad product because of the black bar. People are just pointing out that they don’t like it. It’s no big deal. Hopefully they will find a way around it in a future model.

          8. I REALIZE that. Which brings us back to my original statement: “says no one who actually owns it.” People that don’t like it, can move on to LG, Samsung, ASUS or whatever that is next. For us actual users of the device, we embrace it, and don’t “wish” they can “fix” it next time around.

          9. We are going round in circles here.
            Pun intended.

          10. It’s cool. We can agree to disagree. I understand what you are saying, and I think you understand what I am saying. You find it off putting. I don’t. Other’s find other things about other things off putting. And other people don’t.

  6. Am I seeing this right? Amazon has both black and silver for only $80???

    1. The band only

  7. Smart watch was not a consideration, and the Chris had to post this piece of technological hotness in a big bold picture…. That is a really nice looking watch. Will go well with beastly Turbo I’m picking up on the lunch break.

  8. Looks nice might reconsider getting one.

  9. No like my original post…..it was something nice and it was deleted?

    1. Nah, man. It’s there. Sometimes it doesn’t always show up right away if you’re using the app.

      1. Darn Apps! Darn Disqus!!

  10. Looks stupid with flat tire, at least match gold color

    1. I think it looks great.

    2. Ya, moto 360 vR for wen iWatch launches will be the smartwatch to beat!

  11. Bad links for the metal band or did they remove it? I guess I’m going to have to build my own as they’ll never release a metal band version out of the box. I don’t care for straps.

  12. let the police reports of golden moto 360 watches being stole commence

  13. It’s a smart marketing move aimed at women who spend way more than $300 for jewelry.

  14. C3PO edition?

  15. All of your Amazon links seem to be broken…

  16. Well, the champagne color was definitely there and listed at 299.99 before Amazon pulled it. I managed to look at it long enough to add to my wish list, but upon going to check it out this morning, it was no longer in my wish list. Nonetheless, seems like they are just preparing for when the official release comes in November. I’m perfectly content and happy with the ebay stainless steel band that I found and managed to make work with the 360. In fact, I have multiple bands that will work, just sitting around…LOL.

  17. Well, that’s just beautiful.

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