Another place Google Wallet works alongside Apple Pay? Try the Apple Store


Apple Store Otay Ranch San Diego

We tried to tell you guys, anywhere you can use Apple Pay you can also use Google Wallet (which is why we were so excited that Apple was finally making tap-to-pay mobile payments mainstream). Still don’t believe us? Well, check out this screen shot taken from someone’s Android phone as he used Google Wallet to make a purchase from where else, but the Apple Store. Doesn’t get much better than this. Now, if only we could convince Walmart to get on board.

Google Wallet Apple Store receipt

via Reddit

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  1. Is there a 15 minutes full refund?

  2. That’s gotta annoy geniuses as hell.

  3. and said android owner/user was in an Apple store because…..????

    1. Probably to buy or pay for something

      1. logic… since when did anyone ever apply that….

    2. Maybe they aren’t a fanboy…shocking right?!

      (Not saying you are)

    3. I only go to Apple stores to bend iPhones.

    4. 1. Apple makes more than phones

      2. Gift for a friend/relative who owns an Apple phone.

  4. I am shocked. … that is actually pretty cool of them. I wonder if CurrenC has anything to do with it. Are the NFC based payment systems banding together? The CurrenC list of retailers is impressive, but I think most people would be like me, don’t want to associate my bank’s account to it. CurrenC already had a breach and they are barely getting started … already proved that they are inept.

    1. It’s all mostly the same technology, so they both work the same. :)

    2. No this has nothing to do with CurrentC, that system works differently than Apple Pay or Google Wallet. The reason you can use Google Wallet at an Apple Store is because the payment systems rely on the same technology, NFC. CurrentC does not use NFC, it uses a barcode/QR Code system that will be inconvenient and not user friendly, which is why it will fail. Apple Pay is infinitely more secure as it uses a fingerprint and single use tokens instead of card numbers, and I imagine Google Wallet will gain additional security as time goes on and NFC payments become more prevalent. I’m not as familiar with Google Wallet (I only used it a handful of times when I had Android) but I hope that the 2 major players will be Apple Pay and Google Wallet. CurrentC just needs to go away before it even releases. You also have to give CurrentC your social security number and drivers license number. I believe MANY people will be turned off by that.

      1. Google Wallet uses HCE AKA tokens. You get a temp virtual card number for each purchase

        1. Correct, they both use tokens. The main difference is that with Apple Pay, you don’t need to be connected, while you do need a data connection with Google Wallet. Not really a big deal in the vast majority of transactions. Where are you going to not have a data connection that accepts NFC payments?

          1. Wallet is capable of doing some caching. If it has connected in the past 24 hours, and you aren’t changing the current card, you’re good.

          2. Gotcha, good to know.

      2. Oh, I did not mean from a technical perspective. I realize that CurrenC is different from NFC, I meant from a business perspective. That is support other fellow NFC payment systems, so that NFC has a better chance of winning out.

    3. Had nothing to do with Apple being cool, and everything to do with the fact they have no power to pick and choose which NFC payments their terminals will accept – it’s either all or none. I don’t doubt that if Apple could deny Google Wallet while maintaining Apple Pay compatibility, then they would.

  5. Whaaaaaatttt?!?!? You were only charged once?? …oh yeah, you’re using Google Waller XD

    1. You know that was only with bank of America right? Seems to indicate the problem was on their end since they’re the ones doing the refunds

  6. I just wish there was a solution on android as seamless as scanning your fingerprint to pay.

    1. PIN is fine. I actually have Wallet PIN turned off, since I have a lock on my phone.

      1. I’m debating the opposite, allow launching Wallet from my lock screen, and just rely on the Wallet PIN.

  7. Wallet won’t work on my phone. Keeps saying account not found or some bullshit as soon as I opened it for first time. Anyway I read that when using it all the charges on your credit cards will just say something like virtual Mastercard and you won’t get your rewards. Like how discover does 5% on gas for example I would just my standard 1%? That would make me not wanna use it.

    1. You do get Discover rewards. I linked my Discover Card from my Discover account page. See screenshot below. I believe Chase does, but not for sure with them. But Discover is an official partner : )

      1. Well that’s good. I don’t know where I read it doesn’t. Maybe it was that it doesn’t work with all. I have a chase visa credit card as well and an Amex and one other visa along with my discover. I use them all everywhere depending on which reward cycle is best for the moment haha..
        Still doesn’t help since this happens after I install app. I tried a few things I Googled up to fix it but no luck.

    2. As tim242 said, Discover worked with Google on rewards.

      Beyond that, MasterCard and Visa have something called an MCC that Google can pass through to make sure category rewards work. Vendor-specific rewards (e.g., “at AMC Theaters”) depend on the card issuer, and Amex does not work for rewards at all.

      1. My Amex Blue Cash card linked to my Google Wallet worked for rewards.

        1. Good to know. I had heard otherwise. :)

  8. still not available in my country

  9. Further proof that…….Winter is Coming

  10. Screw walmart, that place is a sty. Target, grocery stores, gas stations. That is who I want on the bandwagon.

  11. Google Wallet works anywhere that Mastercard PayPass works.

    They can’t prevent that because it essentially fakes out a MasterCard PayPass transaction (with a virtual CC and everything).

    1. Sheetz rejects it. “Paypass not supported”. Doesn’t support my Visa’s built-in tap to pay in the card, either.

  12. Getting WAL*MART on board would be HUGE.

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