Happy Labor Day!


It’s Labor Day for those of us in the United States. It’s the unofficial official closure to summer. Many students are already headed back to school. Barbecue pits will be HOT. To those celebrating this fine holiday with us, Happy Labor Day! We hope you enjoy your day and have as much fun as you can!

To those outside of the United States, we’ll be taking a short break to recharge our batteries ahead of all the IFA goodness going down this week. Fret not, though, because we’ll be right here tomorrow bright and early to bring you all the latest in the world of Android. Have a good one folks!

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  • Alain Lafond

    Why put a flag in all pictures.
    United-staters have a problem with patriotism… Overpatritiotism…
    Blinds the brain…
    Let people believe everything that the government is saying…
    A pity for the world. And a danger too…

    • Mark2468

      Merry New Year, nutmeg and peaches for everyone

    • Dwight

      Love for nation and love for government are two different things.

  • Robert Day

    Hello from Canada. Did you forget that your closest neighbour, one of your largest trade partners, and good friend Canada also celebrates labour day? Considering the cottage life is bigger up here, and our summer genuinely DOES end around this time of year, you’d think you might remember the King’s of the Cottage Party…

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get one last splash in the cold lake, fire up the BBQ, crack another beer, and start winterizing the cottage so the pipes don’t freeze over the winter…. Lol

    Happy labour day, eh?

    • Fred Marshall

      Ummm…we celebrate Labor Day when you celebrate Labour Day. 2 totally seperate ideas.

      You crazy canucks always putting extra letters where they don’t need to be…or switching them up like in Centre. Utter craziness!

      Kidding of course! I love Canada!