Report: Google and Twitch agree to $1 billion acquisition terms, expect an announcement shortly



Last month, we heard rumors that Google would soon be buying the game streaming service Twitch for upwards of $1 billion. That deal — lead by Google-owned YouTube — was apparently still on the table, but now has reportedly been confirmed by sources from Venture Beat. According to VB, there’s still no word on exactly when Google/YouTube plans on disclosing details of the deal, although with everyone now in agreement, an official announcement could be right around the corner.

The general feeling of a Google buyout amongst Twitch fans is one of fear and uncertainty. It’s not exactly clear what Google or YouTube plans on doing with Twitch, although we’re sure it should help alleviate some of the problems game streamers have been facing with the constant barrage of DMCA take-down requests. We’re sure Google will tread lightly, and in the end the deal will help benefit everyone. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Maybe finally we’ll get Chromecast support

    1. I can already use it with Chromecast but I have a Nexus.

  2. I have no clue what Twitch is besides some sort of service where you can watch a live stream of someone playing a game… It sounds like a better version of the software I used years ago to stream World of Warcraft in epic geekdom. That said, Google made YouTube into what it is today. I have zero doubts that this acquisition will do anything but foster this young service into something bigger and better than it’s current form.

    1. Maybe the only few things I can see go south are the prices for Turbo or their premium service w/ more advertising for the free viewers as an offset if they choose to go the free route.

  3. Meh until we get info from official sources this is still planted firmly in the rumor bin for me.

  4. Get ready to sign into Google plus to watch streams and prepare for all gaming streams to go down. Google will find you… Everywhere.

  5. I’m thinking a feature they might have in a future android gaming system. Something that let’s you do hangouts while you play and then record the session to trip off of later.

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