Watch Conan O’brien poke fun at the iPhone 6, says what Android users have been screaming for years [VIDEO]

Conan Obrien iPhone Galaxy joke

It’s never too early to share a laugh at Apple’s expense, especially when it comes to their “next big thing” looming around the corner. Addressing countless leaks of a new and improved Apple iPhone 6 said to be carrying an incredibly large 4.7-inch display is TV funnyman Conan O’brien.

During last night’s monologue, Conan O’brien jokes about rumors of the bigger iPhone 6, stating what Android fans have been saying for years now: the iPhone 6 will simply offer last year’s Android hardware.

Okay. More specifically he mentions the “Samsung Galaxy” line (arguably Android’s biggest mainstream success) which he’s also been known to throw a jab or 2 towards in monologue’s past. The fun starts at 1:32 if you’re pressed for time although we recommend watching the whole video for a good time. Cheers.

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  • Anthony McKay

    Sorry, but I just can’t stand Conan O’Brien. That bit was funny, but I think I am truly over the whole iOS and Android debate. I just don’t care anymore. If I hear a debate and I am in the situation (like at work) where I can’t walk away for some reason and I am asked about my opinion. “Meh.. whatever you like is fine.” Universal answer right there.

  • oneyedmonkey

  • Albert Orange

    Jokes aside… there is no denying that Apple is going to sell a ton of these… and I think they will actually steal some customers back from Android phones who left for bigger screens in the first place.

    • oneyedmonkey

      Yep I completely agree with you, but am hoping people going back will feel they have made a mistake.

      • Chris Chavez

        Depending on the Android device they’re leaving, I think that will be true in many cases.

      • slaguru

        The size complaint against the iPhone has been plodding on for years. If the new iPhone takes that obstical to people buying it away then Android phones will have only cost as a differentiator. If that matters then Android phones will continue to sell, but the flagship S5, M8, G3 and the like might suffer as people might view the iphone and its eco system benefits as a price worth paying.

        • Thomas Jefferson II

          …then Android phones will have only cost as a differentiator.”

          And widgets, deep customization, custom ROMs, choice of models with removable batteries and expandable storage, deep automation with apps like tasker, choice of even larger screens, etc., etc.

          Not to mention, the models many of us purchase cost as much or more than iPhones. We’re not buying based on price, but because of functionality and personal preference.

          • slaguru

            Well the iPhone does seem that it will get larger screen, so thats one out of the way.
            Other than the 10000 or so hard core XDA fans, are custom rom the reason that many people buy Android phones ?
            Removable battery and Expandable storage are not flavour of the month at Google (don’t we all claim that the nexus is the best Android device ???)
            Deep customisation … of what ???, wallpaper, icons, text ??
            Widgets, can you tell me the three you use all the time,

          • Thomas Jefferson II

            Well the iPhone does seem that it will get larger screen…
            For those who like larger 4.8+” screens, still no ios choice. They’ll probably get there eventually, though. But for now, no.

            Other than the 10000 or so hard core XDA fans…
            Cyanogenmod alone has over 10 million current users (not downloads, but documented current users). So for just one ROM you’re off by 1000X.

            Removable battery and Expandable storage…”
            I said a CHOICE of models with those features. It’s one reason for Samsung’s success. Those are important to many people.

            Deep customisation … of what?”
            Yes, the items you mention, plus number of home screens, grid size, icon size, customized notification area and quick launch panel, app drawer folders/tabs/hidden apps, customized dock, folder types, etc. There’s barely any part of the UI that can’t be customized.

            Widgets, can you tell me the three you use all the time”
            Just 3? Ok – Weather (3 day forecast), rss feed, power toggles.

          • Robb Nunya

            XDA Developers:
            ONLINE NOW

            A few more than 10K.

            Beautiful Widgets
            Mini Info
            Google Search/Google Now

            Those are on all 3 of my devices right now.

            Deep Customization:
            Seriously? Have you even TOUCHED an Android device?
            Keyboard: Swype
            Launcher: Nova
            Voicemail: Voice
            Chat: Hangouts and/or Handcent
            File Manager: E&S (Oh yeah, you can’t even GET a file manager for an Apple device unless you jailbreak the damn thing)
            Default Map: Waze (Defaults can be changed on real OSes)

            Shall I continue, or will you acknowledge your pig-ignorance?

    • phinn

      Sad but true. Apple will hit the sweet spot at 4.7″ too. Something that Android makers have forgotten, other than the Moto X. I’m never buying a 5″+ phone I’d rather have an iPhone 6 if I had to.

      • Chris Chavez

        Don’t forget the iPhone has a large upper and lower bezel, so 5-inch Android devices could offer the same overall size, but larger screen.

        • slaguru

          Except that the iPhone uses the bezels for a class leading fingerprint scanner and a great camera. If my android phone had these it would have a bigger bezel too.

          • worldclassflame

            Class finger finger print scanner which is nothing more than a gimmick and a selling point, I’ve me a phone with small bezels and better functionality and I’ll take it any day over one with a gimmicky finger print scanner and those chunky bezels

          • slaguru

            Say what you like, if you think the fingerprint scanner is a gimmick you are deluded. Owners of the 5S now have protection by default, which is something that loads of smartphone owners do not set. Even Samsung can see that.

          • vzwuser76

            I’ve asked iPhone users that had a fingerprint scanner how they like it. So far none of the ones I’ve met even use it.

          • barry99705

            That does absolutely nothing with security.

          • RockMarz

            hahahah what!!?

          • Barry D.

            Haha good one!

          • max

            what camera? The front facing one? nah. Class leading fingerprint scanner. Lol. It had that huge bezel before that.

    • barry99705

      Apple could release a 2″ screen iPhone and they’d sell like hotcakes.

      • ªAS|YOUTH|IA

        You mean iWatch? It’s a fugazi, it’s a wahzee, it’s a woozee, it’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist

    • No_Nickname90

      I doubt that. Everyone on Android cries at extra bezel. A 4.7 inch iPhone will have a heaping load of giant home button bezel. If people left Android for a larger screen iPhone, they’re all hypocrites for bashing the M8. But then again, the fan world is full of hypocrites.

      • max

        “Everyone”. You have to remember the extremely small portion of users that are interested in bezels ;)

    • max

      yup, probably those who don’t value the OS as much as the actual device.

    • Dan

      I hope that does happen.

      I don’t want Android to have such a massive market share that it turns into Windows circa Win ME.

  • Michael Quinlan

    How nice it would be of I could view this on my Android device (Moto X). The video is too wide, I can’t pinch to zoom, and can’t go fill screen because that button is off screen. These stupid Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and other buttons that persistently occupy the bottom of the screen don’t help either.

    How about publishing the article so that the video resizes to fit the screen?

  • Eric Sanchez

    I just think it is Funny that Apple is coping Samsung now. LOL

    • Andy H

      They aren’t copying. They’re retroactively innovating…

      • JointhePredacons

        Also reinventing stuff thats already been invented, classic !

  • Marcos Peña

    I’ll admit, I’m also excited about a larger iPhone. I love Android. I’ve been loyal to Android. Since the G1. but I love the apple’s build quality and performance.

  • dannydarko

    That was awesome, enough said. Team Coco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig Becker

    its the software not the hardware that makes iphones awesome, and other mac products. Sure you can build a laptop with similar specs to a new macbook pro but the OS is superior to windows.
    That said this new iphone release is the first one since 3g that i am interested in, been loving my galaxys.

    • irishrally

      OSX is tired and needs a major overhaul. I’m running W8 on my MBP.

    • indio7777

      Really? iOS is nothing but a launcher for Apps. No, the software sucks. But if you said ‘integration’ between all devices, I can see that.

    • No_Nickname90

      How is the OS superior? It crashes less or something?

      • Andy H
        • No_Nickname90

          1) That’s funny. LoL!!
          2) OP was referring to the desktop OS, not the mobile. Sorry, about the confusion.

      • JointhePredacons

        Its superior because Apple says so and he believes it is, and thats the magic of apples marketing. Theres a reason why PCs are the computers are used by more than 90% of people worldwide.

  • guitarist5122

    A quick jab does not constitute “poke fun”. Video was a waste of time sitting through an ad and then waiting for him to get through his jokes just to hear a 10 sec Android/ios joke.

    • Dwight

      That was a pretty decent monologue, and not just the part about Android/iOS

    • JointhePredacons

      Apparently you didnt have enough time to actually read the article either, where it says the quip comes at 1:32 in the video. Im sure you had tons of other stuff to do, right ?

  • Robb Nunya

    The Larry King joke: Do you really have to explain that he’s old after that? Seriously?

    And Conan really shouldn’t poke fun at other peoples’ ages. He’s starting to resemble the Crypt Keeper.