Minuum shows off their keyboard app running on Android Wear, take it for a test run here


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While Google had very clear intentions when building Android Wear — a light mobile OS meant to free users from getting lost in your smartphone — that’s not going to stop app developers from taking the OS to places it was never meant to go.

Take the folks at Minuum, who’ve made no qualms about the usefulness of their keyboard on the very small screen. We’ve had our doubts when they first showed off their keyboard running on a smartwatch back in January and after teasing their app for Android Wear only a few weeks ago, they’re now back with video proof.

In a new blog post on their site, you can see Minuum running perfectly fine on the recently released LG G Watch. While there aren’t very many text fields for actual input in Android Wear (that’s because Google wants everyone to rely on the sometimes inaccurate voice typing), Minuum hopes this will soon change. When it does, they’ll be ready.

For those interested in trying out the app before it goes live on Google Play, you can sign up for their newsletter where they’re promising to provide a download for the test build. Minuum is confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well their vision of a smartwatch keyboard works on a tiny display.


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  1. Yes, it’s cool. No, we don’t need this. Android Wear developers need to think beyond the smartphone. This is not just a miniature phone on our wrists. This is a new platform that should be treated with new ideas and new use cases. Android Wear apps should save you time in situations where using your phone would be impractical and do so without sacrificing functionality.

    That said congrats all of you who think you need this! Me, I’m going to wait for better Android Wear apps and not settle for phone apps that are just shrunken to fit a smaller screen.

    1. Quite fond of yourself aren’t you…

    2. I agree with you for the most part. However I will say that it would be handy to have an on screen keyboard at those times when out in public and it’s too noisy to speak to your watch. It would be nice to type on your wrist without having to pull out your phone.

      1. If you are doing Voice Recognition to create a text…. You might as well just call the person. Remember phone calls. You actually talk to someone and it is much faster. LOL

    3. There probably won’t be genuine smartwatch apps until 9 months from now when it becomes less of a niche market. Most people don’t even know what a smartwatch does.

    4. I agree with you, but the majority of the Android base doesn’t want to think outside the box. There is a sheep mentality and people have a lot of trouble thinking of innovative ideas. Once someone comes up with those ideas, they usually embrace them and follow along, but if you ask people what they want, their response will just be better versions of what they already have.

  2. Just bring back T9.

    1. Don’t you put that curse in us. I cringed every time I turned T9 on when switching through text message modes. It was awful.

  3. How about just a simple dial pad letters again. I am faster on that than Swype style keyboards.

  4. James Bond had a metal cutting laser and knock out darts in his watch 40 YEARS ago. And a flying submarine car. What do WE get? A tiny keyboard…
    Nice, yet somehow I’d hoped for so much more…

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