Why would someone put Minuum Keyboard on a smart watch? [VIDEO]


Because they freaking can. Minuum decided to see how their one-line virtual keyboard could perform on what looks to be a Samsung Galaxy Gear. While it doesn’t look like the most swift typing job in the world, you have to consider that it’s being done on a screen smaller than pretty much any display you might have in your possession.

Minuum isn’t for everybody — yours truly can’t quite get jiggy with it — but if for whatever reason you want to be able to type on your smart watch, this doesn’t seem like a bad way to do it. It’s small footprint is perfect for a device where screen real estate is at an absolute Minuum’s goal is to get smart watch OEMs to pick the keyboard up for their devices.

We’re not sure if the company will ever look to provide the keyboard as a download for users who might want to install it on their own devices, but we’ll be reaching out to learn more. In the meantime, watch the keyboard in action in the video above.

[via Minuum]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. LOL this is so stupid but still sort of cool at the same time.

  2. That’s actually pretty cool. I’m sure there’s a bit of a learning curve but regardless it’s neat.

  3. I have the gear and I too find it silly to type on a small screen but I can see a use for it in certain situation.

  4. Seems like it’d be alot more useful on a bigger screen no?

  5. I bet Quentyn meant “where screen real estate is at an absolute Minuum.”

  6. Reminds me of a minimal fleksy

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