Jun 24th, 2014

minuum keyboard moto 360

We expected to see minimal keyboards such as Minuum for smart watches with square dsplays, but what about smartwatches like the Moto 360 that has a circular display? Thankfully you guys have not been forgotten as Minuum has just revealed the first keyboard for circular smartwatches.

While we don’t get a full video demo of it in action, they did drop a handy GIF of the how the keyboard will look whenever you use it. There’s one important thing to remember: the keyboard is technically useless right now considering Android Wear does not yet have text input elements built in without the use of voice.

Minuum has likely been testing their keyboard on a custom build. But should Google ever get around to implementing the functionality down the line then Minuum will be ready to deliver the keyboard fit perfectly for your display. If you’re skeptical as to the accuracy of a keyboard on such a small display you can watch some of their earlier demo videos in the YouTube embed below.

[Update]: As you guys have pointed out in the comments, this design does, in fact, forget to take into account the black strip on the bottom that is used to “cover” the smartwatch’s various sensors. We’ll be reaching out to Minuum to see what they plan to do to adapt the keyboard.

[via Minuum]

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