Download: 61 Android L apps, keyboard, wallpapers, bootanimation and more

Android L

The Android L developers’ preview may have been released yesterday, but unless you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 you likely weren’t able to get in on the flashing fun. Thankfully not all hope is lost for everyone to get a bit of a taste of Android L goodness.

XDA member ivan123 decided to dig into his full system dump and pull out all of the juicy bits, including apps, wallpapers, and even the new Android boot animation. Some of these goods can only be installed using flashable .zip files, some are standard APKs, and some aren’t meant to be flashed at all. Here’s a full list of each:

Apps, APKs and flashables



Full System Dump (From Nexus 5)

And if you need everything that came from the images being flashed, here’s a big system dump file for you to traverse. Note that this file is not meant to be flashable in any way, so don’t try and do anything funky with it (unless, of course, you know exactly what you’re doing).

As always, you take full responsibility for anything that may happen to your device as of the result of any non-OEM approved modifications. It’s important that you proceed with caution knowing that you are taking a risk and that you are taking that risk alone. As long as you understand that, though, then you’re free to go wild. Have at it!

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  • George Garrett

    How do you install a non flashable?

    • Sanket Srimany

      Put it in the appropriate location and set 644 as permission. Then simply reboot :)

      • Inathi tunzana

        Does this boot animation work on S4 I9500? I did what you said but no luck

        • TheAtheistReverend

          in short, no. Samsung uses different bootanimation files than everyone else.

  • jackdubl

    What does “user-facing” mean?

    • Robb Nunya

      User facing means the files that you actually see and use, vs. the support files. Think of DLLs on a windows machine. You need them, but you don’t actually run them.

      • jackdubl


  • Phaz0n

    Those wallpapers look familiar..

    • Dwight

      Agreed. Even the new one (the cyan and brown one) reminds me of the one that is on the g3

  • Johnny Steele

    I got the Keyboard to work, but all I wanted was Hangouts. App says “Application not installed” when I install the .APK….Makes me very sad.

    • cammykool

      Move it to /system

      • Johnny Steele

        Do you need to be rooted to move it to /system? And move the .APK to /system?

        • Ben Baranovsky

          Yep, I think so.

        • Dwight

          Yes to both questions.

  • martin golder

    Boot animation is flashable on the XDA thread for these. Worked perfectly for me.

  • chris_johns

    is any of this worthwhile…i feel this builds to beta to be daily