Jun 27th, 2014


The latest trend in official Google apps is Android Wear support. Today two popular apps are adding support for Google’s wearable platform: Maps and Keep. Both of these apps can already interact with Wear devices, like all apps can out of the box, but these updates will add deeper integration.

The latest version of Google Maps adds Android Wear support and some bug fixes. It’s available right now in the Play Store for everyone. The Google Keep update is a bump from version 2.2 to 2.3, which only adds Android Wear support. It has been slowly rolling out to users with Google Play Services 5 (which can be downloaded from here).

The Keep update is the bigger of the two. Google demonstrated how an Android Wear device can interact with Keep on stage during their keynote. You can easily use your voice to create lists, notes, and other things in Keep right from your wrist. Keep has always been a handy app, but this addition makes it killer for Android Wear users. Check for both of these updates in the Play Store now.

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