Motorola did not say the Moto X and Moto G will receive Android L


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One of the big areas of focus for Android 4.4 KitKat was to be compatible with low-end devices. With Android L, Google is continuing to make sure low powered devices run smooth and fast. We are already hearing about certain low-end (and high-end) devices being updated to Android L.

Motorola Germany has confirmed on Facebook that both the Moto X and Moto G will be receiving Android L this Fall. They referred to the update as Android 5.0, which we assume will be the version number of Android L. Motorola also responded to a comment about the Moto E, saying they are not sure yet if it will be upgraded as well.

Motorola has been exceptional at getting their devices on the latest version of Android. We expect no different when it comes to Android L. If you are the owner of a Motorola device you have to be a happy camper right now. Summer is great, but we have a feeling many of you are looking forward to Fall.

UPDATE: Apparently the “Motorola Germany” Facebook page is not legit. The real Motorola had this to say:

Unfortunately, we have found that a Facebook profile under the name “Motorola Germany” with the following URL was created. We would like to point out that this is not an official Motorola site and expressly distance ourselves from said content. All relevant information about Motorola can be found only here on this page.

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  1. I imagine the Moto X will get updated as the phone came out less than a year ago and will probably be only a year old or so by the time Android L ships.

  2. I’m gonna slap somebody…

  3. The Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E are already remarkable phones in their respective categories. I’d expect they will all get updated to Android “L”.

    1. I’m going to hope for at least a year of support from Motorola.

      1. The X is already at a year. So we’ll see.

        1. Sure, if you want to round to the nearest year. 10 months != 1 year.

          1. It’s close to a year. Get over it.

  4. I’m sure they will get L, there’s no reason not to.

  5. but they didn’t say it WOULDN’T get it, either…

  6. Moto X will be the first ones to get the L(ollipop) update. Beating out HTC’s “90 day update” for the One’s

    1. as they should be… a google company running a non skinned version of android.

      1. They aren’t in connection with Google, even though they own them, that was already determined. They went with a slimmed skin to get the updates out. Besides, no one really cared for MotoBlur

        1. How are they not associated with Google? They were/are very much associated with Google until all acquisitions go through and are final. If you Google Motorola it still says “A Google company.” And the Moto X got updates quicker than some Nexus and GPE devices… and on Verizon at that. I’d say they are pretty tight at the hip still.

          1. They owned the company, yes. And still do. BUT! They wanted everyone to know that Google wasn’t pulling the strings at Motorola. They bought them for the patents, not the hardware division. Everyone thinks that they’re influenced by Google but they aren’t

          2. Just because they arent micro-managing Motorola doesn’t mean they aren’t being influenced by Google. Parent companies tend to have big impacts on their smaller branches. So just because it doesn’t micromanage them but they are indeed influenced by the higher ups Didnt Google actually say at one point Motorola still had a couple of phones in the pipeline, but after that the Moto X would be Motorola’s first phone under Google ownership?

            In either case, just look at the Moto X. It got the kitkat update in like 19 days. Now do you honestly think Motorola had no idea about kitkat and heard about it for the first time the exact same time SONY, LG, HTC, and Samsung did? That they looked at the code, updated all of their phones, sent it to Verizon for approval and the Verizon version of the Moto X gets the update before half of the unlocked Nexus devices do all within those 19 days? and that Motorola coincidentally dropped Motoblur and went stock once Google purchased them.

            I dunno, its pretty hard to believe that they weren’t influenced by Google what so ever.

      2. Didn’t Lenovo just buy Motorola Mobility from Google though? Still I’d bank on it happening on the X and the E (and likely the G too).

        1. Yeah but those things take time to go through and it needs FCC approvals and all that crap. If you google Motorola its still a Google company at the moment.

        2. It will take some time before the sale of Motorola is finalized. For the time being, they’re still owned by Google.

  7. If the Moto E has a guaranteed upgrade to the next MAJOR version of Android (“L”), the others do too.

  8. I hope my Driod Maxx gets it. If not, I’ll be looking at the X+1

  9. They will be updated. Everyone calm down.

  10. But when will the Moto x receive the update!?

  11. Why would anybody have ANY faith in an announcement on Facebook?

  12. I really hope that the moto g will get the android L update or I’ll be unsatisfied with Motorola yes we get that development is a hard job but we all want a good 16 months of updates

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