Download: Google Search (3.5.14) with “OK Google” system-wide hotword detection

Ok Google everywhere

In a new update to Google Search (3.5.14), users will now be able to activate the “OK Google” hotword detection from anywhere within the OS (even the lockscreen) or even while the screen is off, providing your phone is charging.

Not enabled by default, we gave you the spiel earlier today. You’ll first need to jump into your Google Settings and select Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > “Ok Google” Detection and check “From any screen” to enable Hotword Detection from any app (even the lockscreen). If you don’t see it immediately, don’t fret. It appears this is a new feature rolling out on a per-account basis, done on the server side of things.

What’s more is the 3.5.14 update also introduces the new ability for the app to “learn” your voice for better recognition, a feature recently removed from Search but making a return as “Google Audio History.” For those with Motorola devices, unfortunately it looks like the new system-wide hotword detection wont work on the Motorola Moto X, Motorola Moto G, or Motorola Moto E. Lame, we know.

Google Play Games Services 5.0

Oh and one more thing: Google Play Services 5.0 is also rolling out (which some suspect the hotword detection may be dependent on) and adds a crazy amount of new features including Android Wear support, new Play Games features, app indexing API, closed caption support for Chromecast, new Wallet features like split tender, and more. You’ll find more info detailed on the Android Developers blog.

Should you not feel like waiting for either update to hit your device, we’ve provided a 3rd party download links below. Remember, if you don’t notice the new everywhere hotword detection, just wait for the new feature to hit your device in the coming days.

Download: Google Search 3.5.14 | Google Play Services 5.0.77

Thanks, Steven!

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  • Marcos Peña


  • wills96

    Isn’t this how the Moto X already works?

    • Chris Chavez

      Kinda, but Motorola uses a super low power, always listening chip.

      With the update, it only listens while the display is on or while charging (like Siri in iOS 8).

  • Edward Smith

    Doesn’t work on the OPO

  • Itchy_Robot

    I had to disable Google Now because Google Play Services was draining my battery in a half a day. Any word if this update fixes those battery issues people have been having?

    • Christopher Robert

      its the location setting that are crushing your battery not the app. Go into your location setting and put it on GPS only or the battery saving option and it should fix your issues.

  • Jiro K

    This is AWESOME!

    • oneyedmonkey

      Sorry had too

  • JHatfield

    ok, so I’m a bit confused. The article says, if you don’t want to wait, DL the files, and install them. Then it says, you need to wait. I downloaded the files, and have confirmed their installation. However, the settings options to change to “listen on all screens” is not there.

    Am I missing something? Do I still have to wait for google to push something to my phone, or should this be working?

    • IVHorseMen

      Google is pushing it like a system update via your Google profile.

  • Luis Perez

    It seems to be working perfectly fine on my Moto G, should I feel special?

    • LaMar

      I’ve had the apk download on my Moto G for the past few days and I haven’t gotten it to work at all. Plus, everywhere I’ve searched says it won’t work for Moto G, X or E. How’d you get it to work?

      • Diesel209

        All I did other than download (both services & search) was restart my phone

        • Luis Perez


  • Mercy2000

    Not working for my Verizon GS4 yet. Looking forward to this one.

  • Jay

    works fine on the Verizon Note 4 (kitkat)

    • Toasted_Cracker

      You have a Note 4? :)

      • Jay

        ha ha late night. Meant 3

        • TDN

          No worries, we both knew what you meant, but that was funny, huh.

          Are you using GNL or another launcher?

          • Jay

            Actually I’ve been using touchwiz for the past month or so. Albeit a slimmed down package with a bunch of xposed framework enhancements but still just touchjizz.

          • a)

            That’s what she said

    • TDN

      Gonna call BS on this one… Ha ha. The Note 4 with have “L”. Lol

  • Alex Stansfield

    Needless to say not available in my language (British English). Works if I switch to US :(

  • melhiore

    Doesn’t work for me on Note 3. I have hot word detection option from Google Search App only – nothing about searching from any screen… And yes I have updated Search…

    • Alvinpck

      Yeah I’m not getting anything either
      Sprint note 3

    • Toasted_Cracker

      Same thing on my HTC One M8

  • TDN

    Any one found that this works on other launchers with the hotword activated (ie Apex or Nova)?

    • Ckburks

      randomly works on nova

    • harold

      It works with my nova if you tap the google search bar first on my nexus 5

  • Sudhir Khanger

    Is it US only thing? I seem to have 3.4.16 from Jun 25 but I don’t have any option link yours.

  • Swauger

    I updated and installed it on my m8 and its not there.

  • harold

    It’s working on my lg gpad.But only if I tap the google search bar first or in google now

    • Corey0928

      That’s been a feature if you tap on the search bar or Google now for a while now. I’m going to say it’s not working for most people yet

      • harold

        So it must be the launchers holding it back

  • Elijah Lynn

    I thought Moto X already had system wide hotword detection including when the screen is off? Or maybe it is just when the screen is off?

    • TheScientists

      It does. As do all the 2013 Moto Droids.

  • Pam Oakea

    So location services is more of a drain then GPS?

  • MisterMints

    Hmmm. Disappointed that I’ve installed these but it’s not working yet on my N5 stock

    • Jared Meadows

      I tried it too with my N5 but with Android L preview loaded on it, I’m still waiting on this functionality, even after installing both apps :-(

  • np6s4x

    “unfortunately it looks like the new system-wide hotword detection wont work on the Motorola Moto X” because it already has it? isn’t that what touchless control pretty much is? nice to see it or something similar coming to other devices.

  • steveb944

    Somehow I feel like this is a lie, because the download links are just filled with ads. Instead of posting that crap, just give us the news and not the spam.

    Previous third party download links have been fine tho from you guys.

  • cleon062

    This is a sham. I will sue you and inform Google of your false links and down loads.

    • oneyedmonkey

      Dude get out of here

  • James Marsh

    Works on my 4.4.2 Z2 (Nova Launcher).

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    CONFIRMED WORKING: I got it to work on mine.

    Note 3 (TMo/USA/SM-N900T) w/ Nightly CM (6/28), 4.4.4. Works from any screen, including lock screen.

  • Steven Di Vita

    Nearly a week later and still no go for me. Anyone else have start working lately?

  • Thomas Marullo

    I have version on Nexus 4 with KitKat 4.4.4 and I still don’t have the new settings.

    • DependableKen

      Indeed. I know have 3.5.15 and Google Play Services 5.0.84 and nada. They also say that Audio History must be turned on…I looked that up and there is no option for it.

    • Joni Johirul

      I updated my Google search yesterday from Play Store but setting didnt show up right away. Today I checked it just showed up on its own. I say check your setting now!

  • DependableKen

    Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon with Kit Kat 4.4.2. Google Play Services and Google Search 5.0.84 just updated on July 1st. The option to turn on is still not there. Maybe not all devices on all carriers will see this?

  • Kevin Johnsom

    I have the new version on my n5 and still nothing also

  • Joni Johirul

    I just got the official update. I tried it its seems nice but it does not work when the screen is off like the Moto X. It only works if the screen is lit. ;-