Jun 26th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jul 8th, 2014, 4:53 pm

Ok Google everywhere

In a new update to Google Search (3.5.14), users will now be able to activate the “OK Google” hotword detection from anywhere within the OS (even the lockscreen) or even while the screen is off, providing your phone is charging.

Not enabled by default, we gave you the spiel earlier today. You’ll first need to jump into your Google Settings and select Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > “Ok Google” Detection and check “From any screen” to enable Hotword Detection from any app (even the lockscreen). If you don’t see it immediately, don’t fret. It appears this is a new feature rolling out on a per-account basis, done on the server side of things.

What’s more is the 3.5.14 update also introduces the new ability for the app to “learn” your voice for better recognition, a feature recently removed from Search but making a return as “Google Audio History.” For those with Motorola devices, unfortunately it looks like the new system-wide hotword detection wont work on the Motorola Moto X, Motorola Moto G, or Motorola Moto E. Lame, we know.

Google Play Games Services 5.0

Oh and one more thing: Google Play Services 5.0 is also rolling out (which some suspect the hotword detection may be dependent on) and adds a crazy amount of new features including Android Wear support, new Play Games features, app indexing API, closed caption support for Chromecast, new Wallet features like split tender, and more. You’ll find more info detailed on the Android Developers blog.

Should you not feel like waiting for either update to hit your device, we’ve provided a 3rd party download links below. Remember, if you don’t notice the new everywhere hotword detection, just wait for the new feature to hit your device in the coming days.

Download: Google Search 3.5.14 | Google Play Services 5.0.77

Thanks, Steven!