ASUS to release thinnest and most affordable Android Wear smartwatch this September [RUMOR]


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The ever growing smartwatch market is about to get a little more crowded this year. We’ve already seen smartwatches introduced by LG, Motorola, and Samsung. Where just about every OEM is planning on releasing their take on the new Android Wear revolution, despite varying form factors, they’re all priced very close to one another (give or take a few bucks). That’s where ASUS steps in.

A new report from TechCrunch suggests the manufacturer is gearing up to release an Android Wear smartwatch of their own. Its killer feature? Its price tag, looking to launch at somewhere between $100 and $150. This could very well be the most affordable Android Wear powered smartwatch arriving this year. According to the report, this ASUS smartwatch will feature an AMOLED display with @evleaks providing additional information about the smartwatch’s form factor, mentioning the wearable (codenamed Robin) is looking to be the thinnest in its category.

It appears the ASUS Robin could be looking at a September release date, pitting it against the upcoming Motorola 360, as well as the soon to be released LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. HTC — where you at?

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  1. i’m waiting.

  2. But it’ll never be released in the US. Padphone, I’m looking at you. What did it like 3 iterations before bringing to the states and locking it to At&t.

    1. Down voted for speaking the truth?

  3. The choice between this and the Moto 360 is going to depend on if the Asus watch is round. If so: Let’s Get Ready To RUMBLEEEEEE.

  4. Thin is nice but could come at the cost of battery life, we shall see though..

  5. I know this comment is going to get a lot of down votes but whatever, but am I the only one that literally sees no point in smart watches? Yeah they function well and do what they say they do, but this seems exactly like something that all these tech companies want you to believe that you “need”. Your phone literally does all of the same things and a lot more. Yes it might be a little quicker to flick your wrist but it takes about 2 seconds to get out your fully functioning phone. Why waste over $200 on something that your $600+ phone already does. Absolutely useless in *MY* opinion.

    1. You right these wearable android watches does more than the stupid iphones

      1. Learn to string a sentence together before you post a half baked sentence.

    2. I want a smart watch with SIM slot in it. I want to be able to take the SIM out of phone pop it in my watch and go running, walking, hiking etc. I will pay $200 to $400 for that smart watch.

      1. Word….me too!

      2. Up to $400 just to go running or hiking? That’s insane. What if you need a GPS? A watch will burn through the battery in no time.

      3. I have one. Omate Truesmart.

      4. Neptune Pine will also be able to do that.

    3. I totally understand your point-of-view and think it’s a valid perspective to hold. However, for someone like myself who is looking for a new watch/timepiece and likes to stay connected, despite working as a teacher/educator where my phone must stay in my pocket and my attention be focused elsewhere, a well thought out device with a simple, efficient, glanceable user interface all in the discreet garb of a watch solves those two issues for me. I’m sure there are many other consumers in similar situations who would have the same needs met and of whom this particular market would consist.

      1. Why do you need to be checking your technology *ALL* the time. Can’t you go without your phone or “smart watch” for a few hours? Seriously, I am a hypocrite myself, and I’m trying to change it, but why do we need to be staring at screens 24/7. What happened to interacting with one another. I don’t care if I sound crazy, it’s actually normal to have a conversations with one another without the need of a screen in between.

        1. I’ll just be honest, people can be annoying. My smartphone has saved me many a time from talking to someone I don’t particularly like. That’s why I like having a screen in between.

          1. That’s incredibly illogical. If you find certain people annoying, don’t talk to them. Simple. Do you know how unsocial that looks?

          2. I live in Mississippi. It’s considered rude to just not talk to someone, but if you look like you’re actually doing something, people will just leave you alone. And I don’t think it’s unsocial, it’s the norm. If you get me and a group of my classmates in the same room before a class is about to start, more than half will be on their phone. That’s just how it is these days. I do know how to put my phone up and have conversations, but I also have no problem using it to avoid talking.

          3. That’s pathetic if you think that’s normal to stare at a screen constantly. It’s literally wasting life away. Phones are meant to be tools. They aren’t something you use as a 24/7 entertainment device.
            >inb4 lots of hate.

          4. I don’t use mine 24/7, but I have no problem using it to avoid someone who I think talking to would be a “waste of my life”. I guess I’m still using it as a tool, an avoidance tool. I do get your point though. I actually enjoy having conversations with people in person, but sometimes I would just rather be to myself and a smartphone makes that easier. I don’t come across as rude, just busy. It’s worked for me thus far, and I have no plans to change it. Guess we can just agree to disagree.

          5. Don’t want a smart watch? Don’t buy one. Everyone has their own opinion on wearable tech, which is fine. But, don’t call people pathetic because they don’t share your thoughts on how they “should” use their devices. Not everyone wants to be sociable, and that’s their right. Not everyone wants to talk to other people all the time, and some people just simply hate interacting with others in person. Unless their using their phone/watch and driving, how one uses technology doesn’t actually affect you; no matter how irrationally you may think it does.

          6. Everyone has their own opinion as you said. I just shared mine. But it is pretty sad if all you want to is stare at your screen.

    4. Lol same can be said about almost anything. Why do people buy expensive jewelry like gold bracelets or necklaces that serve no actual function when they can get a 2$ stainless steel with a gold finish that looks exactly the same. Why do people buy Mercedes that cost 50k when they can buy a 6 year old Honda costing 10 times less, I mean the whole point of a car is to get you from point A to B, will a more expensive car get you to your destination any quicker when all the roads have a speed limit. Why do we constantly want a newer, faster smartphone and end up paying 300-600$ every year or two for a phone that’s not even a full second faster at rendering a app. We might seem smart but theirs very little rationality behind the human logic. I personally already own many watches of the non smart variety, one even costing over 4k and all it does is tell the time, date, moon phases, and acts as a stop watch. Compared to that a 200$ watch with this much function seems reasonable.

    5. The point of a smartwatch is not to replace your phone. It is to help you see the notifications or calls without pulling your phone out. It helps in many situations like in a meeting, at a store while in checkout or in the car. You just glance at your watch and swipe away or just leave as is. If it turns out you need to do more then you have the option to pull out your phone. If you find this useless then your right, $200 to spend on this is a waste of money. But your just one person and there are thousands who feel differently. The good thing for you is you can now spend more money and get a better phone.

    6. Understandable mindset.

      For me personally, I like wearing a watch… you know… to tell time. If it can do more things, that would be great. Personally, I want a watch that will allow me to text my wife and let her know I am heading home from the office without having to get my phone out of my pocket. Sometimes I forget to test her until I am already in the car driving out of the parking ramp. I hate fiddling to get my phone out of my pocket with the seat belt on. Ultimate first world problem I know, but there it is.

      In any case, as it stands my current watch costs more than these and it is getting a little worn out. If these things can manage to function as an actual watch without being too demanding (Truly all day battery and no charging plugs to have to fiddle with) then why not get one that adds more functionality?

    7. You won’t get a down vote from me. And a few months ago I was singing the same tune.
      I then decided to pull the trigger on the original gear that I found for about 100 bucks. I was pretty much set to check it out for a week or so and send it back for a refund.
      The more I used it. The more it made sense. Even taking phone calls with it (something that I thought was the dumbest looking act possible) was enjoyable.
      Even today the feature came in handy. It was my turn to be on-call. I was able to sleep in and if a call came in (which I did get two calls today) instead of me scrambling for my cell phone I simply wore my watch to bed and with a swipe was able to tell the person on the other end that my group didn’t handle the issue they had rolled over and went back to sleep.

      From what I’ve seen the Android Wear will integrate a bit better then the Gear and I think it will have more support from developers.

      With this said. I think the price for the slight convenience play a large part in the choice to purchase a smart watch.
      At $100 it was an impulse purchase. I may have went as high as $150 but it would have been a pretty hard sell to get me to pay more (but this is the attitude that I’ve had for all watches smart or otherwise).

  6. Introducing the Transformer Watch. It is an Android Wear watch that converts into a phone that converts into a tablet that converts into a netbook with the added keyboard. The watch, phone, tablet and keyboard all bring batteries giving the user 5 full days of usage! Order yours today!

  7. Even if this does come to fruition I still have no interest. I’ve gotten nothing but bad performance and terrible customer service and support from ASUS and their products in the past and there is pretty much nothing that would result in my traveling that route again.

  8. Is this going to be the padfonewatch? Dock your watch into your phone, and then your phone into your tablet?

    1. And your tablet into your TV and your TV into your car!

      1. And then plug your car into your house!

        1. And plug your house into your watch!

          1. It’s the human centipede of technology.

  9. If this is true this is very good news. It means more competition and more choices.I was actually looking at the difference between the 360 and the live and the 360 is actually really thick. I will need to try both to decide. If asus throws a $150 or less watch in the mix, things will get interesting. Can’t wait.

  10. I have a couple of ASUS products that I enjoy for their cost/performance value.

    With that said, I have to be honest, I don’t think I want to strap a low cost ASUS device to my wrist every day.

  11. With 3 hours of battery life and one upgrade.

    Sorry, I’m starting at my Transformer Prime + dock….

  12. Couldn’t hold out pulled the trigger on the Gear Live. Can’t wait to get it on my wrist. Android Wear has tremendous potential and as the 3rd party apps flood in it will only get better.

  13. Wake me up when September ends… So I can finally decide on a Wear.

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