Rumor: HTC One M8 Prime development suspended indefinitely


HTC One M8 Prime 360 degree view evleaks

After weeks of hearing about an “HTC One M8 Prime” that would one-up the original HTC One M8 in the specs department, murmurings suggest that it’s time to put those rumors to rest. Twitter leakster @evleaks has reportedly heard that the HTC One M8 Prime’s development has been suspended indefinitely. There’s no reason or rhyme — it’s just done.

We hadn’t seen or heard much regarding the Prime, except one revealing press render did show off a tweaked backplate design compared to the original. We also learned that it would look to use a new composite material made out of liquid silicon and aluminum for its chassis. Finally, the specs that were initially leaked had our mouths watering quite profusely: 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display, Snapdragon 805 chipset, 18 megapixel camera — you know, the phone we wish the HTC One M8 would have launched as.

Part of me doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or maddened. I’d feel relieved because it would make any future purchase decision that much less hard, but at the same time I’d be pretty peeved if I were waiting to see what was on the horizon only to be told that the horizon doesn’t exist.

Then again, if anyone’s purchasing decisions hinge on the strength of loose rumors I suppose it’s their own fault. Were you holding out to see what the HTC One M8 Prime had to bring to the table? If so, which phone would you go with now? Let us know in the comments section straight ahead!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully a part of it will survive in the M9

    1. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.

  2. I’m happy of this is true because I got the One M8 and my ATT next won’t allow me to upgrade until next April which will be a year later…….and this is a Beast of a flag ship I wouldn’t mind upgrading too

  3. Going with the G3!
    OIS+, laser focus, metal body, removable battery+sd card, QHD, 3GB RAM, huge screen with no bezels, and the list goes on!
    Anyone say un-compromising?

    1. With water resistance/proof, G3 would be almost perfect :D

      1. Got that, but I don’t think it really matters.
        I mean, what occasions do you really have to get your phone wet? The pool?
        If you can’t leave your phone even at the pool I’ve got nothing to say… I mean, enjoy the pool.
        My phone, nor any prior ones I had, ever got wet, nor did I have potential occasions in which it would’ve been handy.

        1. You realize so many phones have water damage claims, right? Using your logic, that’s like saying “oh, I don’t need a screen protector because I hardly drop my phone and I won’t be in any situations where my screen won’t shatter.”

      2. Agreed, that’s why Note 3 stays where it is. That means no Nexus 6 for me if they make one because I want my next phone to have water resistance. Is it too much to ask for a phone that has a plausible feature included without a need for a waterproof case?

    2. It’s not metal. It’s just a brushed look to look like metal. It’s plastic with a soft coating.and it has bezels. Just very thin. It’ll have 2GB based on your region.

      1. It looks metal, feels premium… I take that.
        Saying it’ll have 2GB is what a typical anti- would say… This thing also comes with 3GB, and so until any official declines I take that as the amount.

        1. The plastic mimicking metal is the biggest gimmick I’ve heard, & also the standard storage comes with 2GB & the next storage upgrade comes with 3GB of RAM, considering most people buy phones on standard storage looks like most people are going to get 2Gb only as well. Also HTC said there autofocus was .3 & LG’s with the laser thing is .276 sounds like wasted hardware to me.

          1. Why would people get 2GB version when they have a “choice” to get 3GB? Funny logic.

          2. average consumers dont look at ram, thats why manufacturers dont market it. Funny Logic.

          3. Manufacturers don’t market it? Better check that Electronics flyers again you get from your local electronics stores LOL

          4. What avg consumer looks at the spec sheet XD, manufacturers market “Quad core. 18mp” not RAM……

          5. It’s cheaper. Most people don’t even know what the computing RAM acronym stands for and they just don’t really care most of the time.

        2. A BMW feels premium too but you don’t see people harping on into infinity about that not being the case for mid-range Chrysler, Ford etc cars just because they want it to be “premium”. You’re using the same arguments Apple dickweeds have been using for years on why a device is better than another.

          1. These car analogies need to stop. They just don’t work comparing them to phones.

    3. Display resolution will result in many 3D games running like crap, maybe with Snapdragon 805…

      1. How do you know? Did you try it? Early hands-on say it’s great.
        God, I hate people who throw base-less sentences like they’re fact. Someone might accidentally end up listening to you fools.

        1. Any experienced gamer knows resolution comes at the cost of performance when it comes to 3D gaming, it’s a fact.

          If you have two devices with the same hardware, the device with the lower resolution will run at a higher framerate, the device with the higher resolution will need reduced visual settings to maintain the same performance, otherwise it will be noticeably slower.

          This is basic stuff, calling it base-less just shows you don’t have a clue what your talking about.

          1. It’s a stronger processor, and it’s optimized!
            Looks like you’re the one with no clue.

          2. It’s using snapdragon 801 just like the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2 which uses the same GPU as Snapdragon 800 with a small clockspeed increase, this won’t make any noticeable difference.

            Please do some research before posting again, your just embarrassing yourself.

          3. You’re the one who just got pawned, so who’s talking?
            I sense rotten apples

          4. Your talking nonsense.

            The devices mentioned above all have 1920*1080 displays with Adreno 330, same as the LG G3, yet the LG G3 has to cope with 2560*1440, this will hurt performance, that’s a fact.

            You clearly have no understanding of the subject so go away and stop trolling, I’m not wasting anymore time with you.

          5. Saying I’m trolling doesn’t make you any less of a troll…
            It has 3GB RAM, Snap 801.
            Go to bed

          6. Do you have any idea how much performance is lost going from 1920*1080 to 2560*1440? Well I do, in a demanding 3D game the performance drops by around 50%.

            So a game that runs at 30fps will not be playable after the resolution increase without major tweaks.

            If you want to know how I know this, the answer is fairly simple. We already have a lot of Snapdragon 800/801 devices out there with different screen resolutions, 1280*720 all the way up to 2560*1600 and you can easily measure this performance with benchmarks and games by using FPS monitoring applications.

            We KNOW performance will drop, we can measure it right now.

            To give you some idea how much resolution hurts performance on Adreno GPU consider this, the Moto X with Snapdragon S4 pro is just as fast in complex 3D scenes as a Galaxy S5 using Snapdragon 801.

            Why? The Moto X uses 1280*720 and the Galaxy S5 uses 1920*1080, that’s it.

            I’m not sure I can dumb this down any more for you.

    4. Is G3 is actually made of metal? I thought it had the metal-looking plastic material going.

  4. So they nixed the Prime, but I assume the “Plus” variant is still a go?

    1. It’s STILL a rumor!

  5. Thank God, the “Prime” madness needs to stop. Put your money into your flagship, that’s why it’s called a flagship.

    1. the prime would have been a fall release device with a much larger screen… looked more like a One Max successor than an m8+. I don’t think it would have hurt the m8 at all.

      1. Chris Chavez thought the same thing but I don’t think so. As another person noted over at evleaks’ site, the rumored 5.5 inch screen with on-screen nav buttons would have been a big departure from the One Max’s 5.9 inch screen with capacitive buttons. A 5.5 inch Prime was probably just a bigger M8 to give the G3 better competition. In the end though it’s all just speculation.

        1. well people did say the one max was kinda too big, so just as easy as it could have been a smaller one max as it could have been a larger m8. I mean we’ll never know, and there is a chance it could have been an larger m8 prime but in my opinion the fact that the screen was a different size at all would lead me to it being a different phone. I would believe the prime story if the screen was the same size. .5 inch increase is a different phone segment.

          Besides it looked to be due in the fall, i expect new devices from most manufacturers in the spring and in the fall as it has been for the past couple of years. But yes its all speculation anyway.

    2. I’ll take a top-of-the-line TARDIS as a flagship, hold the unreliability.

    3. I agree but get the screen right and get the camera functioning!

  6. Cool with me, but I do hope they release a Max variant

  7. ran out of money. lol

  8. Now choosing a G3 has become much more easier!

    1. But what about the One Plus One?

      1. Nobody can buy that phone because invitations are rare.

        1. You can’t buy the G3 at the moment either.

          1. And by the time OnePlus is available to the general public, it will be obsolete LOL~
            I can’t believe there are still people not fed up with OnePlus’s “hunger sale” strategy LMAO, such loyalty amazes me.

          2. You do realize the one plus one hardware is nearly identical to the g3 sans screen right?

          3. yep,

            if this phone is gonna be obsolete than so will the G3…and the z2, m8, and s5 as they all have the same hardware.

          4. so it’ll be obsolete in june?

          5. You can currently buy the G3, but the price of getting it early is very high.

          6. where can you buy the G3?

          7. There’s many Korean models on ebay which will work in the US, but like I said they’re expensive to get early ($1000+)

          8. LTE won’t work unfortunately. you’ll be able to make phone calls though.

          9. I have a higher chance of getting a G3 before it goes on sale to the general public than the One Plus One, so yeah…. so much for that.

        2. Ridiculous. Smash your phone and we’ll let you know if you’ll be privileged enough to, at some point, buy one. A phone made for tech geeks that has no microSD memory. No thanks.

      2. You didn’t know OnePlus is a myth that it actually doesn’t exist?

  9. Honestly, these devices are eerily similar to the past w/ HTC One X and X+, except the windows are much more narrow.

    1. Except this was more like a sequel to the One Max (5.5-inch display is significantly larger than the One M8).

      1. Oh okay. Well, if HTC wants to take on the “phablet market,” they need to make the best product possible w/ great marketing: 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, dual rear cameras, first party stylus support, water resistance, etc. In other words, they need to make a HTC version of the Note 3 w/ water resistance.

        1. Then need to make a device with a screen larger than 5″ and not so narrow/tall…with a camera that works well. Pretty simple.

  10. Still assuming there will be some sort of “max” variant late Summer early Fall.

  11. What about the HTC One M8 Prime Plus Active Max+1??? Is that still on???

    1. That one is scheduled for release 3 months after the iPhone 5beats² with louder speaker….I mean BEATS AUDIO!

    2. Yes-maybe-no-plus-whatever-sometime-never

  12. It’s still on the way. HTC is just trying to crush the hopes of it being true so people would give up waiting and settle for the current HTC flagship. If HTC went out and said “Yes guys it’s coming, give us time to get these top of the line parts in” then sales would come to a standstill as it is probably happening now with so many hot devices in the pipeline. Don’t need leaks of a better version of your flagship hindering sales even further. Rather than going for a M8 Prime, they will just call it whatever they had planned for their next flagship model.

    1. Instead everyone goes for an Xperia X2 or the G3? How does that help them? I sent back my M8 and was waiting for this OnePlusMaxPrime. Now I’m not going to be an HTC customer. This is the stupidity of “we release a device when we feel like it”. At least with Apple and Samsung you know when the new one is going to be out on and plan on it.

  13. I hope HTC adds bokeh effect to videos, like you see on TV. And you can change it on the fly, like you see on TV. How the camera is focused on the person in the front, then it goes to the back.

    That would be cool.

    1. Hmmm that would be a different level kind of cool… I likes!

    2. That would be cool for an eight-year old. I’d rather have a freaking camera that worked well in all light conditions. Try that for a novel concept.

      1. I think you mean you rather have a camera with good auto-adjustment settings. When I modify the settings in my phone, the pictures come out great.

        This is the case with all of them. So they can take great pictures in all lighting. You just have to do a little work on your own, sadly.

  14. Hopefully the S5 Prime has the same fate as I just got the S5 ☺

  15. techradar has a different take —they claim that the Prime was really just the M8 Plus in disguise — the Plus variant will in fact have all the same features claimed for the Prime.

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