Rumor: HTC One M8 Prime to use unique build material, waterproof casing and LTE Cat-6

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What do you get when an HTC marketing executive calls out an unknown leakster regarding misinformation? More “maybe true, maybe not” information! After HTC’s Jeff Gordon tweeted out a subliminal shot to an unnamed leakster who he claims has been wrong in recent weeks, @evleaks (who may or may not be the leakster Gordon was referring to) thought it right to spill loads of new information about the HTC One M8 Prime. So what do we get from this latest vomit of classified info?

For starters, we’re told to expect the M8 Prime to be made with a new material that is made out of aluminum and liquid silicone, something you don’t really see in a phone. We’re not sure how well this will work in practice, though it’s though to be able to give that premium metal feel without having to make the device as slippery as ice.

We also learn that the device will be waterproof (something HTC has yet to do on any of their previous phones), and that it will house category-6 LTE radios. All of this adds to what we already knew about the device: that it could have a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display, Snapdragon 805 chipset and 3GB of RAM.

What we don’t know, unfortunately, is when HTC is expected to bring this out into the light (though we imagine they already have their hands full with the HTC One M8 and the forthcoming launch of the HTC One Mini 2). Will you be springing for the M8 Prime once it finally arrives?

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  • toomuchgame441

    Yea… I may spring for this over the G3… it depends on how they design it at this point. I already know the UI is going to be a go.

    • Tony Lai

      Exactly my thoughts too, just not sure if this “new M8″ will come quick enough.

  • mmark27

    So these companies are into canabalizing their own products now that aren’t even 2 months old?? This sure seems like a strange business model. Give us your best shot one time a year. Don’t release it until you’re ready. Don’t do this to consumers that already have enough buyer’s remorse as it is.

    • Tony Lai

      Why are you taking rumors so seriously. Chances are even these are released, it will be the next 6 months or so. And get used to the pace of technology…

    • Demetrius Beasley

      I don’t feel as if they are cannibalizing their own hardware. I had an M7 the maxx never came to tmobile so I got a note, and hated it so I went back to my M7 til the M8 came out. I plan to get this phone when it drops as I’m always have a upgrade (due to tmobile messing up the wording of the original jump agreement.) I’ll most likely take the flag ship on both upgrade cycles as I can do this twice a year. So my point is some people (like me) don’t feel slighted by the “duel” upgrade cycle. It benefits me.

  • No_Nickname90

    Still won’t Jump to it unless 32GB internal.

    • Tony Lai

      Most likely it will have 32GB as the current M8 already has it.

      • Demetrius Beasley

        As did the m7.

  • DDroid45

    My take is this is the replacement for last year’s mediocre HTC one maxx, if so, the Note line is in for some serious competition, especially if this this thing has these specs with the 5mgp front camera, and 16mgp back camera with a 5up dept of field sensor, or however they configure it. With the latest version of Sense that has been dominating touchwiz since forever.. seems HTC will continue to be the way for me to go,.. BTW anybody dont like my opinion, you know what you can kiss

  • Jason Crumbley

    I may Jump! to it.

  • David W

    I love my M8. I came back from the larger screen of my Note 2 for this one. The larger screen isn’t going to be enough for me to trade up. I like where the M8 is. A “prime” market seems more like a gimmick to me.

  • steveb944

    Mmm I want some liquid silicone.

  • Alec

    and STIL STILL a 4MP main shooter with more resolution than the selfie cam. PASS, again.

    • Jhancock8

      It’s said to be 18mp & 5up. SALTY again.

  • Friv 200 – Friv 2

    HTC One M8 Nice very Nice

  • Heart O’Texas

    If it comes with expandable storage… I’M IN!!!