Samsung’s upcoming stand-alone smartwatch detailed in a new report, could launch this summer



Samsung just can’t seem to shake rumors that they’ll soon introduce a stand-alone smartwatch. It was last month we first heard rumors that Samsung was working on a new SIM-enabled smartwatch dubbed the Samsung Gear Solo. Today, a new report from The Wall Street Journal is saying the watch could officially make its debut in the next few months — as early as June or July — and will carry many hardware features found on our modern day smartphones like a GPS, heart rate monitor and, of course, a camera. The tiny watch will be capable of placing and receiving phone calls, and even sending emails.

Really, it seems like the next logical step as over the years, we’ve watch as our smartphones shrank in size, only to grow to tablet heights. A new found reliance on devices that easily fit into our pocket (or our wrists) should complete that circle.

Because Samsung’s smartwatch will have all this added functionality, don’t expect it to run Google’s simple Android Wear interface. Samsung is said to be in talks with the usual carriers in the US, Europe, and Asia to offer the watch on their network. Question is: is there a market for a standalone smartwatch?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Samsung: make all the things!

    1. I like their refrigerators.

  2. The real issue would be battery life. I have noticed that when i have a weak data connection, my phone seems to eat a lot of battery.

    1. I doubt they’ll position it as a phone replacement. More like the ultimate companion. Use it as the traditional smartwatch when around your smartphone, but for jogging, exercising, or cycling, plug in your SIM card for total independence. Best of both worlds for a smartwatch.

  3. My dad wants it so bad. He hates having the hassle of a smartphone

  4. Tizen 2.0

  5. (Overheard at a Samsung managers meeting) Where’s that wall? We got one more thing to throw at it and see if it sticks

  6. A battery that size that has to power a cellular transmitter would last for maybe 5 phone calls.

    1. But for a jog, some cycling, or working out in the gym, it’s infinitely better than having a bulky phone strapped to one’s arm or hip. And if it’ll play nice as a companion when attached to a smartphone, the way Omate’s Truesmart does, it’s everything to anyone who has an interest in a smartwatch.

  7. Q: Is there a market for a standalone smartwatch?
    A: No

    1. Omate Truesmart. This would be the (currently) only competitor I’m aware of. Omate had a monster kickstarter, followed by a complete sell out of their stock once they started production. I know I’m interested (but currently unable to shell out the $300 out of pocket).

    2. A: Yes

  8. Can this watch do almost everything an Android phone do?

    There’s already an Android “IK Wear” watch made in China that has most of phone functions.

  9. Now this will be useful !!

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