New LG G3 teaser hypes its 5.5-inch display but reasonably sized form factor [VIDEO]


LG G3 teaser video 2

LG is in full hype-beast mode, teasing the LG G3 every chance they get. A few days ago we saw them take the wraps off their new Quick Circle view case and in their latest video uploaded to YouTube, LG wants to put the spotlight on their phone’s overall size.

Last year’s LG G2 was one of our favorite Android devices, if for no other reason than it featured one of the best screen-to-bezel ratios this side of the oversized Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This year’s LG G3 will be no exception, with LG showing off the phone’s large 5.5-inch display, but promising a phone that’s still easily gripable.

Check out their video below and let us know — is 5.5-inches too big? Would LG have been better off shrinking the bezels, but keep last year’s 5.2-inch display size?


Chris Chavez
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LG hypes up the G3 with 3 new teaser videos

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  1. zero bezel would do the trick for me.

    1. You might as well just get the screen and leave the plastic casing at home. LoL!!

      1. I would if it’s still functional. One day, it’ll be all screen and mic and speakers will be the only thing protruding out.

        1. I can’t handle that. I actually like the design added to phones. I don’t mind the bezel too much on the HTC One M8, actually. I got used to it.

  2. Yeah they would’ve been better off keeping the 5.2inch display and shrinking the bezels.

    Also, it sort of looks uneven and ugly the way that the lg g3 (and g2 before it) have larger bottom bezel and smaller top bezel. They should be equally sized like the gs4.

    1. I say the bottom should have the smaller bezel given the black onscreen nav bar takes up some space.

      I think the Moto X got it perfect.

      1. Yep, definitely! I don’t know why LG keep doing this.

        If it wasn’t for the dodgy camera and over-saturated screen I’d have bought (and would remain with) the moto x now.

        1. So true. Crossing my fingers the Moto X+1 fixes all these problems but keeps things small.

          1. Some where there’s a nerd in his mom’s basement working on the perfect phone based on your feedbacks lol

      2. Hope the x+1 keeps the same form factor with a screen no bigger than 5″

    2. If anything it should be the opposite because of the on screen buttons.

  3. For me, it all boils down to the pocket test. I don’t wear MC Hammer pants, so the only thing I care about is, does it fit comfortably in my pocket? Will there be a huge bulge there every time I sit down, as if I were John Holmes? :P

    1. “as if I were *Chris Chavez.”

      There, fixed it for you.

      1. Haha

        1. Lol!

      2. Chris wants this phone…


  4. HTC and the rest need to take classes from LG. “SHRINK YOUR GADDAM BEZELS”

    1. I don’t like ur tone..

  5. Do you know who loves a reasonably sized form factor? The ladies.

    (I’ll show myself out).

    1. and people who don’t want to lug around a giant phablet.

      1. But then if you dating a women and she leans against you close and says “oh is that your or are happy to see me” you reply “no its just my new LG G3 in my pocket” haha.

  6. Removable battery + MicroSD + 32GB internal + Google Play Edition = finally a replacement for Samsung.
    I hope all of the above happens.

    1. Was pretty much set on passing up the LG G3, but a Google Play edition would have me reconsidering…

      1. Why were you set on passing on it? The display? UI?

        1. Some people just like ASOP android. With the moves google is making with asop, its almost to the point where another manufacture’s skin is unnecessary.

    2. although its very possible the US version wont have a removable battery and will instead be a higher capacity internal battery, they had two versions last year.

  7. If this phone is built with the same plastic as the g2, has sd card slot and water proof I’m all in. The g2 was a great phone. Built quality was great. LG PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE FOOLS WHO THINK A METAL PHONE IS A “premium phone”

    1. They can improve the plastic without going all metal. I prefer both the soft-touch on the Nexus and the self healing on the Flex.

      1. No doubt. The Nexus 5 actually feels more premium than a few metal-cased phones that I’ve used. The thing just screams quality.

    2. Both metal and plastic phones can be premium. Its all about the touch, feel, and solidity.

      1. youre one of few that understand that.

  8. Why didn’t they hold the outline of the new phone over the old ones so we can actually make a comparison? I guess I’ll have to go touch it in person.

  9. It’s better size-wise than a phone like the galaxy note 2, and such, but overall I think the phone was about as big as it could get. 75mm wide is just a bit too much here. The Galaxy s5 is even pushing it at nearly 73mm, they should dial it down a few. They won’t of course, but they really should.

  10. Bringing back old argument.
    On screen keyboard kills real estate especially with some ads on small devices like moto g.
    There is no way to justify on screen keyboard when plenty of bezel size left.
    I may have to adjust with a note 4 and ugly touchsux ui.

  11. I think my S4 is the perfect size, for me. 5″ screen is awesome and the bezels and nice and slim.

  12. Physically, the G3 is only about a 1/2 inch longer and an 1/8 inch wider than my GNex. If this thing is able to push all these pixels with a good day or so’s battery life and no performance issues (lag/stutter), then count me in

  13. Some of us actually use a smartphone for hours at work and calling Note 3 oversized just shows the person writing this hasn’t got it.
    But I guess if it was a Htc he would be all over it.

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