LG G3 leaks for Verizon, shows off front and back carrier branding, new lockscreen


Verizon LG G2 evleaks

We figured out why LG decided to go with a form factor closer to the previous G2’s, rather than the near bezel-less one found on the LG Isai FL: Verizon needed the space for their logo. Okay, we kid. But now that @evleaks is giving us a look at the Verizon Wireless version of the LG G3, we can’t help but wonder how any OEM allows Big Red to brand all over their face like that. Seems almost… disrespectful.

In any case, this latest leak is giving us a better look at the new lockscreen UI we can expect on the LG G3 once it finally becomes official. Looks a lot like LG’s previous UI, only more flat. We like that. If nothing else, this should help Verizon customers sleep well at night knowing the smartphone is headed to their network. As a new Verizon customer (for the time being), I for one couldn’t be happier.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Sold!

  2. I’m so glad that I’m not a Verizon customer, that logo is hideous.

    1. I’d rather it not be there, but definitely not a deal breaker. More like a “why the eff is this happening” kinda thing.

      1. The back one is fine to me but the front upper right, look away, I’m hideous is written all over it but like you said, Vzw does this to all the phones so there is no dealbreaker, it is what it is

        1. they dont do it to all the phones anymore. you wont see front branding on most high end devices anymore.

        2. they dont do it to iphones

          1. Because it’s a child-sized device. If they added the logo it’s screen would be smaller than pre-2005 screens.

        3. Not on iPhone…

      2. Yeah, it’s something that can be removed but still annoying that it needs to be done in the first place. I still don’t understand this branding thing on their end.

      3. Chris, do you think the average phone buyer who doesnt read previews and reviews even notices carrier branding? I see this same hysteria on photography blogs. One person complains about something and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. There are alot of logos that suck. Personally I hate the Chevy logo, but Chevy sells the cars so its their choice. What sucks about Verizon is the price, but again, they have a successful business model. I dont begrudge them that. I just took my business to tmobile.

  3. If it has wireless charging I will be all over it.

    1. It doesn’t natively you have to buy a special case

      1. wrong.

      2. Well, the VZW g2 had qi built in, so we’ll see.

  4. its about time verizon stops putting their carrier branding on the front of their phones. i mean geez i dont want my carrier affiliated with what i put to my ear.

    1. But your friends can look at your phone with envy knowing that it connects to the nation’s largest 4G network.

      1. Nice.

      2. …and it connects to the nations largest BILL!

        BA DUM DING. LOL.. sorry I had to man.

  5. I want to rape this phone. so damn sexy…I wanna make it my dirty little b!tch……oh my bad…wrong site…

    1. Can we all agree not to make rape a joke in anyway?

  6. Anyone notice that it doesn’t have the matching lower bezel color that the previous leaks have had?

    1. They simply showed the front of the black one, and the back of the white. The coloured versions has coloured earpieces as well (LG started that with the N5).

  7. I want a G3…… But I’ve barely even had my G2 for half a year. It’s still a mighty fine phone though.

    1. Serious. More than happy with my G2 and I’ve been around the block a few times.

      1. Hi Chris! Do you have any idea when the G3 will be available for
        Verizon customers? My elderly mom wants it! ;-)

    2. I have a Galaxy S3… Almost got a G2 but I decided to wait for the G3.

    3. I have an Galaxy S4 only because my G3 had charging problems and the insurance plan upgraded it. Happy customer ^–^ !!

  8. lol leave it up to verizon to ruin a phone with their ugly branding

  9. Well, if the back cover ends up being removable, I’m sure we’ll see blank versions available for sale shortly after release, much like there were for the Note 3. I managed to purchase a white back cover for $10, 1 week after launch of the Note 3, which gave my phone the look of the original HTC EVO (black front, white back).

    1. Yeah, but there’s still the front logo… :(

      1. I wish my G2 was like my old Bionic whose logo was very easily (without any damage) to scratch off on the front. It was just paint whereas the G2’s is almost underneath the glass.

  10. The way I see it the OEM’s don’t have much choice on the carrier logo, especially from the largest carrier. If you want your phone sold on Verizon you allow it. Sucks, but that’s business. Glad I don’t do business with them.

    1. They don’t add it to the iPhone. Why do others have to have it?

      1. My guess is that it doesn’t matter which carrier an iPhone is on, they’re all the same. The bloat on them from carriers is even cut back as far as I’ve seen.

    2. I agree and never had the desire to do business with Verizon. I just wanted a Droid, but soon got over it. How could they create such a mess? Ugh..

      I totally enjoy my Galaxy S4. No complaints or ugly embarrassing logos. ; )

      1. My Nexus 5 disagrees with that statement. Your Samsung S4 most certainly has an ugly embarrassing logo on the front.

        1. I use a Verizon Galaxy S4 for work, and there is no Verizon branding on the front. There is a logo on the back (but it’s always covered by my Incipio case).

  11. Not a deal breaker but jeezus that front logo is ugly. The more leaks I see, the more I want this device

    1. There is nothing symmetrical about the logo. It just doesn’t fit… anywhere.

      1. It doesn’t but I would be willing to overlook it just because everything else exudes sexiness.

  12. It’s like Verizon is afraid their customers are going to forget who they get service from or something. Like paying that massive bill every month isn’t reminder enough.

  13. C’mon, LG. Why do you let Verizon mess with your phones?

    And I’d laugh if they did this to the iPhone. (Mockup attached)

    1. Can’t imagine Apple would let that go down lol it’s hideous .

    2. I thought the same thing. It’s positively fugly.

    3. Apple would cut their heads off. I wish some other manufactures would start doing the same….

  14. You know you’re right when you say it was because Verizon wanted a place to put their logo.

    *knows nothing about Verizon, just riding in the bandwagon*

  15. Oh, wow, Uncle Verizon didn’t d¡ddle the G3’s back buttons!

    1. I’m on att and bought the G2 around launch and was livid at Verizon for how they butchered their version of the G2! My friends who have verizon saw it and were shocked at the difference! Glad to see Verizon just kept their horrid logo on the front this time! Plus getting a case for the G2 at launch was a nightmare!

  16. Looks ok… But I’m so good with my M8, I don’t have to ask the internet

  17. Looks like my N5…. sorta/kinda. More bells I’m sure.

    Hey OP Author, the bezel for the VZW logo is prolly not a joke.. I left VZW for that exact reason. They think their crap don’t stink.. Actually I hate Verizon equally as much as Komkast, maybe more.

    My family and I could not be happier on T-Mo. 2 moto G’s for the kids and 2 N5’s for me and the wife.. I may get this LG G3 phone.. Time for my T-Mo 6 month upgrade…

  18. Theres a million things that can trigger my OCD and that logo aint one of em. It’s tacky but who really cares.. I have been with Sprint (Crappy service-No logo) T-Mobile (Crappy service-No logo) At&t (Mediocre service-No logo) Verizon (Best service I have ever had and a big crappy logo on everything they sell) I pay top dollar for that big crappy logo i’ll have you know.

  19. To all you people crying about the Verizon logo….. STFU! I have the LG G2 with Verizon and I NEVER notice the logo. I’m too busy looking at the beautiful screen! Are you just not happy unless your bitching about something? Nobody will EVER care if your phone has a Verizon logo on it. AND you’re only going to have the phone for 6 months to a year or two at the most. Get over it. Stop belly aching over it. I’m going to love my LG G3. ;) Have a great day guys!

  20. Love the minimal bezel, HTC should take note.

    But this thing is just way too big.

  21. It’s like a really hot tranny…everything is sexy til ya get a look at that thing that shouldn’t be there!!!

    1. Horrible analogy. It’s more like a really hot chick with a lip piercing. May not be your thing but certainly wouldn’t stop you from dating her for 6 months to a year or two. Haha

    2. That thing being the horrible growth I mean buttons on the back

  22. Looks like I will stick with my M8.

  23. Good call adding micro sd card support to this, the G2 lacked. Waiting for the Note 4 specs to appear, the first 4K res phone hopefully.

    1. You really think 4K resolution makes sense on a 5.5″ screen?

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