App Deal: Plex on sale for $.99 at Amazon’s Appstore today


Plex is quite the expensive app at $5. It’s worth it if you’re big on digital media consumption, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow for a mobile smartphone app. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to grab it then now is your chance — Amazon has it up for just $.99 cents today.

Plex is a multimedia server for your PC that can serve up videos, photo and music to any compatible device. It has a robust set of features, including syncing to services like Dropbox and Google Drive, offline viewing (only with a Plex Pass subscription), and access to hundreds of online “channels” from your favorite content providers.

Getting apps on the Amazon Appstore isn’t always desirable for anyone not using a Kindle Fire. For starters, some developers tend to update apps much later than they would the Google Play version, so getting the latest features is often a pain. And having to maintain accounts and apps from two different sources is just a pain in general.

If you don’t mind the caveats, though, then this is one deal you won’t want to pass up. Head here to take advantage.

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  • HeatFan786

    Too bad I bought this at regular price, but it was w/ free amazon coins, so I did get the app for free technically.

  • Brian

    It’s already free if you have PlexPass

    It also gives you the Roku channel for free

  • Jamie McClain

    Pro cheapskate tip: Linking back to the previous article about 1000 free coins for downloading apps/games, Plex is now free and you still have $9 in store credit. No need to actually install the other featured apps, your account is instantly credited.

    • idongacha

      Just did this and it took all of 5 minutes.

    • Warren C. Bennett

      Even cheapskate-ier – You can buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with 700 of the 1000 couns and get 2000 in return. This leads to a net profit of 2300 coins.

      After doing that, now buy plex with 100 of those said coins.

  • Terry

    It’s great you can get it for .99 cents. The issue is that it is an older version.

    The Amazon Version is

    The Google Play Version is

    I still might buy it though in hopes they update it.

  • Jay

    If you don’t already have Plex you are truly missing out. Seriously.

  • Nathan McCrackan

    Well I got sucked into buying and cannot get this working at all. I have 3 pc’s, 2 phones and 2 tablets and none of them see one another. I’m on the same network and can readily share files but Plex doesn’t work for me. Is there a useful guide anywhere? The one on the Plex site is useless.

    • sygyzy

      You might be better off posting in the Plex forums. You are asking someone to troubleshoot your setup (in a website comments section) which may have a hundred different issues going on.

      • Nathan McCrackan

        Thanks for the reply but I rather not join up to more forums. Thats why I asked here :)

  • dizel123

    If you don’t already have Plex, go buy it. Now. I paid full price for it and its by far the best app I’ve purchased. Once they opened it up so I could cast everything to my Chromecast without having to sign up for their subscription, I was so happy with how it worked that I bought the subscription even though I don’t use any of the additional features that the subscription gave me. Its just a brilliant app/service.