May 23rd, 2014

HD Widgets has been around for a long time. You may remember these guys from back in the G1 days when everyone and their mom was looking for that HTC Sense-style clock/weather widget. Over the years, HD Widgets has continued to evolve, adding one of the most robust widgets user experiences available from an Android app.

New in HD Widgets 4? Vertical widgets (as well as location and status widgets), side navigation menu, and”weather screen” with a ton of useful weather information like an hourly forecast graph. Widgets are also now separated by size, making tidying things up a bit.

Stock HD Widgets feature that trademark skeumorphic design that put them on the map dubbed “Glass Gems.” They are reminiscent of shiny, glossy glass paired with a flip or digital clock. As their name suggests, the widgets are beautiful and high-res and look great on the many varied displays found on Android phones.

Adding a widget is quick and easy. Simply jump into your widgets folder and you’ll find a plethora of widget previews in various sizes. Some are better catered to tablets and are denoted by the 7″ or 10″ in the widget’s description.

Once you find the widget you like, drag it onto your homescreen and HD Widgets will open up their app to help you customize the individual UI elements or change between themes. Speaking of themes, the new Kairo theme has arrived! It’s made to fit in better with the look and feel of KitKat (whereas Colourform was more in-tune with the looks of Jelly Bean / Ice Cream Sandwich).

kairo xp theme hd widgets

These themes come in free, limited form if you don’t want to pay for them. You’ll still get tons of options — there are over 40 different widgets to choose from in Kairo Free alone, for example — though you’re more than free to drop a bit of coin ($1 each) to unlock even more. mentions that there’s a bug in KitKat /AOSP that can sometimes cause widgets to disappear. This means it’s an Android specific bug, so avoid running into the Play Store and leaving a bad review should you encounter the issue. Beyond that, though, the upgrade is awaiting you right here ($2 if you haven’t already bought it). Let your eyes roam below for the links to the paid and free theme packs, and be sure to give it all a nice, quick preview by watching our hands-on video above!

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