Instagram does users a solid by killing off activity sharing to Facebook

Instagram update privacy

Today, the folks at Instagram have done their users a solid by killing off activity sharing to Facebook. Once a way to let your grandma on Facebook know how much of a pervert you were, turns out the handy feature was littering timelines with photos of fetishes and everything else your weird uncle likes on Instagram.

Although the changes were announced in the latest 5.0.11 update for iOS, we noticed the the usual prompt asking to share activity to Facebook didn’t appear on the Android version which was recently updated to 5.2.1 on May 11th. Previously, a popup with clever wording would appear just after signing into the app for the first time, asking if you’d like to share your “likes” to Facebook.

This new level of privacy is sure to be welcomed from all IG’ers and we found it an interesting move considering it further separates Instagram as a social network all of its own, away from big brother Facebook.

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  • Phaz0n

    Is this Facebook actually responding to a complaint? I guess there’s a first time for everything!

  • toomuchgame441

    De-activated FB a long time ago… but this was one of the reasons I did remove it, so a great update!… keep those IG pics on IG!

  • Breathless

    I so love it when the stupidity of the general user is so big that it’s up to the dev to do something about it – I mean HELLO, even if you signed in to FB from your Instagram, you could turn sharing likes off from the bloody options! FML.

  • Patrick Grote

    If only they would fix the android app that lets me log on to someone else’s Facebook account. Tried contacting them, but no response.

  • GAreth

    this is def good new activity sharing was never good, by the way you can get instagram followers at –