Verizon’s Galaxy Note 3 is now receiving Android 4.4 KitKat over-the-wire



Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users have been stuck on Jelly Bean until this point, but fret no longer — the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat is now available for the taking. This one isn’t yet available over-the-air, so you’ll need a PC to install it via Samsung Kies (right here) or Verizon’s Upgrade Assistant (right here).

No word on what’s new yet, though we imagine the usual KitKat changes are being served up in this package. Any further specific details will have to wait until Verizon or Samsung officially delivers the news (which will hopefully be followed by an over-the-air process for those who can’t find their way to a PC). Hook your Note 3 up to your PC and give it a try ASAP. Let us know how it’s treating once you’ve finally pulled the upgrade down.

[via PhoneDog]

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  1. Downloading now…..So far so good. Still don’t understand why this handset lagged this far behind, even for VZW it’s a head scratcher.

    1. Welp 3 hrs later & no issues or bugs that I have noticed so far. Works quite well & had to obviously disable some additional VZW bloat. Phone seems to be a bit more responsive even with JunkWiz lol.

      1. It is very responsive! I am loving the full lock screen album art for music too!

  2. Finally have the update! Anyone know how to get rid of the grayed out 4G icon in the status bar while WiFi is on? Turning off the Caller ID bloat has zero effect on it in 4.4.2.

    1. The 4G is probably the dual band downloading

  3. About time. Though I’ll wait for the OTA,

  4. If I use Kies or any of the methods listed, does it act like a OTA or is it a fresh install?

    1. Has the looks of a fresh install but is just an update from 4.3 to 4.4 which is a good thing.

    2. Update: I installed using the Verizon software, and I was able to keep everything the way it was like if it was an OTA update!

      Runs fine, but how do I get rid of the mobile signal while on Wifi?

      1. Nevermind this voice-mail thing keeps notifying me to update, but I call and nothing happens… The notification comes in 30 minute increments -_-

  5. is there an update for ATT Note 3 to 4.4?

  6. less and less i find a desire to upgrade my phone….odd.

  7. Been updating via Verizon’s Upgrade Assistant and it’s been stuck on 66% for 2 hours.

  8. How does this work? Both Kies and Verizon Software Assistant say I am up to date and I am not.

    1. I had the same results.

    2. I’d like to know the same thing. It appears I have to reset the phone to original settings in Samsung Kies, but others are commenting you don’t have to. So I’m not sure if I should proceed or not.

      1. I wouldn’t reset, but that might just be me.

  9. No Dice for me. I’ve tried both Kies 3 as well as the Verizon update utility…

  10. Got it! running great, much smoother BUT I lost root, is there anyway to get it back without wiping? or just to get it back period?

    1. Which method did you use? Gorkon and I have not had success with either method…

      1. Both

      2. Hey guys I download samsung kies and it worked flawlessly, even though I had safestrap and was rooted.. It did take away my root, it seems there’s no way to get it back at the moment

    2. How did you get it to download?

  11. Got it AM today via VZW upgrade assist which you download to your PC.

  12. That’s what I was waiting for so long. Although it’s
    late on Verizon but still no regrets now. Once my Galaxy Note 3 get fully
    charged on wireless charger , I will soon update this latest version on it in
    order to explore more features. The plan of purchasing Galaxy S5 is now

  13. It’s running good and smooth but nothing new or real flashy…

  14. The update got pulled. It’s no longer available.

  15. Get what? The update Utilities?

    These are for the VZ update utility:

    Read and follow this: http://www.verizonwireless.com
    Then read and follow this: http://www.verizonwireless.com

    The Samsung Kies 3 can be found here:

    I don’t think it will find the update. Mine didn’t work either. I think either the update was “pulled” or rumor has it the OTA will be available tomorrow. (fingers crossed…) Hope this helps.

  16. Tryed both kies and verizon software update and nothing, Go figure, thats verizon for yea!

  17. Every time I use Kies or Verizon Upgrade assistant it shows that my Note 3 with 4.3 is up to date. It will not let me update. I call bullshit on anyone who says it worked for them.

  18. Danne- call bullshit all you want, When news first broke almost 24 hours ago I took off work and went straight home as I knew it would be my luck it would be pulled by today. I got it installed with Kies and works just fine.

  19. No update on kies or vzw upgrade assistant

  20. Mine updated but it keeps telling me my husband phone is up to date.

  21. I just tried an OTA check and it’s downloading an update. Let’s see if this is 4.4.

  22. Same here just checked ota manually and it said there is an update. Fingers crossed for kitkat

  23. Downloading in Denver now…let’s see.

  24. Yup…4.4.2 has been installed.

  25. Downloading the update OTA, just as Verizon Upgrade Assistant says its up to date. Doh!

    1. After installing and verifying the update is 4.4.2, the Upgrade Assistant says it doesn’t recognize the firmware, yet Kies does. Strange but happy to FINALLY have Kitkat!

  26. Yesterday 5/12 in AM. Philadelphia. Via VZW update software

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