Ballers: you can now buy a 24ct gold HTC One M8 for $2,561


After seeing what the folks at Goldgenie did with the original HTC One M7, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they’d return for the recently released HTC One M8. Aimed at those with exceptionally deep wallets, these luxury edition HTC One M8s come either 24ct gold, rose gold, or platinum. The phones are SIM unlocked, perfect for traveling the globe in your private jet.


After you’ve plunked down your hard earned money, the HTC One M8 will arrive in a cherry oak finished box, and the clear coat finish is guaranteed for the life of the phone. Those curious about pricing — you know, should you ever win the lottery — details can be found below.

Gold HTC One M8 $2,560.95
Platinum HTC One M8 $2,830.95
Rose gold HTC One M8 $2,695.95

In the event that you’ve already purchased a “regular” HTC One M8, there’s always the option of sending it in to Goldgenie to have it custom gold plated. Have to admit, that platinum version is looking mighty schaweet. Now if my budding rap career could finally take off, I’d take all 3.


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  • drzfr3shboialex

    That platinum one though


    Perhaps if the plating was in that ever-so UBER KEWL Band-Aid® pattern……

  • SnookGators1

    That platinum one is looking pretty right lol

    • jloopy212

      I’m sure some people know this, but the platinum will take on a more muted, brushed look after about a month or so; it will still look flashy, but not nearly as flashy. You could regularly clean it, but that involves chemicals you really don’t want to be getting near a phone. Taking it to a jeweler is an option, but it will be expensive to maintain.

  • steveb944

    It’s not solid, or else I’d get it. /s

  • SpaceGhost09

    Can’t wait to cover mine up with an otterbox

  • worldclassflame

    Pfft already ordered 5 of them in rose gold for me and my family

  • toomuchgame441

    I’ll cop all 3 colors since these variants are a lot cheaper than I thought they would be..

  • Marsg

    More mid end, I’ll wait for the high end diamond variant.

  • Anthony McKay

    Cool! This will match my new Golden Gat that knocks me off my crutches when I shoot it! It’s super effective!

    • picaso86

      Golden Eye!

  • Robert Manser

    Anyone have $3000.00 I could possibly have or borrow Lol!!!!!

  • J Cav the Great

    this is not bad at all..just bought the platinum one….gotta wait 2-4 weeks for delivery…..

  • ClayRogers

    I think you are exaggerating a bit, you don’t have to be a Baller or have “exceptionally deep pockets” to afford something that is under $3000. Yeah it’s a bit expensive for a phone, but it’s not ridiculous either. I may pick one up in platinum..

    • Mark Wheeler

      If you’ve got that laying around in your couch cushions or savings and can afford to spend that on a cell phone that will be outdated in less than a year then good for you.

      Most ppl don’t however and if they do would spend it on something far more worthwhile

      • archercc

        This is ‘Merica, the nation of sound financial decisions. People drop a weeks worth of their pay on shoes they never wear, you cant expect them to ball on a budget without a gold phone.

        • Mark Wheeler

          Ha! Sad but true I’m afraid

          • archercc

            Even more sad to think that at least one will end up in the hands of someone on govt assistance.

          • Mark Wheeler

            Ok I think you’re on the wrong thread now. go take that political crap elsewhere

          • William D.

            Possibly true, but this isn’t the place for politics.

      • picaso86

        Perhaps paying for mortgage, utilities and groceries.

      • Dan

        Outdated in a few years is pretty generous. Outdated in a few months is more like it.

        • Mark Wheeler

          Well I did say ” less than a year ” I was originally going to put a few months but figured I may get jumped by a fanboy so yeah… I was being generous haha

    • toomuchgame441

      No that is pretty expensive for a cellphone… I would never cop anything like this, I’d spend that type of money on a new TV before a phone

    • Chris Chavez


  • Jesse James

    Damn, that platinum looks good as hell.