May 5th, 2014


After seeing what the folks at Goldgenie did with the original HTC One M7, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they’d return for the recently released HTC One M8. Aimed at those with exceptionally deep wallets, these luxury edition HTC One M8s come either 24ct gold, rose gold, or platinum. The phones are SIM unlocked, perfect for traveling the globe in your private jet.


After you’ve plunked down your hard earned money, the HTC One M8 will arrive in a cherry oak finished box, and the clear coat finish is guaranteed for the life of the phone. Those curious about pricing — you know, should you ever win the lottery — details can be found below.

Gold HTC One M8 $2,560.95
Platinum HTC One M8 $2,830.95
Rose gold HTC One M8 $2,695.95

In the event that you’ve already purchased a “regular” HTC One M8, there’s always the option of sending it in to Goldgenie to have it custom gold plated. Have to admit, that platinum version is looking mighty schaweet. Now if my budding rap career could finally take off, I’d take all 3.


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