T-Mobile becomes fastest growing wireless company; over 2 million net customer additions for the first time ever



For the first quarter in T-Mobile’s storied history, the company has surpassed 2 million net customer additions. The exact number is around 2.4 million (1.3 million of which were typical post-paid additions) in case you were wondering.

This would make it their 8th consecutive quarter with over 1 million additions, which thrusts them into the spotlight as one of the fastest growing wireless companies in America. T-Mobile’s revenues were up 47% year-over-year, though they still suffered a slight decline in average revenue per customer of about 1.4%. That decline represents a slowdown of a negative trend, though, as it’s an improvement over a drop of 2.9% from the previous quarter.

Other choice numbers pulled from the quarterly results:

  • T-Mobile now has 49.1 million customers.
  • Smartphone sales were a record 6.9 million accounting for 92% of all phones sold
  • Record low postpaid churn rate (percentage of customers who end service) of 1.5%

With that, it’s needless to say that T-Mobile has done something right with their un-carrier strategy, and they’ll certainly look to continue throughout 2014 (at least until someone buys them out, which analysts say could happen by the end of the year).

[via T-Mobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If you’re in a market with Tmo LTE you can’t go wrong. In South Florida, speed and consistently strong signal made leaving Verizon a no brainer.

    1. Exactly, here where I live, at work I’m getting 29mbps normally at work. Around town it varies around 22 to 38mbps. On hspa its around 18mbps. Even on edge I can still use my phone. I’m loving the savings.

    2. Do you have any bad spots or slow data areas in south florida? I’m on verizon, and it used to be amazing (i still have almost perfect coverage), but my LTE used to be 10-20mbps, now i only get like 2.5-8mbps. Considering switching but its hard to give up my grandfathered unlimited data.

      1. So just out of curiousity, what’s the functional use difference for you between 8Mbps and 20 Mbps on your phone?

        1. Less buffering for one, instantaneously loaded web pages

        2. Yea web page loads are big, a lot of it is latency, a lot of it is just whether its fast enough that i don’t have to bother ever turning wifi on. The bigger issue isnt the 8mbps thats fine but i only get that at 4am now. Its the 2 mbps times that are frustrating slow, especially if you are transferring pictures/video. Also one day i am hoping for LTE-voice, which isnt going to work if the signal is only 2 bars of lte sometimes.

  2. I’m happy for them but they need to work on their data signal.I went on a trip to virigina from new jersey with little to no data all the way.

    1. how often do you go to virginia?

      1. yeah,

        dudes complaining about not getting a signal in boondocks south Dakota or somewhere. tmobile covers 96% of americans because they cover the places where most americans are.

        1. yeah i mean i can understand for those who are constantly travelling, or always visiting family and such (like this guy might be). But for me personally, Verizon having coverage in idaho does absolutely nothing for me. I travel only once or twice a year, and that’s usually to a major city. So I don’t i don’t think i need to pay an extra $200 a a year so I can have a better 4g connection for 5 days out of the year.

          1. That’s great for you but then there are those of us like myself who may live jn a big city but our jobs take us to remote locations where it’s hard to get decent reception. I for one could never go with TMO, even AT&T isn’t as good as Verizon in this respect. I could be out in the middle of the boondocks surrounded by mountains and yet still have LTE with Verizon.

          2. yup i completely understand, that’s why i don’t judge people who have Verizon. I just urge people to question whether or not they personally need all of the benefits. Kinda like how not everyone needs unlimited data or sd cards, that kind of thing.

          3. And that is why having a choice is good.

        2. Traveling down a major highway with no data is not good service. Even the tmobile rep we talked to said the same thing.But they are working on it so it will get better.

          1. Virginia has a few major highways that have no coverage, regardless of what carrier you have like parts of I-66. Also when you get near/go into west virginia there are massive holes caused by federal regulations around radio telescope and military/government installations….some places don’t even have am/fm radio.

          2. Same way going from Vegas to anywhere not Vegas.

    2. When they switch their edge to lte. Things will change drastically for a lot of people living in rural areas. Hopefully by year end we’ll see this happening.

  3. made the switch a month ago and it’s been great. $80 unlimited everything, you can’t go wrong.

    I just wish I didn’t buy the Verizon M8 when I did – $300 for anyone looking for a Verizon M8

    1. Have tnobile pay your etf. Trade that phone in on a T-Mo version of the M8. Or a Nexus 5 :)

    2. Just sell on swappa, you’ll get most of the money back. Don’t sell on ebay. They’ll take around 12% or more of your profit.

      1. going to give that a look…thanks.

    3. Unlock it and use on tmobile. Chances are it’s a world phone

      1. no LTE for T Mo on the Verizon version.

        1. So only Motorola devices and Samsung flagships can this year? S4 and note 3 the droid line up and moto X gets lte

    4. Throw it up on eBay. I sold a M8 that couldn’t be used as a phone anymore for $300.

    5. I’ll buy it

  4. Until Sprint buys them out and ruins everything.


    1. And Sprint would ruin T-Mobile how, exactly? You seem to know, so please enlighten us.

      1. I dislike Sprint. This was a personal opinion. No reason to get so defensive. :o

      2. Well, Sprint has done a real good job of ruining Sprint. I imagine if they bought T-Mobile they would bring them down too. They would probably do something stupid like making everyone use CDMA.

      3. Judging by how Sprint has horrible coverage and even worse customer service (at least where I live and judging by a lot of comments on Sprint articles), I’d guess that Johnny’s fear is that, upon merging with Sprint, T-Mobile will also start getting horrible coverage and even worse customer service….well, at least the customer service part.

        Additionally, the new Sprint/T-mo company may, as Sprint has done in the past, waste TONS of money upgrading to a quickly obsolete technology (anyone remember WI-MAX?) only to have to play catch up with their competition while their customers suffer through horrible service and all Sprint can say is, “Pardon our dust!”

        I’m just guessing here…. and, yes, I’m a very, very bitter former Sprint customer.

        1. If Sprint has horrible coverage, then TMobile has none.

          1. That’s not my experience. T-Mobile is worlds better than Sprint in the San Francisco Bay Area.

            And it’s pretty interesting that my T-Mobile “None” coverage just got 26.12 mbps download on speedtest. I used to get less than 1 mbps on Sprint. Sprint should look into “none” coverage, it would be an upgrade….at least in this area. Maybe Sprint has some kick-ass service in other areas that I’ve never been to… who knows.

          2. For you maybe? I get better coverage with t mobile than I ever did with sprint.

          3. Says the guy who has never used tmobile.

          4. Its not that Sprint has bad coverage… at least for me, its that quality of their coverage was pretty bad. Sure I had service and 3g everywhere I went, but that 3g translated to often times sub 1mbps download speeds. I used to take screen shots and send it to my boys just so we could just laugh at my situation. (i would average about 300-600kbps most of the time, this was as late as last february.)

            I went switched to tmobile and although i dont have 3g coverage in 100% of the areas ( it was something like 95% with only a couple building basements where i lost reception and a few spots in connecticut) my 3g hspa+ speeds would range between 8-16 mbps download.

            So i gladly traded 95% reception for a 200% speed increase and a smaller bill.

          5. The problem is, everyone gives T-Mobile a pass because of their HSPA+ data speeds just as they give Verizon a pass since they have greater coverage but equally (with Sprint) terrible 3G speeds.

            Even worse, HSPA+ on T-Mobile was just as bad on battery life as was LTE when it was first introduced, even despite the fact HSPA+ had been active for a little while longer. But no, speed is all that mattered then. Now, suddenly, everyone cares about customer service.

            If you are having to contact customer service enough to realize how bad it is, but claim everything else is good with the company, you’re somehow being dishonest with yourself somewhere. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to contact customer service to begin with.

          6. I mean of course they give them a pass when the pros outweigh the cons. When i was with sprint (things might be different now, i dont know), the cons definitely outweighed the pros. Yes it had coverage, but the coverage was so unusable, it could hardly be considered coverage. I used to average about 500-600 mb/mo when i was on sprint vs 2-2.5 gb while on tmobile. The difference was the data was so slow i either couldnt even load more than 2 to 3 web pages on my to the train, i’d hit a like and then wait a minute or two for it to load.

            I’d always ask to use other people’s phones to look things up. And the prices werent even the cheapest in town. I tried out tmobile and speeds blew me away. I have a Nexus 4 so i dont even have LTE yet. There’s like one dead spot i know of in my commute (one train stop) and one 2 basement buildings i dont get service in, but that’s it. And my bill is cheaper.

            So i’ll definitely give them a pass for not having service in Tennessee. I live in new york city and stay in nyc 95% of the year.

        2. I’m with you man, also a former and very bitter sprint. Customer never been more happy with t-mobile and I will not go back to sprint… Never.

          1. Good riddance.

        3. T-Mobile coverage is no better than Sprint’s. Why in the hell do you think they’re the 4th carrier in the United States? Have they turned things around? Sure. So has Sprint.

          And quit beating the literal dead horse in Wimax. Get a new argument for once.

          1. A literal dead horse would mean, literally, a dead horse – not what you think it means which is to say that I’m – supposedly – making the same argument over, and over, and over. Learn the difference between literally and metaphorically.

            In any case, what do you mean, for once? I’ve never made that argument, nor have I ever mentioned WiMax. I can only conclude that you took the comment rather personal. In that case, get a life.

            And judging by how hard you are so defending Sprint in all your comments, you either work for them or have a serious inferiority complex because you just signed a two-year agreement with them and don’t want to feel like an idiot because you did. In any case, yes, you need to get a life.

          2. Lets see: You ARE beating a dead horse in Wimax. You add on to the same, regurgitated garbage that seems to popup where Sprint is mentioned. Literal or metaphorical, it IS a dead horse. Get over it already.

            And, just as I predicted below, when you defend Sprint or say something nice about them, it is always ASSumed that the person defending them works for Sprint.

            I’ve been with Sprint for 10 years. Has it always been the best? Nope. But dammit if I’m going to let morons like you be a hypocrite when you trash Sprint while claiming T-Mobile is better than Sprint. If either company were great, wouldn’t they be ahead of AT&T and maybe even Verizon? Of course they would. Far be it from me to try and tell you any different.

            But, you just keep regurgitating your hogwash. I’ll laugh at your ignorance.

          3. You really need a dictionary. How on earth is anything I said hypocritical??? Do you even know what that means?

            And no one ASSumed anything. I said that you worked for them OR – key word here is OR – you are a Sprint customer and have some inferiority complex about it. And I understand why you’re defensive, it does seem like everyone rips on Sprint. But there’s a reason for that. I’m glad that you’re happy with them, but you HAVE to realize that for a lot of people, Sprint IS HORRIBLE.

            And you can laugh all you want. You’re the one coming off as an idiot.

          4. Of course I’m coming off as an idiot. Anyone who doesn’t follow the sheeple mindset that claims “Sprint is horrible” is considered an idiot.

            And you DID assume that I worked for Sprint or was bitter about my time with their service. You made an ASSumption based on my comments. You know nothing about me, yet you’re here making an ASSumption. So. Typical.

            I’ll just lump you in with all the turds who crapped on Android back in the Nexus One days and still claims it’s bad today because of that experience.

        4. Do you think T-Mobile is better, they`re worst. I have to fight them with the credit bureau to remove their double charges. I have the prove for that. So they `re trashy too, all the wireless providers junk in a way.

      4. Lets ask Nextel that question, oh wait.

        1. Sure, lets ask. Sprint’s acquisition of Nextel was for the better. You get better coverage with CDMA PTT than you ever would have with the stone age iDEN network. I noticed that when I had one of the hybrid Sprint/Nextel CDMA/iDEN phones, the Motorola ic502.

          What is there now? More LTE coverage than there ever was iDEN coverage.

    2. Sprint’s new Ruin Everything Plan?

      1. I like you.

      2. LOL! At least it sounds better than Framily Plan.

      3. I`m with Sprint and I`m paying $ 62 a month for unlimited everything, and I get download average 23 Mbps on the download.

        1. Careful, they’ll accuse you of working for Sprint.

          Phandroid’s comment section has turned into a hypocritical anti-Sprint community. T-Mobile improves, everyone praises them here. Sprint improves, they keep clamoring it’s taking too long and regurgitate their old Wimax comments.

          1. Sprint has the worst coverage (out of the major four), in the Kansas City area, even though they are based in the area.

          2. The coverage maps over at Sensorly says you’re lying. According to their maps, it goes: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile.

          3. That big plus.. So every wireless has it own problem somewhere, Sprint in southeast Michigan couple years ago I can`t use their service very well. since last April their service it`s very good. I reached on the speedtest download 35Mbps and since I average over 23 Mbps in most cases.

          4. Seriously! This was from a speed test I ran last summer while standing in the Sprint store AT THEIR OWN CAMPUS in Kansas:

          5. So they can`t handle the truth..

        2. Sprint is by far the worst and slowest of the 4 no matter how much you try to exaggerate your speeds. I get about 28 to 30 in T-Mobile and I’m paying 63 for 5gb and unlimited everything else. Plus i dont have to use a shitty CDMA phone and can add lines for only 10 more a month

  5. The international free text and data is phenomenal. I was able to use Magic Jack app and call the States wherever I was. Slow, but useful data connection overseas.

  6. My biggest fear is that their prices will go up once their coverage improves. They have the best plans, but I can’t switch due to coverage.

    1. Their price already high if you are looking for unlimited service.

      1. There are only two truly unlimited data plans in the industry. Tmobile and Sprint. Tmobile offers much faster LTE data speeds in more places and it’s not much more expensive than Sprint.

        1. well…and those of still grandfathered in on verizon and AT&T.

        2. And that`s depend on where you live… Not what the map shows.

  7. Just wait until they have upgraded their edge network to LTE. That’s when things will really start snowballing. I don’t see any possible way that consumers will benefit if T-Mobile gets purchased by Sprint. It’s the only carrier to be excited about for so many reasons. All the rest have so little soul but bigger networks in rural areas.

    1. Tmobile is also the 1st to support hd calls, wifi calling.


  9. My wife and I just moved from Verizon to T-mobile. We were able to BOTH upgrade to Galaxy Samsung S5 phones and still cut our bill in half. At our home and respective offices, service is actually BETTER than Verizon both in terms of call clarity and bandwidth speeds (even before we switched to the new phones).

    The funny part is that we would have never consider switching until Verizon tried to gouge me for a disputed $70 overage. I gave Verizon a chance to correct the error and they said it was my fault, so I checked out T-mobile. I even went back to Verizon again and explained to the regional VP’s problem handler that they were going to lose two long-term customers (seven years) over a small billing dispute, they again declined to take any action.

  10. i totally want to switch but it’s dead air to the east, and south of the city (except for the interstate) here (north, and west are fine though) once they get those holes filled then i would like to

  11. keep doing what youre doing tmo. this industry needs to be more competitive.

    1. I don`t see how T-Mobile changed the wireless game! I have people left At&t and Sprint for them and no they`re sorry for their action. T-Mobile has no cheap plan in anyway we look for, their service is not even close to good, they dropping calls most the time. The signal is bad inside the buildings.
      Their price $70 a month and up for unlimited usage, otherwise they give you 500 MB nothing more. So what are you talking about? They just made up names and people followed the commercials on TV`s not in the real world.

      1. You are misinformed, their pricing is cheaper than everyone, compare any plan. Their service in NJ and NYC is better and faster than Verizon. Its nit Tmobiles fault that you probaly live in the mountains of West Virginia lol

  12. So happy for T-Mobile

  13. They better not sell to Sprint. >.<

  14. Something that I found out with using tmobile for 10 years every phone upgrade gets better coverage for example note 2 to note 3 jump my coverage and speeds got a speed boost on lte. I’m planning to jump to note 4 as soon as it’s available.

    1. I have often wondered how much the phone chip and general # of signal strength bars has to do with speeds, vs. carrier congestion. It’s almost impossible for us to test this ourselves.

      1. I think the lte chip is superior with each soc upgrade.
        When I have maximum bars on lte I’m getting 40 megabits down, with low lte bars I get about 15 megabits plus, when on hspa + it’s about 7 megabits on full bars.

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