May 1st, 2014


For the first quarter in T-Mobile’s storied history, the company has surpassed 2 million net customer additions. The exact number is around 2.4 million (1.3 million of which were typical post-paid additions) in case you were wondering.

This would make it their 8th consecutive quarter with over 1 million additions, which thrusts them into the spotlight as one of the fastest growing wireless companies in America. T-Mobile’s revenues were up 47% year-over-year, though they still suffered a slight decline in average revenue per customer of about 1.4%. That decline represents a slowdown of a negative trend, though, as it’s an improvement over a drop of 2.9% from the previous quarter.

Other choice numbers pulled from the quarterly results:

  • T-Mobile now has 49.1 million customers.
  • Smartphone sales were a record 6.9 million accounting for 92% of all phones sold
  • Record low postpaid churn rate (percentage of customers who end service) of 1.5%

With that, it’s needless to say that T-Mobile has done something right with their un-carrier strategy, and they’ll certainly look to continue throughout 2014 (at least until someone buys them out, which analysts say could happen by the end of the year).

[via T-Mobile]

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