Google Search makes finding a place to eat even easier with convenient filter options

Google Search update restaurants

There are few things in this world as convenient as Google Search. Hitting Search apps today (US-only) is a new way to search for nearby eateries by voice. Simply speak the command, “Show me restaurants in…” whichever location you’re currently in, and seconds later Google will show you results for restaurants nearby. Especially handy should you ever find yourself traveling to a new city.

The real goods are Google’s new filter options, making it painfully easy to tailor search results according to price range, ratings, hours of operation, or the type of cuisine you’re in the mood for. The best part? When you find a restaurant worth visiting, simply follow up with, “Ok Google, call ___” and watch as your Android smartphone magically begins calling — completely hands-free. Life is good.


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  • ShirtlessKirk

    Calling? I’d book online after searching online…

  • 萨夫 侯赛因

    No love for the UK? Also needs Halal & Kosher categories.

  • currency212

    It needs to allow for restaurant searches along a route.

    • TheScientists

      That used to be a feature of Google Nav v6. They killed it in v7.

  • Alberto_jr

    This is nice…but you there always yelp

  • TemplarofLTE

    Very awesome! Thanks, Chris.