YouTube update brings live streams to the Chromecast [DOWNLOAD]

YouTube app Chromecast listing

Chalk another one down the for Chromecast. Google’s video streaming accessory is getting a little more functionality today after a new update to the YouTube app finally brings live video streams to the tiny dongleĀ  (heh, heh… dongle).

Previously, users could only ‘cast live streams to the Chromecast through the web interface (and control through the app), hardly convenient unless you had a laptop handy. With the latest update (5.6.31), you can now use the one device you always have on you: your smartphone.

Grab the update — which is rolling out in stages — from the Google Play link below, or download here for manual installation. Happy casting!

Download/update on Google Play: YouTube | via XDA

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  • ngo93

    Knew it was Chris when seeing the laugh after “dongle” ;-P

  • Max

    I wonder if this only effects chromecast our if Samsung YouTube app will be updated as well. I tried casting ara conference and even though it had a live icon on tv it wouldn’t let it play


    Getting a parsing error w/the XDA link.I’ll just wait………..

    EDIT:links are now working.

  • BronzeLincolns

    soooo can you play youtube videos in the background yet?

    • JRomeo

      Yes. simply cast the youtube video to chromecast using your phone. Then press the home button…. the youtube video will continue to play on the chromecast. you can even shut your phone off, and it will still continue playing the video on the chromecast.

  • Unorthodox

    If only Skype supported Chromecast…

    • Max

      At first I was like this sounds like it would be crazy complicated, since you couldn’t add a camera/mic to chromecast. Then I realized, they could let you use phone/laptop for camera/mic and have the chromecast, participate as a third party, viewing both people’s cameras, and outputting sound. Although I doubt microsoft would go through the trouble of doing that.