Samsung Galaxy S5 breaks street date in Korea, rest of the world still waiting

GALAXY S5_Combi-900-80

Originally scheduled for an April 11th worldwide launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s big release seems to have been upstaged in, where else, but its homeland of Korea. There, the phone is now unofficially available for purchase, a full 2 weeks ahead of Samsung’s planned release date.

The reason? Apparently it had something to do with a 45-day ban on new smartphone activations after major Korean telecoms were found guilty of illegally subsidizing new customers. This would have interrupted the global launch of the Galaxy S5 for Korea, something carriers like SK Telecom wasn’t about to let happen. Samsung doesn’t sound too happy with the break in street date, and is currently investigating the situation.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 already up for pre-order from all major carriers in the US, the phone on many will begin shipping on April 11th (except for AT&T, which begins on the 8th). For those interested, you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 at T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T (ships on April 8th), and Verizon Wireless.


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  • shooter50

    I’m hoping the one I just tried out in Best Buy isn’t representative of the S5. The lag compared to my G2 was terrible.

    • DavidB23

      I think Samsung Touchwiz must mean lag in korean.

      • Henri Weich Conradie

        That was clever and funny.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      I didnt particular notice any lag on the one I tried out, but I wonder if this is something that plagues the S series of phones and not the Note series. Ive owned both and had no issues out of my Notes but annoying lag from the S models.

    • HeatFan786

      Didn’t notice any lag on the S5 at AT&T.

    • Anfronie

      I went to an at&t store today and it was one of the most snappiest phones I’ve played around with. I also checked out the one M8 at Verizon today as well.

      • Henri Weich Conradie

        Double superlative. Most snappy or snappiest would work.

    • Roaduardo

      Remember the lag on this baby?

    • Sean Royce

      Stop lying.

  • Stark

    Finally found one in one of the local electronic stores here in Australia. Definitely a worthy upgrade for those with an S3. People worried about the device not being made out of something more “premium” should actually get a hands on. The bezel isn’t a problem and looks classy. That back cover does feel and look nice in the flesh, photos dont do it justice (and let’s be honest, everybody these days throws a cover on their smartphone)
    UI is fluid and smooth and no lag experienced. Liking the screen and colors and the new flat style icons. And to my surprise, when I checked the multi task menu, a few apps were still open from the store rep demoing the S5 to a customer before me so I’m majorly impressed that it didn’t struggle, stutter or load slowly.
    Camera – Impressive. While there are handsets from Sony that sport a 20mp camera, the 16mp shooter on this thing is quick and clear. Selective focus is great, and doesn’t come across as a gimmick feature (I will use it often), although it did take a couple seconds to process the image after taking it, which isnt really a problem, and I actually wonder if it would have processed quicker had I of closed the other running apps. Couldn’t really test out the real time HDR as the store was really bright. For the last month I had been divided on getting the S5 or Note 3, I have however ordered an S5 and I’ll be honest and say I kinda wish I went with the note because of the extra screen real estate. However im going from an s3 to s5 so I’m sure I’ll be more than satisfied once I have it in my hands.

    • Mikhail Cass

      Did you find one to buy or did you play with one at a Voda shop?

      • Stark

        Nah mate, found one on display at JB HiFi along with the new Gear Watches and Gear Fit ( Wasn’t sure about the Fit, but after today I’m keen on getting one) Think most major JB stores will have them on display. Been told From people I know in the Biz, unless we take advantage of Korea’s early release, we won’t be getting anything to buy or contact until the 11th as Samsung planned. My plan was coming to and end so great timing. Re contracted with Optus and chose the S5 in white. So hopefully get it on the 11th.

        • Mikhail Cass

          Ooh, I may have to pop in to JB (I Hope Bankstown has ’em).
          I also have to renew 2 plans from Optus so I pre ordered the Black and waiting for the Blue one. I really wanna play with the Gear 2 watches. Unsure if I should add them to my optus bill.

          • Stark

            Can’t remember if Bankstown JB was a major store (I live in QLD) was that one in the shopping Centre or outside? Only other suggestions would be Parramatta or maybe Hurstville? Otherwise I know for sure the Samsung store in the city will have them If you feel like venturing in there, or JB world square.

          • Mikhail Cass

            That’s alright. It’s inside. Yea Parra would be best bet, or the City if in the area. Cheers, Thanks for the heads up!

          • Stark

            No dramas dude. Always good to try before you buy lol

        • Henri Weich Conradie

          Arrrgghh, mate(y)!

    • Android All the way

      lol how much is samsung paying you

      • Stark

        Suggest I but something else then? I actually was surprised to see it in a store here as we normally get shafted for exclusives in the country when it comes to tech. I didnt go looking for it, simply walked in and there it was. So when I got the chance after many other curious customers I had a play. Thought I’d merely share my experience with the device in which I got a solid 15 mins of play. Sorry if for some BS reason, you feel that I am being paid off by a company to promote a product. It’s because of people like yourself, why I rarely take part in discussions on sites. Hope you feel good though………….Have a sensational day!

      • barondebxl

        Should he say negative things to be please you?

  • jacob

    Just pre ordered it ! So excited tested one at att today awesome love 4.4.2 can’t wait for it to come out good thing I have att cause it ships on the 8th!

  • Ralph

    Does anyone know if we can change the back covers to a differnt color .that would be nice .getting one on launch cant wait to get my hands on this phone .Ihave the s3 now it will be a big jump.

    • Derrick Amundsen

      It’ll be a HUGE jump. I went from an S3 to a Note 3, amazing how much better the performance is! Have fun!

    • elmodern

      im in this same boat, s3 to s5

    • Michel Mellor

      yes but they will cost you an arm and a leg as samsung is now banned 3rd party accessories and parts including battery doors sense you need to have the special O-ring that keeps water out and it will cost more because samsung is making DESIGNER backings most of them flip covers

  • Ray

    Not available for pre-order from “ALL” major US carriers. Verizon has not started offering pre-order yet.

  • Michelle


    Your correct, is not accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as of yet. I called the main number yesterday and the customer service rep. stated a colleague of hers said they would start taking pre-orders on April 1st. So we’ll see……

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