Mar 29th, 2014


What happens when you combine the nostalgia of old-school 2D-fighters with the frustrating controls of QWOP? Like peanut and pepperoni pizza (seriously, try it), you get something truly unexpected and dare we say it… magical. That game is Flop Fu, and it’s all new to the Google Play Store.

Flop Fu’s name may not sound too inspired, but we assure you this fighting game is unlike anything you’ve ever played. Equal parts challenging, and a raging good time, you’ll be laughing your ass off while trying to gain victory by ripping the head and limbs off your opponent.

The game works like this, you have 2 controls on each side of the screen: the left controls your “flail” (arm/legs), while the right controls your characters “flop” (jumping, general movement). When the match starts, you must flail and flop your way to victory either by completely forgetting your training and spazzing out, or by taking a cooler, more controlled method to your fighting. Really, there’s no wrong answer.

Flop Fu 1

Because Flop Fu’s characters feature real-time rag doll physics, the game is anything but easy. Like the Play Store listing suggests, it’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Most of the time, both opponents will just be flopping around on the floor (like that scene from The Wolf of Wall Street scene where Leo and Jonah are fighting on the floor), flailing their limbs in hopes they’ll eventually connect (protect/go for the head, it takes the most damage).

Flop Fu fighter select

There’s 16 character to choose from (2 that are unlockable via in-app purchase of $1) and include everything from boxers, to ninjas, zombies and my personal favorite, the hipster. If you’re feeling especially retro, there’s a button that will give the characters an old-school pixelated feel. Honestly, you’re just going to have to try it out for yourself. At worst, you’ll have a good laugh and be on your way.

The best part about Flop Fu is that it’s absolutely free to download where you can go at it alone in single player, or battle it out online with random strangers via Google Play Games. So check it out, and may the best man (or woman) win.

Download on Google Play: Flop Fu