Marketing materials for the all new HTC One begin heading to Verizon stores


vzw htc one flyer spanish

It looks like Verizon is getting ready for a big marketing push for the all new HTC One. An anonymous tipster sent evidence of such with a photo of a storefront to Phandroid.com.

Though the poster doesn’t reveal much — we see the Verizon HTC One (logo and all) with that weird dotted smart case on the front — we do know Verizon is looking to identify it by its codename to differentiate from last year’s version. Its early arrival to retail also suggests Verizon will announce plans to carry the device shortly after HTC’s announcement, though we aren’t too surprised about that.

It’s something that definitely doesn’t fit Verizon’s marketing MO, but this might be a necessary evil for Big Red. They’re expected to continue selling the original HTC One after the new version drops, likely at discounted rates to try and get more people locked into new contacts and commitments.

This definitely wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen evidence of Verizon’s version out and about. A unit was sold on eBay last month for about $500, though we didn’t get an actual look at the device itself.

The packaging did reveal its specifications, which we now know to include a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a Duos Ultrapixel camera on the rear that will let you focus shots after you’ve actually taken them.

We don’t know much else about Verizon’s version of the HTC One, but at this point we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The mystery won’t drag on for long, though, because HTC’s planning on delivering all the information we’re yearning for next Tuesday.

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  1. one plus one or nexus verizon! give us the phones we want! all tho this is a nice option. at least they arent making people wait 6 months for it this time.

    1. I would up vote you but another nexus on Verizon, yep that will never happen and I was burned with the Galaxy Nexus on VZW so i wouldnt even waste my money if it did come to Verizon. But the One Plus One definitely looks like it will be best bang for your buck.

      1. Well, in honesty if you cannot root and ROM a device you have no business having a Nexus really. Althought Verizon took for ever on updates the custom ROM devs had it right in line with N4 and N7 and still do with Kit Kat.

        1. Why is that the reason for buying a NEXUS? I know how to build/port Roms so being knowledgeable on how to change a rom is not what i am talking about. But the NEXUS program is for developers as well as for people who prefer the latest version of Android with decent specs and a great price point. Its not to root and slap a custom rom on it. They just make that process extremely easy but thats not the purpose of the NEXUS program. You can root and slap a custom rom on any phone.

    2. there is nothing about the one plus one i want…im content with my moto x until these other manufacturers realize not everyone wants a 5″+ phone

      1. there nothing about the One plus One that interest u? 13 mp sony examor sensor, snapdragon 800 (okay its not the 801 i know), 5.5″ screen in a form factor smaller than most 5″ screens, custom built cyanogen Rom, under $400, 64gb version, Touchless controls (like ur Moto X). I understand size matters but if they can put this screen size in a form factor that can be navigated with only 1 hand! Thats a win my friend! But if size is your only issue i can definitely understand why u are not excited. I guess.

        1. It is the 801 processor, not the 800. The screen is not as big as you have it (5.2 I think). 5 ultra megapixel front camera and 16 Ultra on the back. Should have the best camera in the industry.

          1. Specs confirmed for the OnePlus One by the company are as follows.
            Customized version of CyanogenMod
            Sub $400 price tag
            5.5″ 1080p display
            3100mAh battery,
            13mp Sony Exmor camera
            Snapdragon 800 CPU
            Voice wakeup capabilities
            Global LTE
            16/64GB versions

  2. No need to use the codename. Most people know what year it is, right?

    HTC One (2013)
    HTC One (2014)

    HTC One and HTC One (M8) totally do not tell the user which model is newer…

    1. Nobody wants “last year’s” model. M7 and M8 are better ways to move product.

      1. Interesting assumption. You think they’ll call the older model by it’s code name as well, huh?

        Not sure how well that would work for most folks, but I suppose most file will make the confection (8 higher than 7 means newer). Going by year would still be clearer though, IMO.

          1. Not sure if you agreeing or disagreeing.

            Most vehicles are tagged with model-year, either on the paperwork attached to the window or scrawled in pink window-chalk, right?

  3. the multiple verizon leaks (and lack of other carriers) makes me nervous. i really hope it’s not a verizon exclusive.

    1. Its not!!

    2. Tmobile, att, verizon and sprints variants have all pass through the fcc oet for a while now so nothing to worry about.

    3. Verizon is getting a 30 day exclusive period. /s

      1. No way.

        1. Yeah. The HTC One (2013) is going to be free on 2 year contract until they get rid of the inventory. The HTC One Max will be $99 on 2 year contract until the inventory is gone. The HTC One (2014) will be $199 and take price from the Max. /s

      2. that’s depressing news tbh

  4. Try again.If this is any indication of how their marketing is going to go this year. They make the greatest designed devices. They just dont know how to market them to make people want them en mass.

    1. As I said, they can advertise all they want, but if what they advertise is not what people want, it will not sell. Samsungs ad shows people what they want and think they want better than any other company. Marketing is not everything. You need the hardware to go with the marketing. And with the new One, what is their strong point? Duo’s camera? then market it, the steel body? then market it. But I think samsung is winning because they have more features that people want than other leading brands. And even me as a tech head thinks Samsung phones are FAR superior to most other androids asides from the subjective looks. I’m beginning to think the reason for crappy marketing from other manufacturers are because they don’t “really” have much to offer. If they did, any respectable ad agency woulda banked on it.

      1. Samsung also has a larger budget for advertising than HTC does too. And their ads are everywhere, you can barely get away from them. That doesnt mean their products are superior. Samsung also makes other things besides just phones. HTC only makes phones. I honestly do not think Samsungs devices are any better than any of the other oems. Yes, they have more features, but useful features? Thats up to each individual wants and needs. HTC is only on the second year of actually having a unified branding. This is the 2nd year they’ve actually had the same flagship device on all carriers. But saying Samsung devcies are far superior to most others is just opinion. I could say the same about any other oem if I happen to like it more than Samsung.

      2. You make some very good points.. but you are wrong when you say marketing isn’t everything.. MARKETING IS EVERYTHING my friend.. believe it or not. That is the reason why the HTC One (2013), despite seeping up numerous awards over Samsung and Apple, had very poor sales. HTC was clearly thinking the same thing you are thinking; that marketing isn’t everything and that the divice will sell itself by throughing very innovative features like front facing speakers, blinkfeed, onto a very good looking hardware.. Boy were they wrong.. Samsung is a household name, they could have choosen to relax and let their reputation of building quality household appliances sell their phones. But they know better that that. The teck industry as much as it is about creativity and innovation, souly relies on marketing to sell the finished products.. If you manufacture the best device and your marketing is bad, you will win in terms of product, but loose in slaes. Apple never got their marketing right in the past, so Microsoft won the computer market. Now they have done their homework and are seriously maketing their mobile devices. It they had done the same with their computers, the gap between them and Microsoft wouldn’t have been as wide as it is. Now, they are enjoying their mobile success while Microsoft is struggling to get into the market. Personal preference is suppose to be the main core of buying a phone, but i know a lot of people who have iPhones not because it fits their personal preference but because people around them have it. They don’t know anything about tech. They don’t need to know anything about teck. They are going for what the majority is going for. To them, its a trend. HTC needs to do some SERIOUS marketing or else, they will keep building very good phones, but never see good sales.

        1. +100

  5. I think htc has learned a lesson from this. Never release a phone the day it’s announced.

  6. Yes this is great and all… I loved my G2 but I can’t wait to start using BlinkFeed again on the new One.

  7. Hopefully Verizon will get the mini this time around.

  8. I LOVE MY HTC ONE….and i,m drooling over this m8

  9. I am intrigued by that case tho. Can’t wait to see a matchup between the duos and isocell

  10. Why is it that I really want that case? Maybe because it’s different from all the windowed ones. Looking forward to next week

  11. must have!

  12. buy HTC ! support HTC !

    1. Since HTC Herald, my friend, obsessed with the best!

  13. Yes it’s clearly seen in the image given above at the
    bottom of the back cover containing HTC logo with Verizon symbol. Rumors are
    there that it comes with two camera sensors and support wireless charging feature. HTC seems quite ahead of
    launching along with availability in stores simultaneously unlike Samsung Galaxy
    S5 that launched in February at Mobile World Congress Barcelona Spain and still
    have some delay in the availability that is expected around 2nd week
    of April. Good Going HTC!

    1. You can’t have wireless charging on a phone made out of metal. The inductive charging pad would heat up the metal exterior of the phone and possibly melt some of the internals, or it might just carry a charge to somewhere in the phone e that would cause a short.

  14. This phone looks great but I’m holding out for the GS5. The non-removable battery is a deal breaker in my opinion. I’ve had Androids for quite a while, my first being a Droid X(great phone at the time)..& The battery was non-removable. I reached a point with the phone where the battery was ‘shot’ so to speak, & it’d die 2-3 hrs off of the charger. With the Galaxy S3 the back was removable, so I was able to have a spare battery that was always charged while another one charged in Samsung’s OEM battery charger. When the Galaxy S3 came out I bought it immediately without even playing with it… This time around, I’ll need some time with both the new HTC One and the GS5, though I’m leaning slightly towards Sammy again.

    1. The Droid X actually had a removable battery. It was my first android phone as well. They even sold a larger battery for the phone that required a slightly thicker door than the original door. IMO the X was one of the best phones Moto ever built. Soon after with the intro of the Droid 4, they started sealing the batteries :(


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