Talon 2.0 update brings redesigned widget, new animations and UI tweaks, and a lot more


With many of the great Twitter clients from the past year or so already suffering from Twitter’s token limits, Talon has quickly become one of the best options for those 140 character affairs we’re all addicted to. A new upgrade for the app has hit the Google Play Store featuring a smorgasbord of new features that makes us wonder what sort of ungodly energy drink the developer has been indulging in.

talon 2 update

So what’s new? Some of the highlights (because the list is pretty long) include a newly redesigned widget, new animations, a floating compose button, new filter options, custom Light Flow support (after a forthcoming Light Flow update), and more.

And when I say more, I mean a lot more. So much so, in fact, that I don’t even feel comfortable listing it all here (and the developer couldn’t even fit it all in the Google Play Store’s “What’s New” section). Here’s everything that’s new, though, just in case you’re only interested in those shiny bits:

– Talon Pull will automatically shut down to preserve battery when no data connection is active, then restart and check your timeline for missed tweets when data becomes available again.
– Compose button can now float over the main timelines instead of being in the action bar
– New Discover tab in the drawer for trends, suggested users, and nearby tweets
– Pictures page on a users profile
– Custom Light Flow support (In future Light Flow update)
– Favorite users timeline is now an option for the extra pages
– Animations for opening new pages and windows
– Post tweets from different accounts in the compose window
– Notifications button in the action bar for Talon Pull iteractions
– Unread “bar” widget
– Separated the DashClock settings from the notification settings
– Widget themed differently
– Two new transparent widget themes
– Added time ago to the widget items
– Mute expressions and keywords on tweets
– View up to 100 retweeters of a status (API limit)
– View users mentions and favorites on their profiles
– Favorite user tweet notifications will now open directly to the tweet
– Added option to manually select location for local trends
– Saved Searches drawer item
– Save and destroy saved searches
– Added picture filter to searches
– Added retweet filter to searches
– Auto-complete users from the tweet reply
– RTL support for Android 4.2 and above
– Themers can now theme the action bar
– Themers can now change the background for the windows
– Live streaming should now preform a background refresh to avoid missing tweets if your data connection changes
– DashClock updates immediately after closing the app
– Better organization of settings
– Some support for images in-line
– Option to automatically open the keyboard when you open the tweet viewer

The rest of the improvements and bug fixes can be found in this handy Google+ post here, and if you’re satisfied with everything you’re seeing then be sure to head to the Google Play Store for the upgrade (it should run you about 3.4MB).

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  1. My favourite is actually showing the links to be clickable and taking out that extra step of having to click on it and then click the link

    1. I would love to be able to use that option, but I can’t find it. How do you enable that?

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