Jawbone Up and Up24 fitness bands now available for Android users with new Up app


jawbone up

Android users haven’t had an alarming shortness of fitness bands to choose from, and 2014 will be even more plentiful. Another option has just opened up for those of us with Android devices, as Jawbone’s Up and Up24 fitness band has finally been made compatible through the advent of the new Up app for Android.

Jawbone up isn’t terribly different from existing fitness bands, with the device helping you track your fitness activity by tracking how far and how much you walk, how many calories you’ve lost from various workouts you log, and will also help track your sleep cycles. All of this data syncs to your phone’s app through Bluetooth 4.0, and gives you quick and easy access to all the stats that’ll help you determine whether you’re doing enough to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The app itself is free, but Jawbone Up24 costs $150. That’s a pretty penny for a fitness band, but it’s one of the premier options on the market. There’s also the Jawbone Up for $130, though you won’t get the convenience of wirelessly and effortlessly syncing your data to your smartphone.

Both bands offer exception battery life, though the wireless version will “only” net you 7 days compared to 10 days on the regular version. The download is in the Google Play Store right now, and you can find places to purchase the Up and Up24 at Jawbone’s site right here.

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  1. Fitness bands. Yeah… The only Jawbone I might want to see is the slightly dislocated one of the guy who thought up the name of the product.

  2. I was thinking about getting an up, but ended up with a fitbit. Where is everyone discussing these bands? The only non-specific forum I have found so far is

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