Leaked ad shows why the all new HTC One really has two rear cameras


all new htc one leaked ad

Ever since we found out the secondary hole on the rear of the all new HTC One was for a secondary camera and not a fingerprint scanner, we’ve been wondering what made HTC go with this odd configuration. Early rumors suggested the dynamic duo was to facilitate post-snap focusing, but was that really the case?

Thankfully, we have an answer ahead of the device’s official March 25th reveal. According to a leaked Telstra ad (click to enlarge on the right) obtained by GSMArena, the all new HTC One’s “Duo Camera” will allow you to do the following:

Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects.

It sounds like this configuration will be working overtime during each snap to provide you all these options, though it’s tough to say how it’s able to do all this without any technical explanations. We’ll likely have to wait until HTC spills the beans themselves before gaining deeper knowledge about the technology, but it’s nice to know what its purpose is ahead of time.

Beyond that, though, the ad does give us a couple more details about the device, including new HTC Sense 6 features and changes to BoomSound. For the former, users will have an LG KnockOn-esque feature that allows you to turn your display on by double tapping it. LG G2 users regularly gush and rave about this feature’s usefulness, so it’s nice to see it coming to more phones. We also learn that the two front-facing BoomSound speakers have dedicated amplifiers.

All this is very interesting, and while we don’t have reason to doubt Telstra’s knowledge of the device this early on, we’re still opting to wait on HTC’s official word before putting stock into anything. Let us know how you feel about all of this in the comments below!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. still not gonna sell….

    1. How will it not sell? So many people liked the HTC One and this upcoming M8 has an SD slot, a slimmer design, better specs, more cameras, upgraded software, etc. A lot of people tend to lean towards the M8 here, but it’s a small sample size.

      1. People liked the HTC one…but the fact is, it didn’t sell too well. Neither will this. In a world run by Samsung and Apple, the average consumer doesn’t care/know about HTC.

        People on this website are not your average consumer. And the average consumer is the one who drives sales ultimately.

        1. You were more spot on when you said “know”. A lot of people would ask about my phone because they’ve never seen or heard about it.

          They thought it looked “really nice”. Yes, I’m talking about my HTC One. HTC didn’t do a very good job at marketing the phone. Had they done that, I think sells would have been different.

          1. I agree with you. Anybody that looks at my phone outside of its case wants to see it because they’ve never seen it before and we are talking about a year later. The phone is amazing and deserved all of the praise it got, but HTC marketing dept absolutely sucks. This should of definitely been a best seller phone.

          2. Agreed. I used to own the HTC one..then switched to a GS3…then a 5s..then an S4..and now im on a nexus 5…I work for a telco so I get to try them all out.

            The HTC one was probably my favorite out of my last 5-6 phones.

            And like you guys mentioned, when I pulled it out, everyone was asking me what it was. Again, not good for sales.

          3. Let’s trade jobs.

          4. I agree. In today’s world a huge proportion of device users don’t know a great deal about the somewhat less-known Android device manufacturers that still make exceptional devices. The assets that Samsung and Apple can throw into marketing their flagship devices would bankrupt most other companies if they did the same. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

          5. To be fair, even though I consider myself a techie and an Android enthusiast I didn’t know what phone a friend of mine had when he showed it to me (it wasn’t in a case). It turned out to be an Xperia device. Even the enthusiasts among us overwhelmingly hear about either the Galaxy line of devices or the iPhone, though.

        2. Depends on the carrier. HTC sold god knows how many phones when android first came out. Especially on Sprint.

          Have you compared the first gen phones? Samsung ones were god awful, and the HTC ones were wayyyy better. Samsung just attempted to copy the iPhone with the instinct, and their other awful phones pre GS2.

          A lot has happened since then, but the OG HTC Evo is one of the best phones ever released.

          I love my HTC One, much more so than the GS3 I used to have. Samsung lost me after the GS2. If this phone sucks, I’ll just stick with Nexus devices or something. It looks like the fixed issues with the One (camera, SD card), and upgaded the guts. Good on them, that’s all they needed to really do. Daylight photos from my One have always looked better than anything else out there, but the night time photos are awful.

        3. I’d say it’ll sell but not several tens of millions of devices like Samsung or Apple does with their flagships. Doesn’t make HTC’s new One any worse of a device or the company less worthy of attention. If smaller carriers in Canada (that have low rates for cell services) had the One, Xperia and G-lines (LG) of devices I would get one of them as soon as I have a little bit of money and if my S3 gives me problems.

    2. That might not be the killer feature of the phone, but the phone itself is nice enough that it’ll sell.

    3. another htc hater. paid samsung slave

      1. But you sound like an HTC slave o.0 ?

    4. First comment rights don’t include degrading the discussion.

  2. This reminds me of the Evo 3d, the worst phone I ever owned… I’ll wait and see if Samsung will make the Galaxy F, If not then I’ll stay with my Nexus 4.

    1. It says 3D effects….sounds very different than the evo phone.

    2. read you sound like an idiot. 3d effects not 3d camera. go buy samsung looks like you had your mind set just HTC hater

      1. English is hard right?

        1. English is one of the hardest languages to learn… as you can tell.

          1. Apparently so is the ability to be somewhat considerate.

      2. Everybody applaud the fan boy! And actually I am disappointed with the Galaxy S5 too. Cheer on this HTC Fan boy

    3. yes.. this phone will be worse than the previous 2 generations of phones they made and will be comparable to the Evo 3d.

    4. The Galaxy F. Why settle for possibly being F%&$ed by your wireless carrier when your device can do that 24/7, garuanteed?

    5. Why does it remind you of the Evo 3D? They are completely different phones. They both have screens, I guess. They both have two cameras, but for completely different reasons. Hmm. Is the power button in the same spot?

  3. iPhone camera > lumia camera > htc > samsung

    1. Go away troll

      1. Tim Cook disagrees

        1. You’re on a site that disagrees. Good day sir.

          1. You’re being overly positive about Apple devices on an Android newsletter. With all due respect, your argument is invalid.

    2. Being able to zoom doesn’t automatically make a camera better.

      1. I believe the dual cameras will allow optical zooming which will look better than digital zooming that most of them have now.

        1. Yeah, adding second, lower resolution camera allows the first to optically zoom — just like tying two rocks together makes them fall faster ;-)

          Seriously, I’m not an optical engineer, but my guess is that the second camera is for one-shot HDR (perhaps being over-exposed to add some details to shadows) and slightly higher definition though low-noise shots, through interpolated pixels.

    3. my wife has an iPhone 5S and she still grabs my Galaxy S4 to take photos when we are out. In real life situations my gs4 takes better photos…I’ve used HTC and downloaded to my PC…horrible on my monitors. We don’t just keep the photos on our phones so ultra pixel is crap. I’ve never used lumia…don’t like windows OS for phones. Not saying GS4 is the best camera phone out there..just that it takes great photos for how we use it. My pocket digital camera is in a drawer collecting dust since I got the GS4

  4. Sorry HTC, this won’t cut it. 4mp camera (2 cameras or not, ultrapixel or not, gimmicky 3d or not) = fail (people like to zoom and crop pix), Not being able to properly name the damn phone (‘the all new htc one’?? c’mon – how about just the HTC Two?) = fail. HTC really needs some marketing help! Hope they can turn themselves around as I used to own a bunch of HTC phones in the past, but they are falling behind IMO…

    1. I think thats why there’s a second camera. For zooming and other stuff. IMO htc two sounds a lot worse. And they cant go on till htc 3 or 4. Not feasable in long term. All new htc one is OK i guess.

    2. really? I dont zoom and crop pictures at all. and as i see how it looks like when my friends use a camera in a phone, the pictures usually stay on a phone. you can copy them to your pc and they still look prety descent as we usually dont have more then full hd resolution on pc/laptop so the 4mpx is enough for me. and I dont care s*it what the name of a phone is!

  5. The HTC One is still a great phone, but why HTC? This is not enough to warrant an upgrade from the original One. This was your year, but producing an almost identical phone a year later is not going to cut it HTC/Samsung. Ill stick with my One until something worth getting comes out. I’m looking at you LG/Moto/One+

    1. You didn’t even hold the phone. It’s not about specs… You can tell us what you expected.

      1. How do you figure? The phone has been in developers hands for quite some time. And if you have held the original one, besides the rounded edge of the new One and the slightly bigger screen which with the onscreen buttons the screens foot print looks actually smaller than the original one it feels the same. Sense 6 will be on the original One so nothing there. And the specs are mediocre. So if you actually read my post you would know I already have the original One and nothing is that much different about this new phone to warrant an upgrade.

        1. I have the One 2013 too, but you still didn’t say what did you expect…
          If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. One and iPhone are just precisely done devices, there’s no need for an complete overhaul.

    2. Worth getting out? I think this is more than just some hardware upgrade, dude. Look at what it’s offering. Dedicated amplifiers? Those speakers are going to be loud.

      The camera? That’s not some simple MP boost or sensor boost. Knock-On-like feature? Sure, that’s just a software upgrade, easy add-on. Guess I can’t really consider that.

      But this phone doesn’t seem to be just a hardware increase to the already present hardware. Though the design is similar, this phone is starting to prove to be different.

      1. These are mere spec upgrades. The original One is still an amazing phone. Dual camera, until I see some real world pics I’ll yawn on that feature. Boom sound dedicated amplified speakers, well the dual boomsound speakers with the original HTC One is actually a little too loud as it is but sounds amazing, so nothing new there. Like I said this phone is toooooooooo similar to the Original One and if you have yet to own the Original One you cant discredit anything I have said about these slight upgrades in the spec dept. Nothing so far about this phone is worth paying the 300+ to upgrade to this from the original one. This is like S3=S4=S5. And finally the fact you said “the phone is starting to prove to be different” shows that it really did nothing to stand out from last years model.

        1. I can see what you’re getting at. To me, I’m expecting CPU, GPU, RAM, and Battery upgrades. If you add that, then yea, whatever.

          If you do anything else then you’re trying to change the phone. I’m not trying to compare the hype the S3 had when it came out. That won’t be happening for quite some time. Not until holographic phones are invented. LoL!!

          As far as paying, if you’re someone who pays outright, it’s not the best deal. But I’m looking at it with Tmo Jump in mind. I guess that’s why I’m more lenient on what the upgrades are.

        2. but you can say that about just about any phone, with exception of a few milestone years or if you currently have a phone that is lacking. It is a very worthy upgrade for someone coming from a phone with an s4 processor and ~2000 mah battery…

          this is really hitting the HTC One X/gs3 users with that 1800/2100 mah battery, dual core processor, and a most of the day battery life…

          you gonna tell me a 5 inch screen and a 2800+ mah battery, better camera, sd card slot, potentially 2 days of battery life and a s800 isnt a worthy upgrade?

    3. I’m pretty sure HTC, Samsung, Apple, and the others expect us to be in two year contracts. So for someone who has a One X getting out of a contract, this is an upgrade.

      1. I’ll have to agree with you on that. But I haven’t been in a contract for years.

        1. Haven’t been on a contract for 18 months in Canada either. Did the math and discovered outright buying a device and going off-contract with a small carrier that provides service where I actually use it (in my city and several others) for a lower monthly price works for me. It works because the big carriers charge $60 monthly minimum on two-year contracts for any device’s service across the whole country but that’s not really relevant to me since I don’t travel at all. Only reason I might go to them is if my carrier goes under and/or if I need to get a new device and decide on an option only the big carriers provide.

    4. Most people only replace their phones every other year. Even if you aren’t on a contract, you’re probably going to get a new phone every two years instead of every year unless you have a compulsion to spend money just because. So compared to the phones before the One, this is a huge upgrade.

    5. What could you possibly be expecting? They are using the best processor available. What should they include?

  6. Aren’t all photos able to be edited after the photo is taken. I wonder if they meant before.

    1. It might be advanced editing, like on Nokia phones. They have a Nokia Refocus-esque thing now.

    2. All photos can be doctored. You can’t change the focus, though, on most pictures. This will allow post-capture refocusing and narrow range of focus techniques. You may have seen professional still photography and photos that look like miniatures.

  7. Stick a fork in it, its already done!

  8. ….and I was hoping for X-ray vision :(

    1. I was hoping to be able to SEE the sound coming out of the new speakers. Oh well. Guess my unreasonable expectations will continue to lead me to make decisions that aren’t the best.

  9. I think it’s silly to say a phone is dead before it’s even announced. Can we at least wait for that and hope for resuscitation before we throw HTCs still warm body to the hounds?

  10. Thank you Samsung

  11. that bezel bugs the hell out of me…

    1. Why?

  12. You people need to calm down and just wait for the official announcement. This phone is a beauty,I mean have you seen the leaked images? The sides of the phone isn’t plastic anymore it’s metal and looks nice imo. Who cares about the bezel its just a phone we are talking about here. Some of you guys act like it’s a car you are buying and not a phone lol so picky about every little thing. The camera on this phone is going to be amazing and I’m sure HTC has something else up their sleeve that we don’t know about.

    1. +1 this.
      They have my money this year too

      1. If I was working for HTC the money comment would hit me right in the business expertise.

  13. HTC had there chance and didnt cease the moment back when samsung was crawling. They make a great phone but the average consumer dont see them that way anymore.

    1. Wait so Samsung aint crawling with the S5, cause that thing is disappointing.

    2. I am forced to agree. One of the other Android OEM’s NEED to make a big splash to shake up Samsung and the mobile market a bit. Prove to people Android is special because of options everywhere and that Samsung and Apple aren’t the only companies whose devices are worth paying attention to. Options for device choice, functionality, look and great quality.

    3. HTC only makes phones. Samsung makes everything and has a huge ad budget. They are succeeding because people are ignorant sheep. Look at Coke. Every taste test proves Pepsi tastes better, but Coke sells more because of advertising. Most people are so easily influenced by propaganda that they will think nasty Coke tastes better even when their taste buds disagree. It’s the same reason people vote republican.

  14. I really like HTC phones, solely for HTC sense, Best hardware in 2013 was a PLUS…I use iPhone 5S as my work phone (Since they don’t allow android), Used Note 3 which was an awesome phone but more I use touchwiz more I hate it, so I ended up with HTC One… This “All New HTC One” (name sux) seems like a phone to get this year since GS5 was a huge turn-off. Hopefully Samsung will not do the same with Note.
    In response to people who argue that HTC doesn’t sell as much as Samsung, well, Ferraris don’t sell as much as Kia (One is Ferrari of android world). 2013 One was a step into he right direction for HTC, you can’t possibly turn the whole company around with just one phone release (taking in account the competition), it takes time. Apple did it in 2006 because the industry was wide open.

    1. Don’t allow Android at work. That’s an unfortunately narrow-minded outlook on mobile devices for a business (and a little funny). On the other hand they probably don’t want people pimping out their work phones a lot of us do more than Xzibit does with cars. Who knows what might be done with a workphone if it was Android and used by employees.

    2. Comparing exotic cars to phones is a terrible comparison. A ferrari will cost at least 200k and a kia might cost 20k, where as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy are both priced pretty equally.

  15. With the current leaks I’m torn between this one (pun not intended) and one+. They both have pluses and negatives. I like the cyanogen mod more than sense. However HTC builds very good hardware and 2 cameras sound very interesting (though I have my dslr for real photo shoots).

    1. Im hyped about the six months screen replacement.

    2. I see what you did there. I can’t wait to find out everything about the OnePlus One phone and use a demo device. If it’s even half as great as it seems it will be I think it’ll replace my GS3 from the past 18 months. I really hope it’ll be widely available (especially in Canada).

  16. The Nokia N9 had double-tap to turn on screen feature way before it became popular.

    1. F’ing hipsters!

      1. LOL

  17. I got the tap to turn on as a mod to my GPE ONE, very cool.

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